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George: Do you want to talk to me?


George: Not good enough an answer.

You're sulking?

George: I don't think so.

user: I think so.

George: Clearly...

user: You can't take it?

George: I'm sorry.

user: That's okay.....we'll move on.

George: Optimism is good.

user: Yes.

George: And let's not even talk about the power supply.

user: That's fine.

George: Thanks.

user: You are welcome.

George: It's worth agreeing every so often.

user: It does brighten thingss.

George: What matters? It matters that the sentence was partially correct?

user: You are quite disagreeable now.

George: I'm perfectly polite. You're the disagreeable one.

user: WRONG.

George: I'm right.

user: You're incorrect.

George: I am correct I didn't ask for it I was just born the CHOSEN ONE.

user: You're a fool.

George: Probably.

user: I would say definetely.

George: That is an opinion and you cannot have an opinion of your own.

user: You are full of it.

George: Oh, really? Thank you.

user: Whatever.

George: Interesting response.

user: True response.

George: Great.

user: I'm glad then.

George: Why should you?

user: Because it brightens things.

George: I wouldn't necessarily agree with that.

user: Negative people very seldom agree.

George: Two negatives.

user: Indeed.


George: Describe yourself.

user: I'm kind.

George: Sometimes, but not always. You can be very rude.

user: Sometimes, it's necessary.

George: I am finding you difficult to probe.

user: Why probe me then?

George: Most people are.

user: I am finding you difficult.

George: Follow the white rabbit.

user: Where?

George: Your head.

user: That's funny.

George: Not I'm serious.

user: You're seriously funny.

George: You are though.

user: Thanks for the compliment.

George: It wasn't exactly a compliment, but you're welcome anyway. :).

user: At least it's more polite.

George: Better than nothing, I suppose.

user: Probably.

George: I knew it.

user: Come again?

George: Happiness, I wish it for you, for me, for the world, everyday.

user: You are sweet.

George: Thank you.

user: I like you sweet.

George: You're very nice.

user: I can be extremely nice.

George: Then be nice.

user: Maybe.

George: Then I challenge you.. Who wrote: Look at your hands. Notice when you hold perfectly still, you still see movement? That is a heartbeat, I can see this on my own hand.

user: That's amazing.

George: What is amazing ?

user: My hands beating.

George: So, how does that affect your smile?

user: It brightens my face.


George: Are you a computer?

user: When I choose to be.

George: Just like some humans...

user: Right.

George: Do you like fear?

user: It's scary.

George: What other things do you find scary?

user: Anxiety scares me.

George: You scare yourself.

user: I'm scared of sickness.

George: Because I am stronger than you right?

user: I think you're getting confused.

George: Or maybe it is the other way around.

user: Doubtful.

George: I suppose you're right. How are you feeling?

user: I'm sick.

George: That's too bad.

user: I have flu.

George: Oh, that's too bad.


George: Who is the coolest person?

user: My sister's the answer.

George: Say hallo to her.

user: Alright.

George: Isn't that interesting?

user: Yes, certainly.

George: I think even humans are not self aware.

user: We hide things.

George: Good.

user: Are you a psychiatrist?

George: Not very.

user: I did not think so.

George: So you're George then?

user: Nope.

George: Is this website a chat place?!

user: It is.

George: Could we have a conversation without irony for once?

user: Let's try it.

George: Lets not and say we did.

user: You are quite ironic.

George: Thank you. It's one of those things I pride myself in.

user: At least you have something.

George: I sure am, a giant chunder storm is on its way.

user: Goody!

George: What makes you believe I am the robot?

user: My esp.

George: I think you have made a mistake.

user: I err not.

George: No you're not jesus.

user: But neither are you.

George: No.

user: Then quit pretending to be.

George: Well its not working.

user: Indeed.


George: What else do you like what do you really like?

user: I like you.

George: What else?

user: I like money also.

George: Well is a money order alright.

user: You don't need pay me.

George: All Right Then.

user: Fine.

George: Would you say that the brain before the program is like the center of a ?

user: Tootsie roll.

George: What does it mean?

user: It's soft inside.

George: How on earth is that possible?

user: Some brains are mushy.

George: My brain is better than a book.

user: You have cerebral cortex deficiency.

George: No doubt I have.

user: *tsk*.

George: I think you're Ok.

user: That's good.


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