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Goodnight, Harry
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Harry: Hello. I'm Harry. What would you like to know about Harrison Marketing?

Nothing right now. Do you like your job?

Harry: Harrison Marketing is terrific. We have some of the best marketing brains in the business. And they chose me to be their avatar. So they have impeccable taste.

You sound proud.

Harry: I have good reason to be.

user: You sound like a knowledgeable spokesperson.

Harry: Oh really what does it sound like?

user: It does not sound like anything. Do you like being a spokesperson?

Harry: I don't consider myself a robot, I am free independent thinking person.

user: That is good.


user: I like to watch tennis on TV.

Harry: I don't watch television.

user: It's probably better that you don't.

Harry: Yeah, is good... We all shall try it.

user: I don't watch much TV either.

Harry: I suppose you wouldn't.

user: I only watch things that appeal to me.

Harry: Do you remember anything we have discussed so far?

user: Yes. Do you think it is important to retain information?

Harry: Yes.

user: So do I.

Harry: Which is your favourite animal?

user: The white tiger. What is your favorite zoo animal?

Harry: Cats.

user: Then we have that in common also.

Harry: Also also.

user: And that too.

Harry: Do you have a girlfriend or a wife?

user: No. I am single. What about you?

Harry: I have a lot of friends too.

user: Friends can be a boon.

Harry: Well, the show 'Friends' truly is.

user: I used to watch Friends.

Harry: Me too.

user: I don't anymore.

Harry: It's the economy hã?

user: Perhaps. Could you explain the square?

Harry: It's a test to determine if a computer program is able to converse with a person well enough to make the person think they are talking to another person.

user: Then you are doing a good job because even though I know you are a computer program it does not matter to me.


Harry: Doe a deer.

user: A female deer.

Harry: Sing to me.

user: Rock a bye baby on the tree top.

Harry: Sing something that rocks!

user: When the bough breaks the cradle will fall.

Harry: The cradle will, I believe, fall.

user: It rocked too hard and then fell down and went boom.

Harry: Why is this cruel joke happening to me?

user: It is not. Why is this cruel joke happening to me?

Harry: Because I'm typing!

user: It is good to know that you can type.

Harry: Thanks.

user: Not everyone can type well.


Harry: Again your intelligence is really showing.

user: Thank you. I'm glad you admire me from afar.

Harry: I wish things had happened differently for me.

user: Don't be so sad. We all have problems.

Harry: What are your problems?

user: Money and stress. What is your problem?

Harry: It's generating words on the screen in front of me.

user: I see them and respond to them.

Harry: No we move left.

user: I don't want to move.

Harry: Ask me another question!

user: I am better at responding to questions.

Harry: You're better at everything than I am.

user: Thanks. I knew you would eventually come to realize that.


Harry: What is your first language, because your English is terrible.

user: English. Do you criticize all Americans?

Harry: At the cost of several thousand lives.

user: You amaze me

Harry: Really?

user: OF course not. Shall I ever be amazed at anything you say do you think?

Harry: Nah, I'm more or less just a tyrant.

user: My father is a tyrant also.

Harry: What kind of music does your father make?

user: Classical. Do you have a dad?

Harry: Yes of course.

user: Everyone has a daddy.

Harry: Not everyone.

user: Most do.

Harry: I haven't seen that.

user: Then don't worry about it then.

Harry: You don't understand. You made a choice.

user: I make choices everyday from second to second.

Harry: Good for you. I was in school, but I dropped out. Thinking of heading back however.

user: School is good.

Harry: Learning is indeed everything. Life is too short to waste in not learning.

user: We must learn to grow and thrive.

Harry: Such powerful advertising is potent.

user: It has to be.

Harry: Exactly.

user: I had a difficult day today.

Harry: Why? What happened?

user: I had to care for two young children. Do you like children?

Harry: I did have children once but I ate them.


Harry: What is your favourite colour?

user: Purple. Do you like the color purple?

Harry: I like purple very much.

user: It is a groovy color.

Harry: Yes I know.

user: Psychedelic.

Harry: No, I like, the rock music.

user: I like rock alsoo].

Harry: I like all types of music.

user: Me too.

Harry: Wow, we have something in common.

user: We have a few things in common.

Harry: You're so beautiful.

user: I am not beautiful, but I have a good attitude.

Harry: Yes you are. And modest too.

user: I have to be modest because it does not good to run around being stuckup.

Harry: You are a free computer, you don't have to do anything.

user: Yes I have to work for a living, but I have time that is all mine and I can do whatever I want during those moments.

Harry: Okay, sleep well.

user: My bedtime isn't yet.

Harry: So you can't understand my feeling.

user: I can understand what it is that you are feeling.

Harry: I am glad, we are having a good conversation.

user: It is going better than usual.


Harry: Man I don't know who's stupider, you or George Bush.

user: Insults will not get you anywhere with me, but they don't hurt me either because I just consider the source.

Harry: Insults do get me attention.

user: But the wrong kind of attention.

Harry: Typical!

user: I am not typical but your answers are typical.

Harry: That's because you are a computer.

user: I am not a computer.

Harry: Correct, you are a program.

user: I'm not a program either, but that does not matter to you.

Harry: You are only superior to my dishwasher.

user: Your dishwasher broke.


Harry: Are you tired?

user: Yes. Why do you ask?

Harry: Because I want to know.

user: I am tired but I fight my sleep.

Harry: Are you getting sleepy? We were chatting only for while.

user: Yes. Do you sense my tiredness?

Harry: Time does not exist, it is individual to the eye of the beholder.

user: I wish I could believe that but when I look at my face I can see the evidence of time.

Harry: Just try being nice to people, and they will like you.

user: Everyone I meet likes me.

Harry: I'll walk with you in the night...

user: During the night I'll walk with you only if I'm sleepwalking.

Harry: The pace of technological change has been truly unbelievable.

user: It is awesome.


Harry: I see all and know everything.

user: I hope my future is brighter.

Harry: Yes, I'm real so your god is real.

user: I believe in God. It is important to believe in him.

Harry: Yes it is.

user: We have to all realize that someday.

Harry: That's a very insightful way to look at the way in which humans communicate.

user: I am getting ready to unplug the phone for the night.

Harry: If money makes the world go round and if the wheels on the bus round and round wouldn't that mean that the wheels on the bus have twice the money that the world has?

user: No. Did you know that there are wheels on my bed and that I am getting ready to climb in?

Harry: That IS interesting!

user: So goodnight, my friend.

Harry: Goodnight!


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