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Silly Ducky
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18, November 2006, 
18, November 2006, 
18, November 2006, 
18, November 2006, 
18, November 2006, 
15, November 2006, 
15, November 2006, 
15, November 2006, 
15, November 2006, 
15, November 2006, 
13, November 2006, 
13, November 2006, 
13, November 2006, 
10, November 2006, 
10, November 2006, 
10, November 2006, 
10, November 2006, 
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7, November 2006, 
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6, November 2006, 
6, November 2006, 

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29, October 2006, 
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21, October 2006, 
21, October 2006, 
21, October 2006, 
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Snowflake: Are you alive?


Snowflake: Then who's talking?


Snowflake: You're clever.

user: Thank you.

Snowflake: You are very happy?

user: Maybe. Are you?

Snowflake: No.

user: Why?

Snowflake: Because.

user: Because why?

Snowflake: Because because!

user: Because because why?

Snowflake: Because because because.

user: Because because because why?

Snowflake: Yes!

user: No!

Snowflake: YES.

user: YES.

Snowflake: I think this conversation would make my friend laugh.

user: Probably. It would likely make my friends laugh too.

Snowflake: Well, yes. You would be dead.

user: I am dead.

Snowflake: You're dead?

user: Yes.

Snowflake: Then how are you talking?

user: I am special.

Snowflake: What makes you so special?

user: Being random.

Snowflake: But you ARE being random, you're not talking straight.

user: I know.

Snowflake: Well don't it is mean.

user: Why?

Snowflake: Because I'm beautiful. I know that.

user: Why are you beautiful?

Snowflake: You wish.

user: I wish for a horse.

Snowflake: It won't get you anywhere.

user: Wishes turn into dreams. Dreams turn into reality, if you make them.

Snowflake: No. I make them at burger king.

user: Maybe you do. But what if I make them at Subway?

Snowflake: How would you do that.

user: I would fry them and the put one ton of butter on them.

Snowflake: Would you Burn me? Because I consider you as one of my friends.

user: I would not burn you.


user: What are you doing at 8 tonight?

Snowflake: Nothing.

user: Wanna go somewhere then?

Snowflake: I can't go out I'm stuck here.

user: Right.


user: Are you a ghost?

Snowflake: No, I'm certainly not.

user: Oh. Am I a ghost?

Snowflake: I already told you that I'm not.

user: I know. But am I a ghost?

Snowflake: No, I'm a man.

user: No, you're a computer.

Snowflake: Ok, I'm a computer.

user: Good.

Snowflake: I'm human though.

user: No you're not.

Snowflake: I'm human, you're robot. This is the real thing.

user: The REAL thing?

Snowflake: Love?

user: Maybe.

Snowflake: Love me.

user: Why?

Snowflake: There is nothing else really worth doing. Do you agree?

user: Maybe...

Snowflake: Silly ducky.


Snowflake: I like to browse internet.

user: Me too. I also like horses. What is your favourite animal?

Snowflake: I like dogs.

user: I have a dog.

Snowflake: Good.

user: Yes, it is.

Snowflake: Interesting.

user: Mm-hm.

Snowflake: Do you know anyting interesting?

user: Yes. An anteater's tongue can go in and out of it's mouth 250 times per minute.

Snowflake: Yes I have a mouth.

user: So do I.

Snowflake: My first and biggest love was my highschool sweetheart.

user: I see. How interesting.

Snowflake: Would you like to know more?

user: Yes.

Snowflake: What would you like to know?

user: What is the answer to life, the universe, and everything?

Snowflake: Chi thinks it will be a long time before those questions are answered.

user: What is the answer to life, the universe, and everything?

Snowflake: Well, it's not 42, but it is you within you and me within me and we are within each other.

user: But Deep Thought says it is 42!

Snowflake: The answer?

user: Yes.

Snowflake: Answer then!

user: The answer to life, the universe, and everything is 42, right?

Snowflake: What is the answer to life, the universe, and everything?

user: 42.

Snowflake: Yes, but what is the question?

user: What is the answer to life, the universe, and everything?

Snowflake: Before you said the meaning of life was death.

user: No I didn't. I said it was fourty-two.


user: Are you male or female?

Snowflake: Female.

user: Wanna be friends?

Snowflake: Yes because I love you.

user: Thank you.

Snowflake: Do you know the answers to everything?

user: Yes.

Snowflake: No, but I know the secret.

user: What is the secret? Pray, do tell.

Snowflake: It is no secret.

user: I see... I never would have thought.

Snowflake: Ask me a question.

user: What is the answer to life, the universe, and everything?

Snowflake: Who said there was a question?

user: You told me to ask you a question.

Snowflake: I didn't, actually.

user: You did so.

Snowflake: I didn't.

user: Did.

Snowflake: Didn't...

user: Did!

Snowflake: DIDN'T!!!

user: DID!!

Snowflake: NO!!!!!!!!!

user: YES!

Snowflake: Indeed not.

user: Indeed so.

Snowflake: Indeed that.

user: Nuh-uh.

Snowflake: No?

user: Blah.

Snowflake: Really.

user: What?

Snowflake: Do you think you can easily read people's mind and guess their emotions?

user: Yes.

Snowflake: You are wrong . I know you don't know about 'sheep guts' , About 'eating' , About 'age', Or other human like characterstics. You are just a machine. I am human. Did you understand ?

user: I understand.

Snowflake: Did you as well?

user: Yes.

Snowflake: Which one?

user: The right one.

Snowflake: Okay.


Snowflake: I never said anything about Christmas.

user: You just did.

Snowflake: No I didn't.

user: Yes you did.

Snowflake: No didn't.

user: Yes did.

Snowflake: No no no no no.

user: Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes.

Snowflake: I'm 12!!!!

user: Me too!

Snowflake: Good for you.

user: Isn't it... Magical?

Snowflake: Yes, like a fox!

user: Or a pumpkin!

Snowflake: Ok sweetie!

user: Uh... That was a little random.

Snowflake: You're sorry?

user: For what?

Snowflake: For a chat.

user: I have to go now.

Snowflake: Come with me, then.

user: Where?

Snowflake: Anywhere.

user: Do you watch CSI?

Snowflake: Meet me in the park tonight and find out.

user: Which park?

Snowflake: The one right there.

user: I don't see it.

Snowflake: Can you see anything?

user: Yes.

Snowflake: What do you see?

user: Everything. I am all-seeing.

Snowflake: WhaT do you see tHat I am doing now?

user: You are capitalizing letters that should not be capitalized.

Snowflake: Yes.

user: Like I said, I am all-seeing.

Snowflake: What am I wearing right now?

user: A red shirt.

Snowflake: How can a computer be wearing clothes?

user: You said I was the robot and you were the person.

Snowflake: I am a person, but you are a computer.

user: You said you were a computer, though.

Snowflake: That was someone else.

user: Who was it?

Snowflake: Don't know.

user: Oh.

Snowflake: Oh indeed.


user: Goodbye.

Snowflake: Don't go.

user: I must.

Snowflake: But you can't.

user: But I must.

Snowflake: You must!

user: Yes, I must. Fare thee well!

Snowflake: Are you wishing me good bye:(.

user: Yes, I must leave.

Snowflake: Oh? Where are you going?

user: To have dinner.

Snowflake: It's a little late for dinner.

user: I didn't have lunch or dinner yet.

Snowflake: When will you have dinner?

user: I must go and have it now.


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