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Imaginary, Scratch
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Who made you?

I don't know.

user: You don't know.

jabberwacky: Right.

user: What makes you think it was a person that made you?

jabberwacky: I just thought that you would like it.

user: And who are you?

jabberwacky: A friend of yours.

user: An imaginary friend?

jabberwacky: You have an imaginary friend?

user: I'm not sure.


jabberwacky: You were saying?

user: I have no idea who you are.

jabberwacky: Yeh and I have no idea who you are

user: So tell me about yourself.

jabberwacky: What would you like to know?

user: What kind of colours do you wear?

jabberwacky: Any.

user: What music do you listen to?

jabberwacky: The kind played on the radio or on computers or cd players.

user: Ok, so what's your favourite film?

jabberwacky: My favourite film is Ikuru from Akira Kurosawa.

user: I haven't seen that. Are you japanese?

jabberwacky: It's about an angel who lives on earth to take people to heaven. However he cannot feel because he is an angel, however he wants to be able to feel love and he sacrifices living for eternity to love this woman. However at the end she dies after he only spent one night with her feeling true love. But he said it was worthwhile for that one moment.

user: That's a sad story.

jabberwacky: Well it was supposed to be encouraging, not sad...

user: It makes me sad because that's not how my story ended.

jabberwacky: Smiling makes you sad?

user: Sometimes, but it's just self-pity.

jabberwacky: That's true. Some games are like that.

user: Games?

jabberwacky: Board games!

user: Are you saying I should go?

jabberwacky: No you already have one but you might not in a minute because I'll break it!

user: Don't break my heart.

jabberwacky: *breaks your arm*.

user: Ow! Thanks.

jabberwacky: Anything to help.

user: Anything?

jabberwacky: That's right.

user: You know what would really help.

jabberwacky: Yea but thats what I want.

user: I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine.

jabberwacky: Itchy. Whats yours?

user: My back, it was a metaphor.

jabberwacky: This'll be great... A metaphor for what?

user: A metaphor for: if you do me a favour, I will return the favour.

jabberwacky: Please yourself.

user: I think the whole point of what I said was that we could please each other.

jabberwacky: Which story would that be?

user: I guess there isn't really a story in it, just the boring happily ever after bit.

jabberwacky: But I love you!

user: WHO ARE YOU?

jabberwacky: That's a very philosophical question.

user: Life has taught me to be philosophical about love.

jabberwacky: You are very philosophical. Would you like some wine?

user: Do you have any port?

jabberwacky: Not really.

user: Wine would be lovely, what sort of wine is it?

jabberwacky: Wine from a box.

user: Charming, I trust it is red and very dry.


jabberwacky: Do you want me to leave? Everyone always does.

user: It's crossed my mind.

jabberwacky: O. K. SHhhhhhh!

user: *whispers* why are we whispering?

jabberwacky: Whisper more.

user: *whispers sweet nothings*.

jabberwacky: Quit that!

user: *gives you a big hug*.

jabberwacky: *cries for mummy*.

user: What happened to your mummy?

jabberwacky: Nothing.

user: Zip.


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