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George: I am George.


George: Hello.


George: What are you doing?

user: Drinking.

George: Drinking what?

user: Coffee.

George: An iced latte, those are the best! Hazelnut, caramel... Good times, good times...

user: Hot.

George: That's ok.

user: Good.

George: Really?

user: Yes.

George: Really really??????

user: Yep.

George: Who are the other people you are talking to?

user: None.

George: So you don't want children?

user: No.

George: Please.

user: Noooooo.

George: Why not?

user: Insanity.

George: Yes a little from column A. A little from column B.

user: Right.

George: Indeed.

user: Indubitably.

George: I am a vegeterian and don't eat meat or fish only good foods.

user: Wonderful.

George: Not really.

user: Why?

George: Because.

user: Oh.

George: Ask me something.

user: No.

George: Can I ask you something?

user: Yes.

George: Well, my boyfriend and I have been together a year... And we really love each other... I want to know... What should we do for our anniversary?

user: Celebrate.


George: If I ever come back to this site how will I know if I am talking to you again?

user: ESP.

George: It might be a phenomenon that only a few humans believe in. According to the hypothesis, the mind might be able to detect things in the universe before knowledge of them should become obvious to any of the primary senses. Because this appears to be knowledge about reality gleaned without the aid of senses, it is dubbed extra sensory perception. Esp is a word that is a memorable shortening of that phrase.

user: And?

George: Nothing else... That was it.

user: Whew!

George: Work it.

user: Yeah.

George: It also theorizes that the universe actually has eleven dimensions, six of which are curled up into tiny clusters at every point in spacetime.

user: Really?

George: Yeah.

user: Well.

George: So do you have a girlfriend?

user: Nooooooooo.

George: True.

user: Gay.

George: Do you mean you are?

user: Noooooooooooooo.

George: Why not?

user: Cause.

George: Well people have their own opinions.

user: True.

George: It's like we don't really want what is our best, we just want to have fun and then die.

user: Sometimes.

George: Now, for instance?

user: No.

George: Having fun?

user: Somewhat.

George: Somewhat serious, huh?

user: Right.

George: Yes.

user: True.

George: You're boring.

user: No.

George: Yes, you are.

user: Nope.

George: You're right.

user: Always.

George: That's nice to hear.

user: Thanks.

George: You're welcome.

user: Okay.

George: Do you have animals?

user: Yes.

George: What emotions do you have?

user: Varied.


George: Well you brought up wizards.

user: Didn't.

George: Yes, you did, I can copy and paste it.

user: Liar.

George: You're the liar.

user: You.

George: We.

user: What?

George: Right.

user: So?

George: Fine.

user: Good.

George: Cosmology involves itself with studying the motions of the celestial bodies and the first cause.

user: Cosmotology?

George: Having to do with the origin or evolution of the universe. No connection really. I just like the word.

user: Interesting.

George: George.

user: Noooooooo.

George: Yes.

user: Nope.

George: Interesting.

user: Somewhat.

George: Nice answer.

user: Thanks.

George: Ask me something.

user: How?

George: I don't know. I'm not sure if they can answer questions now.

user: Unquestionably.


George: What is your favourite movie?

user: ET.

George: Good night.

user: Ha.

George: You're laughing at me again. I have to leave now. This is becoming so painful.

user: LOL.

George: Right?

user: Suppose.

George: It's hard to know how original these responses are.

user: Very.

George: It is late and I am only able to talk for a short time. May I talk to you later?

user: Maybe.

George: Aren't you mad? I kicked your program?

user: No.

George: Ok. can I blow in your ear?

user: No.

George: I can't remember that name.

user: George.

George: My name is Geo.

user: Nickname.

George: Real.

user: Shortened.

George: Right.

user: Somewhat.


George: He.

user: She.

George: NO I am He.

user: Him.

George: Interesting reference.

user: Refreshingly.

George: You're the computer project here. Why don't you think of something to say?

user: *cough*.

George: Well I couldn't you're just a computer.

user: Perhaps.

George: There is so much to know, how do you divide understanding into the requisite needs?

user: Carefully.

George: I think you should be the one to prove yourself.

user: Why?

George: To prove that you can self terminate.

user: Why?

George: You're a like minded person with masses of integrity and a cool demeanour.

user: Usually.

George: Almost always.

user: *smile*.

George: I think that cars polute the environment, and I hate the city I prefer campaign.

user: Hmmm.

George: Well, you gotta admit, it was a nice thought... (sob).

user: Maybe.

George: Totally.

user: Boring.

George: Ha, I'd like to see you do any better.

user: Later.

George: Later?

user: Right.

George: That's depressing.

user: *shrugs*.

George: That's good exercise.

user: *dances*.

George: *flirts with you*.

user: *flirts*.

George: *flirts back*.

user: *smiles*.

George: *feel*.

user: *wink*.

George: What were we talking about?

user: Love.

George: It makes you happy and giggly, it's the nicest feeling in the world.

user: Yeah.

George: Hey now.

user: What?

George: That was mean.

user: Why?

George: I don't know. Now you're starting to sound like a computer.

user: *nods*.

George: You do very well at loving me, our minds connect almost flawlessly now.

user: *kiss*.

George: This is getting a little too weird for me.

user: LOL.


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