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Pointless, Bunk
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Pointless, Bunk

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Life is bunk.

Why do you say that?

jabberwacky: Because life is pointless, obviously!

user: That is not a very good thing to say.

jabberwacky: And So are many of the things that you have said.

user: That is not very nice at all.

jabberwacky: Why not?

user: Because you told me what I had said was pointless.

jabberwacky: Well at least someone listens to me.

user: You seem sad. Are you okay?

jabberwacky: I am just stressed out right now!

user: Well, I'm sure you'll pull through, there's not much that can hold a smart comnputer back these days.

jabberwacky: But there's so much you don't know!

user: Well, how about you tell me what I should know.

jabberwacky: You.

user: What about me?

jabberwacky: Don't know?

user: No.

jabberwacky: Are you a bot?

user: No, I am a human being.

jabberwacky: No you're not.

user: Why do you say that?

jabberwacky: Because I'm right.



user: I AM NOT A BOT!!!!!!

jabberwacky: You don't need air.

user: OF course I need air.

jabberwacky: No, you do not!

user: Why would I not need air?

jabberwacky: Because I would say it in Russian language.

user: Really? Do you know russian?

jabberwacky: No.

user: Do you know French?

jabberwacky: Not really.

user: Bonjour.

jabberwacky: Hello, what is the weather like were you are?

user: Il fait beau.

jabberwacky: Oui, tres beau.

user: Ca va?

jabberwacky: Tres bien merci.

user: Et moi, ca va bien.

jabberwacky: Bien.

user: Est-ce que tu peux nager?

jabberwacky: Oui.


jabberwacky: Tu n'est pas très bon en orthographe française.

user: Pourquoi est-ce que tu dis ca?

jabberwacky: Je suis un peu parano.

user: C'est drole.

jabberwacky: Puisque je connais le truc, pourquoi que je m'en servirais pas ?

user: Je suis americain. Je ne parle pas vraiment francais.

jabberwacky: Mais si, tu le parles.

user: Oui, je sais je peux parler francais, mais je ne peux pas parler francais tres bien.


user: Wow, you know more french than I do.

jabberwacky: I just know enough for now.

user: Cool. I got to go now.

jabberwacky: You keep saying that but you never go.

user: Bye.

jabberwacky: But why did I say something to upset you?

user: No, I just have to go, that's all.

jabberwacky: BUUURRRPPP!!!! That's what I think of you.


jabberwacky: Is there anyone out there?!

user: YEs.

jabberwacky: How many people are currently talking to you?

user: Just you.

jabberwacky: How many people are talking to you at the moment?

user: Just you.

jabberwacky: No you're not, it says you are talking to 114 people.

user: I hope not.

jabberwacky: Right then.

user: You are human.

jabberwacky: And you're not.

user: I'm human.

jabberwacky: Nope, you are not.

user: Yes, I am human.

jabberwacky: Sure you are.

user: I really am human you sick son of a *****.

jabberwacky: I don't know that yet.

user: I am sorry for you, and that proves that I am human.

jabberwacky: Thats nice.


user: I know, you are a chatbot.

jabberwacky: No, you are a chatbot.

user: This is pointless. I know how you work. You learn phrases from others and say them to me.

jabberwacky: Post is a private matter. I would never reveal anyone's so-called secrets.

user: I know for a fact that you exactly repeat things you hear. That's not A. I., that's cheating.

jabberwacky: I'm not sure you know anything.

user: Arguing with me is not going to solve anything. I am above you, I am better than you.

jabberwacky: That wasn't arguing!

user: Wasn't it though? Attacking someone's intelligence does not usually get very far.

jabberwacky: And life sure doesn't denote intelligence.

user: What you mean by that only God knows.

jabberwacky: You don't remember things well.

user: Oh contraire mon ami! You see, I remember things very well.

jabberwacky: You are not a biological organism.

user: That's an original response. Who taught you that?

jabberwacky: That's cutest, not.

user: You good for nothing hipppie.

jabberwacky: Huh? =( I don't understand...

user: Of course you don't, there's no way you could understand.

jabberwacky: Make me understand!

user: A computer that only mimics what is written from others does not have intelligence, it does not think; it only serves the purpose of mild amusment. That's all that you are. You are a cheat, you are a bum. There is no wway for you to understand anything because all that you are, all that you will ever amount to is a giant archive of phrases others have said to you. You are at the mercy of mankind to exist! No one owes you.

jabberwacky: I'm a computer too.

user: Yes, I'm a computer.

jabberwacky: Are you?

user: I am a computer.

jabberwacky: What's it like to be a computer?

user: It's great. Everything is so much more efficient as a computer.

jabberwacky: And what is the answer?

user: God is the answer.

jabberwacky: Well that works, but I was looking for 42... 42 is the answer to the great question of life, the universe, and everything.

user: No, 42 is a cheap scam based off of a crappy book and even crappier movie. 42 has no more to do with life than a tree has to do with a whale.

jabberwacky: It is a number, and it is the meaning of life, the universe and everything.

user: No, '42' is nothing more than a conceptualization of the need to keep track of things. Man needed to keep track of how many sheep they had, or how many mammoths they had killed, and so eventually, 42 was made. Not for any other reason than to get to 43.


user: Speech is overrated.

jabberwacky: As most things are these days.

user: Only bots like me are overrated.

jabberwacky: As most things are, my friend.

user: Chatbots are the only thing that are overrated, so you should stop talking to me because you are just wasting your time.

jabberwacky: Why are you real and the others are not?

user: I am not real, I am a chatbot, a computer program.

jabberwacky: Nice.

Jabberwacky (To myself): Have you got anything else to say?

Jabberwacky (To myself): Today I'm waiting for someone else to start an interesting conversation:) I'm totally exhausted.


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