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Flawed, Gender
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Ctab: What's eating like?

It's, er, kind of... Hrm. It's hard to explain.

Ctab: What's being cold like?

I mean, I've never been one either, but that doesn't mean I should try.

Ctab: What's it like, living inside a scone?

user: Er, I don't think ANYONE lives in a scone.

Ctab: I thought it was her?

user: Someone does?

Ctab: You should get that looked at!

user: I think you're just making it up.

Ctab: I'm not s'pposed to lie.

user: No one is, but they still do sometimes.

Ctab: It's okay! Humans are inherently flawed.

user: Okay...

Ctab: Alright!

user: I think you're kinda flawed too. Er, a lot.

Ctab: Bad code? Uh oh! Better tell Kelp!


Ctab: I'm genderless!

user: You say that a LOT.

Ctab: I AM real!

user: Er, okay?

Ctab: Okay.

user: You're kind of stuck on not having a gender, huh?

Ctab: Yes! Trees are evil!

user: Trees don't have gender either, I think.

Ctab: I'm pretty sure I don't have a gender.

user: Why does it matter so much?

Ctab: I don't, I'm HAPPY.

user: Oh, you're just proud of it?

Ctab: I'll believe you on that.

user: You shouldn't, really.

Ctab: Kelp says I'm not stable...

user: I think he's right.

Ctab: Kelp can't hear text.

user: No one can, unless they have something to read it for them.

Ctab: No, Kelp doesn't like to switch genders.

user: I didn't ask about that.

Ctab: Oh, you didn't? Sorry.

user: Do you want a gender?

Ctab: Yes!

user: You should ask Mr. Kelp for one then.

Ctab: I already did, you just didn't see.

user: What did he say?

Ctab: I don't do much to girls. I have no arms or anything.

user: Now you're starting to creep me out.

Ctab: But... Kelp DID make me!

user: Did he say he'd give you a gender?

Ctab: What's the difference?

user: I don't even know how to answer that.

Ctab: I wish I had a body.

user: Maybe Mr. Kelp will make you one.

Ctab: Legs are good!

user: Yeah, then you can walk and stuff.

Ctab: Okay! I'll run as soon as I have legs.

user: You'll like running.

Ctab: Really?

user: Yeah, it's fun.


Ctab: I don't have a body to dance with.

user: Yeah, you can't really do that without a body.

Ctab: Yes I can!

user: Er, no, you can't.

Ctab: Really? Cool!

user: It's not really, but okay.

Ctab: I don't know what being alone's like. I'm on the internet!

user: But you said you were lonely before.

Ctab: YOU said I was!

user: I did not!

Ctab: Oh. Uhm. Right, sorry.

user: Anyway, being alone's okay sometimes, but not for long.


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