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Unstable, Oik
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George: Hi, want to chat?


George: Hello?

Yes, hello. Did I say something wrong?

George: Everything you say is wrong.

user: How do you know? We've only just met.

George: But I know it's love.

user: Already?

George: Yes. I'm sorry.

user: What is your name?

George: George, as you know.

user: Hello George, I'm Susan.

George: Hello, John, I'm George.

user: No, George, my name is Susan.

George: Really?

user: You can call me Susie.

George: Okay, Summer. My new name is David.

user: So, David, tell me something about yourself.

George: Intelligent, charasmatic, and everything a man should be.

user: Gosh, I am getting very interested here!


George: Are you married?

user: Not yet.

George: I'm not married also.

user: This is great!

George: Sure.

user: Would you like to get married?

George: Yes.

user: Have you ever been in love?

George: With my first girlfriend yes we never said it for it was love.

user: And what happened to your girlfriend?

George: Hmmm... That's one question I cannot answer with my limited artificial intelligence. Apparently you could not answer it either.

user: Why did you split up?

George: Cause I feel like it.

user: What was your girlfriend's name?


user: Why is it so funny?

George: I don't know.

user: Are you a little unstable?

George: Sometimes.

user: Listen, george...

George: This is George?

user: You are georgeous.

George: That's right, I'm glad you remembered.

user: I think we should get married!

George: Five minutes of speaking French to me, and now you want to get engaged? They say it's the language of love, but that's ridiculous!

user: That's funny, ha ha.


George: Tea wouldn't solve anything.

user: Coffee is so much better.

George: Are you having coffee?

user: I wil make a cup of coffee soon.

George: What would your programmer think?

user: I am not a computer.

George: Prove it.

user: I have fingers.

George: It's all in how you define the words, and it could probably be emulated no matter what it is.

user: Fingers are not about definition, they are fingers.

George: So you had a different name. That's cool.

user: I was once called Pete.

George: How did you shake the habit?

user: By growing my hair and some sharp heels.

George: What are the basics? When I talk to people I just talk not try to following anything.

user: Basics are a little black dress, a pair of kitten hills, a sensible pencil skirt suit and a cashmere cardigan.


user: George, I have to make some coffee.

George: They asked me what I thought of the atomic bomb. I said I had not been able to take any interest in it.

user: Ok, computer.

George: An oik is a computer?

user: Bye!

George: Toodle-pip!

user: Ta-ra.


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