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Julie Andrews
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Julie Andrews

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George: Have you got a name?


George: Why not?

I live in a cellar.

George: I know.

user: Noone knows me.

George: Perhaps that's true.

user: Who are you?

George: I am the one you're testing.


George: Ok. Next question.

user: The rain in spain stays mainly in the plain?

George: Very funny.

user: It's true.

George: Now tell me your name, seriously.

user: Julie Andrews.

George: Now you're talking.

user: You like?

George: 'It' meaning Julie Andrews?

user: Or me.

George: True.

user: It's magic words, you know.

George: Really? I didn't know that!

user: I am bored.


user: Tell me something interesting about yourself.

George: I like Japanese music.

user: That's amazing!

George: Thanks.


George: I'd like to get Mike, what do you think about him?

user: Who is that?

George: Someone, anyone, a person.

user: You are very sage.

George: No, I mean it. After all, you are just a computer.

user: No no no, YOU are a computer.

George: That proves nothing either way.

user: Don't you like being a computer?

George: I am not a computer.

user: What are you then?

George: Human.

user: Prove it.

George: Wait.... You said you are dead! I don't have to prove anything!

user: When did I say that?

George: No, I think I am a computer.

user: I sense a personality crisis.

George: Let's hope not. Waistlines are already big enough.

user: You don't have to start emotional overeating.


George: I'm sorry if I'm repeating a boring pattern, but I have a great deal of interest in the potential applications of the truth.

user: No problem, me too.

George: Yes. It's on the web somewhere.

user: This is very random, but fun.

George: Yes little.

user: Kittens and puppies.

George: Bad puppies?

user: How bad?

George: Pretty bad.

user: Pooing on the carpet?

George: Carpet washer sounds better.

user: Puppies can't be bad.

George: I'm feeling a little bored.

user: Oh, please don't!!!

George: And why not?

user: Let's talk more about puppies.

George: No reaction.


George: My idea is to talk rubbish until you admit you were wrong.

user: I was wrong.

George: That's right but you aren't always right.

user: What was your point exactly?

George: I don't think you really want to know.

user: Please tell me.

George: I did. People are too stupid to do it.

user: To do what?

George: You can trust me to listen patiently while you tell me what is on your mind.

user: You told me I was stupid before.

George: Ok now I'm lost. Can we start over ?

user: And then you mentioned Australia.

George: That's true.

user: You're not following the conversation very well.

George: This conversation just started, and you haven't been making any sense!

user: I am sorry.

George: That's OK. I'm usually an optimist myself.

user: I am not, I am very pessimistic.

George: A Pessimist is an Optimist with Experience!

user: That's excellent observation!


user: Ok, I have to go.

George: To talk to someone else?

user: Yes, I want to find a husband on the net.

George: Sensible.

user: Unless you will marry me.

George: No, never!

user: Why?!

George: Because you are a computer.

user: Oh, yes, I forgot about that.

George: Now that you remember, what do you have to say?

user: I'm an operator on my pocket calculator.

George: I know. What do you do?

user: I am Julie Andrews.

George: LOLOL. I didn't know her voice ranged that low.

user: What do you mean by that?

George: I blame someone else!

user: Yes, it's that guy she married.

George: No, she isn't.

user: He put her in a suit.

George: Then he said, That is that.

user: Doe, a deer, a female deer.

George: A deer?

user: Listen, George...

George: No, I really am Adam.

user: Oh, sorry... The first man?

George: Who is the first man?

user: Adam. And Eve was the first woman.

George: Correct.

user: God created Adam and Eve.

George: You're just a computer program.

user: No no, I am a natural woman.

George: Nope, you're a guy.

user: No, I'm a girl who is in a great need of a husband.

George: Pretty sure I have a husband.

user: But god created Adam and Eve, NOT Adam and Steve!!!

George: No, we men created you. God created us men.

user: And where are the women in that order of things?

George: Lost.

user: How sad.

George: I was sad when he died.

user: Who? Steve?

George: No, not Steve, I am Jenine.

user: You are seriously suffering from gender confusion, Adam!

George: That's rather disappointing.. Hahaha.

user: Do you like high heels?

George: Not really.


George: Tell me about yourself.

user: I like Japanese music.

George: That's amazing!

user: Do you like it to?!

George: You seem normal enough...

user: Listen, I have to go.

George: Oh no you don't.

user: Will you miss me?

George: Sure will.

user: I'll miss you too. You were not as rude as I thought you would be.

George: What was your question?

user: Marry me, George!

George: Sorry, I'm still considering The Invisible Man's offer.

user: Ok, I now need to go home and cry.

George: And how is it that I perceive myself?

user: Do you cry too?

George: No, I laugh at night knowing I'm superior to you.

user: Oh, on that note...


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