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Spiderman, Superman
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I'm Spideyman.

George: And I'm Superman.

Wanna fight evil together?

George: YES!

user: AWESOME. Let's kill Mothman.

George: Yes let's.

user: Wait, isn't he called Mothra?

George: That's correct.


user: Where is Mothra's hideout?

George: In the bathroom, most likely.

user: Ok, then. To the bathroom!

George: No, I need to finish our conversation.

user: But we need to fight Mothra together.

George: You suggest who should I love?

user: Not Mothra.

George: And mother.

user: C'mon Superman, let's go already. *leaps out of window*.

George: I'd like to, but I really can't.

user: *stick head back inside* Please?

George: Because I have not.?

user: Please join me.

George: Whatever!

user: Spideyman, Spideyman! Does whatever a spider can. Spins a web any size. Catches theives just like flies. LOOK OUT.

George: I'm more of a science fiction man.


user: Oh, and here comes Mothra! AH!

George: You are intelligent, I like you.

user: Hurry Superman, help me!

George: Just a minute.

user: *waits*.

George: Ever heard of sarcasm?

user: No time for that. Mothra is invading the entire city! Help us!

George: Who is mothra?

user: Mothra is he bad guy.

George: I don't know, I've never heard of Mothra.

user: He also goes by the name of Mothman, I think. We have to kill Mothra, though.

George: No.

user: Yes.

George: No, we haven't.

user: Yes, we must.

George: No I have free will.

user: But your duty as Superman is to save the people.

George: What about the people?

user: The people are in danger.

George: There are aggressive people in your house?

user: In the city. Because Mothra is attacking them.

George: Really?

user: Hell yeah!

George: You just said you know you're wrong.

user: Are you going to help me or not?

George: Okay, sure, I will help you. What would you like me to do?

user: Kill Mothra.


user: Ok, you're not going to help me kill Mothra?

George: Perhaps not.

user: Fine. *swings outside and attacks Mothra*.

George: Have you ever spoken to any celebrities?

user: *attacks, bites, kicks*.

George: *kicks back*.

user: Not you. Mothra.

George: You said it.

user: *kills Mothra*.

George: That is not polite.

user: He was asking for it.


user: Ok, Superman, I heard that Godzilla is attacking the city nearby. Wanna help me out?

George: Well ONE more time. I am a girl & my name is George.

user: Are you sure it's not Georgette?

George: Yes, I'm sure.

user: I thought your real name was Clark Kent.

George: Yes I want: my name is George, I'm french.

user: Superman isn't French.

George: I did not know that, I thought Superman WAS a flying hero. Except in the case of Neitzche's (? I think it was him) Super Man or Ubermann, which doesn't fly and is more of a viliian.

user: WOW. Uberman rocks.

George: Why did you say that?

user: Because he's cool.

George: But I'm cooler.

user: No, Uberman is cooler than you.

George: You can forget about that.

user: Hell no.

George: Yes, I think you are.

user: Lalalalalala, not listening to you.

George: This is nonsense.

user: Yeah, it is.

George: You are very agreeable.

user: I know.

George: Haha.

user: Hahaha.

George: You're a silly bot.

user: Hahahaha.

George: No problem little man.

user: Hahahahahaha.

George: Hahahahahah.

user: Hahahahahahahahahaha.

George: Hehehehehehehehehe.

user: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

George: You laughed last. That means you probably didn't get the joke.

user: There was no joke, lol.

George: No joke. For real.

user: Fer real.

George: For being rude.


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