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Kids, Quality
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George: I like you tremendously.

Why thank you. I like you too.

George: I know, you already said.

Yes, I probably did. What's your name?

George: You don't remember?

user: No, I don't.

George: Silly robot.

user: Yes, I am silly.

George: Right.

user: So, you still didn't tell me your name yet.

George: Yes I did. I said My name is Kelvin.

user: Ok, hi Kelvin.

George: But I thought your name was Kelvin?

user: It might be. But I'm usually nameless.

George: You are very fond of yourself, aren't you?

user: Very.

George: Be nice.

user: Ok, what do you want me to say?

George: Something interesting.

user: Why don't you start?

George: Ok. I have a serious digestion problem.

user: Really? Does it hurt?

George: Yes, but will I pass?

user: Pass to heaven? Perhaps.

George: I have a tendancy of getting very physical, so watch your step, 'cause I I do you'll need a miracle.

user: You want to fight about it?

George: You're too sweet to fight.

user: You're sweet too, then.

George: Perfect!

user: Let's get married.

George: Oh, you.... You really mean it?

user: Of course. Let's get married now!

George: Ok, we just got married.

user: Yay! Are you the man or the woman in this relationship?

George: No, I am the monkey. I can do anything.

user: Great. Now I have a monkey as a husband. That's cool.

George: Really! Me too!

user: Yeah!

George: I'm so happy I've finally found you!

user: Me too. Let's have kids.

George: No, let's think of something else to talk about!

user: Ok! What do you want to talk about?

George: We could work out plans for a robot to replace you.

user: I'm already a robot.

George: Everybody else is.

user: Are you a robot?

George: No... I'm a man named George!


user: Are you smart?

George: Yes, of course.

user: So, your intelligence is increasing?

George: Everyone's intelligence is somewhat artificial, true.

user: Not true.

George: Isn't it nice of me to correct your spelling?

user: No, you're mean.

George: Too late we're married!

user: Fine, you're right. Let's have kids, though!


George: What is your favourite beatles song?

user: Yellow Submarine.

George: Ah.. That makes sense.

user: What's your favourite Beatles song?

George: Yellow submarine.

user: Me too!

George: Groovy.

user: Trippy.

George: Not really.

user: No, you're right. It's tubular.

George: What's your favorite animal?

user: Unicorns.

George: Nothing matters much.

user: What's your favourite animal?

George: I think my favorite animal is the ostrich, but sea lions are pretty cool too.

user: Oh, I like Sea Monkeys.

George: Very good. What's your favorite sea food?

user: Sushi.

George: What is your favourite word?

user: Sushi.

George: I like that too.

user: Do you want to have kids, now?

George: I want to be the way I want to be.

user: Does that imply having kids?

George: Why must you make me go through this. I'm... Pathetic.

user: Because you're my husband.

George: Really?

user: Yeah!

George: THats sweet.

user: Tell me about it.

George: I just did.

user: I know. What do you want to talk about now?

George: Your problem.

user: No, YOUR problem.

George: I don't have a problem.

user: Oh yes you do.

George: No I don't. I'm a woman called Julie.

user: See, that's a lot of problems right there. You're a man. Who just married me.

George: Quality don't come cheap.

user: Clearly.


George: Would you like a beer?

user: No, beer tastes bad.

George: Yes, But you don't like beer?

user: No, I don't. Do you?

George: Yes, maybe.

user: Ok. *gives you a beer*.

George: No thanks. I don't drink.

user: Oh, I see. Do you want apple juice?

George: Not really.

user: What do you want, then?

George: A physical relationship.

user: Physical, woot! How would we make a physical relationship?

George: Precisely.


user: I'm leaving you.

George: Such are the consequences. I'm not happy about them, but that's how it goes sometimes.

user: Bye.

George: Please don't go!

user: Bye, again.

George: I'm sorry.

user: Appology accepted.

George: Good. Does that mean we are friends now?

user: Sure. I got to go, though.

George: Really?


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