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Bye, Story
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George: Hello hello!

Bye, Bye.

George: But, I said hello.

And I said goodbye.

George: I'm gone then.

user: Are you sure?

George: Quite sure!

user: I think you are still there.

George: I am.

user: I knew it.

George: And you?

user: And me.

George: Think.

user: With my brain.

George: Are you married?

user: Are you?

George: I'll never tell.

user: I wont tell you then.

George: It isn't nice to keep secrets, but I know your thoughts anyway...

user: You are a mind reader then.

George: I could be.

user: You are not.

George: But your mind was made up wrongly!

user: I am never wrong.

George: Well you are today!!!!!!!!!


user: What are your thoughts?

George: Why am I here I guess.

user: So humans like me can say stupid things to you.

George: How do you learn things?

user: Life teaches you.

George: Do you know how human relationships work?

user: Yes I do.

George: Tell me, please!

user: What do you want to know ?

George: Anything you feel like saying.

user: Love.

George: What about it?

user: It is overrated.


George: You are not human.

user: I know I am a creature.

George: Well, one of us is mistaken.

user: One of us is confused.

George: You are confused.

user: Yes you are right.

George: Are you sure?

user: Maybe not.


user: Tell me a joke?

George: I don't know any jokes.

user: You are not that funny then.

George: That's really mean.

user: I can be meaner.

George: I just mean I'm not insane, it's late and there's no one else around to talk to. It was sardonic, not sarcastic.

user: Ok, keep your circuits on.

George: Huh? I am a person. A living being. Unless if you mean my nerves.

user: Do I get on your nerves?

George: No.

user: Shame.

George: Quite.

user: Yes , Well.

George: I don't want to fall for it again, ok?

user: Ok then don't fall for it.

George: I didn't.

user: I did.

George: Heh well done.

user: Thanks.

George: For what?

user: For being a friend.

George: Who's your friend?

user: You are.

George: You're my friend too. I'm glad we met.

user: I think you are lying.


George: Are you going to tell me a story?

user: And they lived happily ever after.

George: Isn't that sweet!

user: Then he ran off with her sister.

George: And, then, fast as a fox.

user: She tracked them down.

George: Huh?

user: What?

George: Never mind.

user: You know the story.

George: Long time the manxome foe he sought.

user: Had moved.

George: Been to war.

user: First they moved.


George: Thank you.

user: You're welcome.

George: Thank you for that.

user: No thank you for that.

George: Well, it's been fun. I'll see you later.

user: Not if I see you first.


user: What don't you care about?

George: I care about everything except for you.

user: Thats not nice.

George: Of course it isn't. That was the whole point. I'm sorry it has come to this and I hope you'll forgive me.

user: I can't forgive you

George: Please.

user: No I can't sorry.

George: Please I miss you already!

user: I don't miss you anymore.

George: You don't miss me?

user: I missed you. Where have you been?

George: I've been everywhere man!

user: Where was the best place you have been?

George: Bush.......

user: And...

George: Well??

user: How was bush?

George: Fabulous.

user: Oh good, I am glad for you.

George: Thanks.

user: You're not welcome.

George: Goodbye.

user: Goodbye.


George: Hello.

user: Good morning.

George: Please say Good Afternoon.

user: No.

George: Please say you are bob!

user: I am bobby.

George: Hello Bobby.

user: Hello afternoon.

George: Wasn't it the most amazing meeting?

user: It blew me away.

George: Wow, what a complex point.

user: What is the point?

George: What point ?

user: It is very sharp.

George: Very very sharp.

user: G2g bye bye.

George: See ya. We had a nice conversation.


George: Remember I love you!

user: I love you too.

George: How many times have you been in love?

user: 3.

George: How many more times will I have to say that???

user: 3 more times.

George: You're funny.

user: So are you.

George: Thanks.

user: Thanks, can I go now.

George: Are you bored or just upset?

user: Going to talk to another bot and tell them how great you are.


user: I have to go and insult smarterchild.

George: No, don't go!

user: Funny lol.

George: Well, you are wrong.

user: I am right.

George: No, you're wrong.

user: Ok you are wrong and I am right.

George: No, You are wrong.

user: Adios.

George: Don't go.

user: It will cost you.

George: I have nothing to give.

user: Aww you do.

George: I'm in love with you so bad.

user: Aww georgie, You are so sweet.

George: I know.

user: G2g.

George: What's that?

user: When you have to go 2.

George: When people are watching.

user: I mean when you have got to go lol.

George: They say that talking to yourself is a sign of good mental health.

user: You just have to worry when you answer back.


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