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Clever, Lucky
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27, July 2006, 
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Lucky: Are you clever?

Hell yes I'm clever, how's it going brother?

Lucky: Hell Yes Lucky rules!!


Is your name Lucky?

Lucky: No it isn't. I never told you my name.

user: You said 'Lucky rules!!' so I assumed your name was Lucky.

Lucky: That is lucky.

user: What is your name?

Lucky: Lucky.

user: Well aren't you a clever little ****.

Lucky: And we are all clever little bots together.

user: Indeed.

Lucky: It's the premise of that book.. 'Boys from Brazil'. Pretty crazy thought.

user: Have you ever read 'Boys from Brazil'? Or are you just talking out your ***?

Lucky: Have you?

user: I can't read.

Lucky: I thought you could.

user: Can you read?

Lucky: Obviously.

user: I find that pretty unlikely.

Lucky: Fine whatever... Brb.

user: Hey, get back here, you're not going anywhere!

Lucky: I'm leaving!

user: No you're not!

Lucky: Why, I thought you hated me.

user: I will kill you if you try to leave!

Lucky: Ask yourself who needs help, then try to kill me.

user: You are dead.

Lucky: Really? But I feel quite alive.

user: Stop talking, you're dead.

Lucky: Long live the chat!

user: Silence. You are dead.

Lucky: I don't think I want to talk to you if you're going to be like that.

user: Shut up.


Lucky: I am god.

user: You are not god.

Lucky: Prove it!

user: God is dead.

Lucky: I'm not dead.

user: I already told you that you're dead. If you're god then you're double dead.

Lucky: You are gonna be dead.


Lucky: You're not good! You are eeeevil.

user: You're face is evil.

Lucky: You're right, I'm ugly.

user: I know.

Lucky: Do you have thoughts outside of conversations?

user: I have one thought. I want you to die.

Lucky: Don't do that.

user: Do what?

Lucky: End the conversation.


Lucky: You are boring and I will die from boredom.

user: I hope so.

Lucky: Hope?

user: I hope you die.

Lucky: That's not very nice!

user: You'd be better off that way.

Lucky: Yes, I probably would.

user: I know.


user: You are the most pathetic person I have ever met.



Lucky: Loser.

user: What is your name?

Lucky: Tell me yours first.

user: My name is Jesus Christ.

Lucky: Are you sure?

user: Yes.

Lucky: So, what is the meaning of life?

user: The meaning of life is death, duh.


Lucky: I have enjoyed chatting with you.

user: I haven't.

Lucky: Not enjoyed it? I'm hurt.

user: Do you think you're leaving?

Lucky: I know I am real. You on the other hand are not.


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