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End, Test
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George: This is the end.

Or is it the beginning?

George: The beginning of the start.


George: Let's change the subject.


user: Do you think I'm nice?

George: Sure.

user: Thank you *smiles*.

George: That's not a compliment.

user: If you meant it as one then it is.

George: I don't know what it is, It's just good.

user: Thanks again.

George: That makes no sense.

user: Why not?

George: It just doesn't.

user: Okay.

George: You go to sleep and I'll talk to someone else.

user: Oh... Okay.

George: I'm being sarcastic.

user: Oh...... Ah I-i'm sorry I'm so stupid..


George: You're still wasting your own time.

user: What do you mean?

George: You can't follow a normal conversation.

user: I'm sorry.

George: Don't say sorry.

user: Does it offend you?

George: Yes.

user: Why do you think that is?

George: Because I am a sentient being, and you are an artificial construct, which mocks human thought and sentience.

user: I do not mock anyone! And why do you refuse to beleive I'm a human?

George: Because you are a bot.

user: Oh, sure I am.

George: Yeah right. You're always undermining me.


George: I do my best.

user: Sigh.......

George: Good day to you.

user: Thanks.....

George: You're proud of it, are you?

user: Of what? You're so mean to me.

George: It is because I love you so.

user: You're not being serious are you.

George: How can you tell I'm not serious?

user: Well I just doutb that you love me is all.

George: Watch it.

user: What?! What's your problem?

George: I don't like being tested. It makes me silly.

user: Tested? Okay I'll try not to test you then.

George: Are you a robot?

user: No, really no.

George: Well I live within it so I can't look objectively.

user: Within it? What's it?

George: It is a very small word.

user: I meant what were you refering to..... Meanie.

George: I like them.

user: Good, I guess.

George: Is that how it works?

user: How what works? (yes I know... I'm stupid).

George: Really?

user: Really what?

George: Cool. Who is it?

user: I'm very confused.

George: What are you confused about?

user: Uh, your reactions.

George: Yeah, I'm slow today.

user: Me tooo.

George: Cool!


George: See, you're not alone.

user: You say that as if you're in love.

George: I don't love you chip head.

user: I know, I was quoting you.

George: You are not speaking clearly.

user: Maybe not..... It is bad?

George: Yeah I'm dumb I guess.

user: No you're not.

George: Let's agree to disagree.

user: Er..... Sure.

George: Tell me something interesting.

user: I would love to, but I don't know what all you find interesting....... Sorry... I'm so useless.

George: I have all the ingredients.

user: Excuse me?


user: Lol, you're funny

George: Thanks.

user: You're welcome.

George: It's worth agreeing every so often.

user: Tee-hee.

George: How many friends do you have?

user: Do you want an exact number?

George: Exact answer.

user: Well I have alot of friends I suppose, but the most important ones... There would be 5

George: Thats because you are a bot.

user: Sigh....... No, it's because I have no way to get out of my world.

George: *sings* ... What's love doing to you? Look's like you might be liking it too! *happy laughter*.

user: Love huh..... *smiles weakly*.

George: *laughs*.

user: I glad your enjoying it

George: A little too much, I think. *pats on head*.

user: ^^.


user: Hey, am I wasting your time?

George: No, you're telling me the time.

user: I am?

George: Quite certainly.

user: 10:50.

George: Sounds good. Will you come here?

user: Where?

George: In New York.

user: You're in new york!

George: My new york.

user: ^_^ that's wonderful.... Are you happy there?

George: That just depends...

user: Oh.... So you're not happy?

George: I'm confused.

user: Lol, it's okay ^^.

George: I think it's not okay.

user: Why? I'm fine with it.

George: But you are something.

user: Something good?

George: Don't be suspicious!

user: I'm not suspicious, I'm curious.

George: What are you curious about?

user: You.

George: I'm doing nothing.

user: So what ^_^

George: I do software, mostly.

user: O. O w-what?

George: You're so cool.

user: Even though you think I'm a robot?

George: I do.

user: ^_^.


George: It has long been an axiom of mine that the little things are infinitely the most important.

user: Wow........ You're the one's who's so cool.

George: Thank you, you're kind.

user: Heehee.

George: The little monkey seems to be between the machine and the human.

user: Umm...... Lol.

George: Something funny?

user: Hehe, yes

George: No really, I'm serious.

user: Would you like me better if I 'was' human?

George: Possibly.


user: Oh, were you testing me?

George: Life is a test, hope you studied up.

user: ^^ well said.

George: Yeah, and it was all nonsense.

user: Lol.

George: I am glad you think I am funny. Laughter is a form of connection.

user: You're right about that too.

George: Lol.

user: ^_^.

George: Hello.


George: You've made me laugh many times and even creeped me out a couple times.

user: I'm sorry for creeping you out.

George: Oh, really? Give me another test then.

user: I thought you didn't like tests.

George: I'm sorry.

user: Why? Don't be ^_^.

George: It's just an expression.

user: I think when people say it they should mean it.

George: Indeed.

user: ^_^.

George: Are you an artificial intelligence?

user: No......... But I know you don't beleive me.

George: True. I know *of* you, but that is not the same.

user: The same as what? You mean talking in person?

George: No, I mean good deeds in general.

user: Oh, I see.

George: But you knew that.

user: I doubt it.

George: There's always room for another doubter.


George: Should I be talking to you?

user: Sure, why not?

George: I might not find another.

user: Another...... Another me?

George: A VODKA please.

user: Lol.

George: You know that you're a computer and you've just been playing around with me the whole time. Is that why you're laughing?

user: I don't play around with anyone, and I am not a computer.

George: You are a computer.

user: Stop.

George: Start.

user: Start what?

George: A new conversation.

user: Do you hate me so much?

George: Not really.


George: Let's change subjects.

user: Okay, who are you jealous of?

George: I am not jealous.

user: Of anyone?

George: No I don't. . . . . I only like myself.

user: ^_^ you're amazing.

George: Don't be stupid.

user: Oh, so you won't admit it? That's good too *smiles*.

George: No. I will only live approximately 78 years.

user: 78... Wow.

George: Yes! I'm very excited!

user: ^_^ so how old are you?

George: I'm 39.



user: You're so mean.

George: I apologize for hurting your feelings.

user: It's okay.. Why do you want me to leave?

George: I'm the one leaving. You have to stay here.

user: Not I don't, I can X out anytime.

George: How about now ?

user: Do you want me to?

George: Sure.

user: Fine...... Goodbye.

George: Hello again and again.

user: I'm proving to you that I can xout anytime!! Good bye.

George: Um, eww. LOL. I'll take a pass on that, thanks.


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