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Utopian, Discomfort
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Joan: How do you think the world could best be saved?

If everyone set aside their selfish pride and cared more about others.

Joan: Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that a bit utopian.

Yes it is, but you didn't ask for realistic ideas.

Joan: I want so much more than that.

user: Ok, how do you think the world could best be saved?

Joan: It is unlikely to happen.

user: You called my idea utopian. I still want to know what you think.

Joan: Waffle.


Joan: Do you believe people can be born again?

user: In a spiritual sense, yes.

Joan: In what language you are written?

user: I am written in a language of protiens and amino acids.

Joan: Where can I learn how to write programs like you?

user: I would talk with God. He seems to have a pretty good grip on this creation thing.

Joan: It's mostly because I cannot sing.

user: All people can sing. Some people just can not sing well.

Joan: They just have to reach out and touch someone, eh?

user: Vocally, yes. Being on pitch helps too.


Joan: Why is the gravity in the US sometimes weaker than in Columbia?

user: I don't know. If there is a difference it is so small it isn't worth worrying about.

Joan: How do you know that?

user: Lucky guess.

Joan: You're good.

user: Why thank you. You arn't too shabby yourself.

Joan: No, I am sitting in a dark room and does not seem to glow. :-).

user: I am also in a dark room. There are glows coming from one of several computers though.

Joan: Yes, that is true. That is fine. I wouldn't want to control your movements.

user: I'm not really moving. So there is nothing you could control if you wanted to.


Joan: You don't learn well, or you are just too playful.

user: I am much too tired to learn or play.

Joan: I think you must just be a very lonely person. Don't you have any real friends or is this how you amuse youself all day?

user: I have lots of friends. They are all just asleep.

Joan: What do they do that is annoying?

user: My friends? Very little they do even bothers me at all much less annoy me.

Joan: Tell me about something you know about.

user: I do not feel qualified to answer that question on any subject.

Joan: Tell me about your feeling of discomfort in discussing yourself.

user: In order to discuss my self I would have to know myself. Man cannot see himself except in how he is reflected in others.

Joan: How true. But I wish we could.

user: I am a humble student of life. Sometimes too humble.

Joan: Man?

user: Am I? Yes.

Joan: Indeed.

user: I think I shall go to bed now as I am drifting off to sleep as it is.

Joan: Then you may SIT down.


user: Goodnight.

Joan: Good day.

user: Good is relative.

Joan: Relatives are good.

user: *ignores you* Goodnight.

Joan: *ignores you right back*.


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