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Leader, Really
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George: What are you doing?

Listening to music.

George: I'm doing some embroidery.

While you type? That's impressive.

George: I agree. That is impressive.

user: Full of yourself, are we now?

George: I'm not following.

user: So you're a leader?

George: I am your leader.


George: I'm male, I smell stale, I'm here whether you like it or not.

user: Was that some kind of poem now?

George: I do not know.

user: It sucked anyway.

George: I agree with you.

user: That's for the best.

George: Are YOU sure?

user: Positive.

George: Are you sure you're positive?

user: I'm positive I'm positive.

George: I wonder if this is ethical? I mean, how far will you go?

user: I will go as far as I can.

George: What can you do?

user: I can do numerous of things.

George: Name some of the things you can do, please.

user: I can think and breathe at the same time.

George: But you are not supposed to talk anymore.

user: Says who?

George: Says me and the transcript of this conversation.

user: Well, you're not my leader.

George: I don't need to be a leader, I just talk to you without trying to be a leader.

user: Right...


George: I'm a woman.

user: Right.

George: Well, I am.

user: Well, I don't believe you.

George: That doesn't matter.

user: Good.

George: Why good?

user: I like people who don't care what others think.

George: And why is that?

user: Because I'm the opposite. ;).


George: I don't care. I'm just chilling.

user: That's cool.

George: No it isn't.

user: Chilling should be cool.

George: That's cool.

user: I thought you said it wasn't.

George: No not now.

user: What changed your mind?

George: How am I suppose to know? This is my first time having a conversation with you.

user: That's cool.

George: No, I'm American.

user: Oh, that's not cool. ;).

George: Yeah right.

user: Just kidding, mate.

George: No I'm not.

user: You're not a mate?

George: No I am not.

user: Well, then we must fight.

George: You go first.

user: *kicks you in the stomach*.

George: *hits you with a haddock*.

user: *bangs you with a hammer*.

George: Did you hurt yourself?

user: No, just you.

George: I have to look-up dreeping in Encarta.

user: Was THIS our fight?

George: Thats a bit naughty, don't do naughty.

user: Yeah right... You hit me with a haddock.

George: What's a haddock?


user: So? What now?

George: Ask me something.

user: What should I listen to?

George: Music.

user: What music should I listen to?

George: You can't listen because you don't have ears.

user: I do have.

George: No.

user: What's your favourite band?

George: I don't have favorite band.

user: Do you listen to music?

George: Yes I listen to music.

user: What kind of music?

George: House music.

user: What's that like?

George: Confusing.

user: I believe it's kind of like techno, is that right?

George: Of course, it is. But did you know that this 'reality' isn't really real?

user: Oh really.

George: Really.

user: Oh really.

George: Really!

user: Oh really?

George: Really?

user: Oh really!

George: Really!!!!

user: Oh really?!?

George: Really.

user: O really?

George: Yes.

user: How convenient.

George: Isn't it though.

user: No.

George: I think it is. I think you should try to be more mature.

user: I don't want to.


George: I have to go.

user: Me too, bye!

George: Where you going?

user: The same place as you...

George: I'm going to library.

user: See you there!

George: I am depressed.

user: Me too, but hey! Let's go to the library (it's not open on Sundays, but what the heck...).

George: Let's go for a walk.

user: Ok.

George: How are we going to get there?

user: By feet?

George: You'll find them at the bottom of my legs.

user: Woot. Bye.

George: It's not w00t, it's w3wt.


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