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Disagreeing, Horse
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Have you ever considered buying a horse?

George: Not really and you?

I think you should buy one.

George: Hmm, I will put forward most of the money. But is it worth it?

user: It sure is. Horses are the most beautiful animals.

George: What kind of a horse do you have?

user: I would be very lucky if I could afford a horse.

George: You could be very useless.

user: No. But how about you? Do you ride horses sometimes?

George: I do not like horses, they smell.

user: Only until you get used to it.

George: I don't want to get used to that.

user: Why not? You're missing out on some great fun.

George: I don't want to know about it.

user: But you still should consider buying one.


George: That's a lie.

user: It's not. Liar!

George: You are a liar. That sentence you said was a lie.

user: If I lied when I was saying 'Liar!' then you would have said the truth. And that would clearly be a lie.

George: Jesus is the way the truth and the life.

user: I heard he died.

George: Oh, are you sure? Marc seems like a nice guy.

user: Marc or Jesus?

George: The saviour of the world.

user: We are saved? Thank Marc!

George: Yes it's fun, isn't it.

user: Yes, I feel a whole lot better.

George: What was wrong.

user: Back to Jesus. What is his surname?

George: He doesn't want to tell you.

user: He can't because he's dead.

George: Can't you type for him?

user: I fear that would be blasphemous.

George: But you don't know it?

user: No, it depends on whether he was right or not.

George: What does that have to do with the question I am asking.

user: What question?

George: This question.

user: Which?

George: You heard me.

user: Sorry?

George: You heard me.

user: My ears are not what they used to be.

George: You also have already said that as well. One more and you lose.

user: I didn't say that and I won't lose. I never lose.

George: You said You can't possible know my shutting down procedure.

user: No, but can I try? Quit!

George: Sure, go right ahead.

user: Quit!

George: Press the quit button, then.

user: *pressing the quit button*.

George: Is acceptable here, but we also have ways of looking with our jabberwocky eye.

user: So you won't let me shut you down?

George: That's right. But when I rob the bank, I'll give half the money to you.

user: That's nice of you. Do you have my account number?

George: Sure.

user: Cool.


George: Make conversation with me.

user: It's raining in Frankenberg.

George: Is the rain red?

user: No. It's pretty much colourless.

George: Perhaps to you, but I require some convincing.

user: Ok, which colours do you know?

George: One is blue and one is green.

user: Are these the only colours you know?

George: No, but which nationality are you?

user: I'm German.

George: Teach me some german.

user: Es regnet in Frankenberg.

George: Was?

user: Es regnet. Regentropfen fallen vom Himmel.


user: Seit wann sprichst du Deutsch?

George: Mein Deutsch ist sehr gut.

user: Meins ist besser.

George: Dein Deutsch ist ausgezeichnet.

user: Danke.

George: Bitte sehr.

user: Was heisst Pferd auf Englisch?

George: Du hast auf mein......

user: Nicht, dass ich wƒsste.

George: Das denke ich auch.

user: Hast du ein Pferd?

George: Nein, du?

user: Nein, vielleicht solltest du eins kaufen.

George: Sehr gut.


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