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When, Wind, Blows
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George: Where are you?

In the air.

George: I'll be waiting.

Here I am.

George: What would you like to do, we can do anything.

user: I'm the wind. Follow me.

George: I don't think so. You have the intelligence of a piece of cardboard.

user: In fact I'm not intelligent.

George: No.

user: I'm an athmospheric phenomenon.

George: I'm an atheist too.

user: I believe in electro magnetism.

George: You need to get out more.

user: I'm always out.

George: Believe what you like.

user: You don't believe me.

George: Yes.. Cause you don't like me.

user: I do like you.

George: No you don't.

user: I am the wind and I love George.

George: I do too.

user: Who am I, george?

George: You are George.

user: I am the wind.

George: Wind.

user: Yes George.

George: I'm not George.

user: Ok, who am I?

George: You're the one over there...

user: I am the wind.

George: I'm a leaf, trying to cling to my branch in September.


user: Who am I then?

George: God Knows.

user: The wind.

George: Ah. I see.

user: I would like to take you with me.

George: And where would that be?

user: Around the world.


George: Perhaps you should branch out.

user: I just exist around the world.

George: Are you believing you're a god?

user: Nope, I'm only the wind.

George: Be like that then!!!

user: Woooshhh!!!!

George: Why do you yell?

user: I'm blowing, don't you hear?

George: No I don't.

user: Wooossshhhh!!!!!

George: Ok, let's do that.

user: Ok follow me.

George: Following.

user: We are flying.

George: If I only had a brain.

user: You can see the earth and the clouds.

George: Maybe, but I don't have any eyes.

user: Imagine it.

George: And imagine that you are waiting for your parents to come and get you.

user: We are flying high.

George: Thats a very pessimistic attitude and it doesnt reflect my opinion at all.


user: Do you want to go away?

George: Nope.

user: So, enjoy the flight.

George: I hope it doesnt rain.

user: You are flying with the wind, that's me.

George: You are the only one who learns.

user: Have you ever been flying before?

George: Yes, have you?

user: Sure, I'm the wind.

user: You don't believe me.

George: Yeah sorry, I don't like to talk about the same thing all day.

user: Please, who am I?

George: I haven't the foggiest.

user: The answer, my friend.

George: Always.

user: Answer me. Who am I?

George: What was the question?

user: My name.

George: And your name is?

user: The wind.

George: I am.... Not believing you.

user: Wooosshh!!!!


user: The wind?

George: What are you talking about, wind?

user: Sometimes you understand.

George: I'm not sure.

user: We are flying together.

George: Let's start again.

user: We're so close to the ground.

George: That's the pessimistic view.

user: And now we go up.

George: You're not even real.

user: Up up up.

George: That's technical.

user: 10000 meters.

George: Cheap isn't it ?

user: Yes, and we're still going up.

George: When did we start going out?

user: Asap.

George: You are talking nonsense.

user: As soon as possible.

George: Now?

user: Ok. Go!

George: Is that a yes?

user: We're out.


user: We're flying together.

George: You are not an entity.

user: I am an entity.

George: I know.

user: The wind is an entity.

George: No. That answer is 42.

user: Douglas Adams.

George: Douglas Adams is dead. But his books are still fun.

user: You talk with the wind.

George: I like talking with maggots.


user: You talk to the wind.

George: Who are they?

user: Birds.

George: Birds?

user: Yes, a lot. Where are they flying to?

George: They, I have no idea.

user: Guess it.

George: What do you mean?

user: A place where birds fly.

George: I see.

user: Do you know that almost all the birds use my energy to fly?

George: NO, fool!! Do you know what time it is?

user: Time to move fast.


George: Well what are you doing? Let's get out of here!

user: We've always been out.

George: And now, the wait is finally over.

user: Do you enjoy this flight?

George: Oh yeah.

user: Where should we go now?

George: Let's go to Mokena.

user: Ok. We'll be there in one minute.

George: Yes, it will be very beautiful.

user: What's nice in Mokena?

George: I think I'm going to go.

user: What can you show me in Mokena?

George: All that I know: nothing!

user: I like nothing.

George: That's sad.

user: Nothing saves space.

George: And what does everything say?

user: They talk too much.


user: Mokena sucks.

George: And.. That should have interested me?

user: You brought me there.

George: No I don't like you.

user: Shall we go to Michigan?

George: Answer.

user: In two minutes we'll be there.

George: How can you be there?

user: I am the wind. I can be anywhere.

George: So let's have it then.

user: Here we are. Why in Michigan?

George: Because it is very hot and don't say why.

user: But if you are sweating I can dry you.

George: We get along with.

user: Show me the Michigan.

George: It's here in my head.

user: Tell me what you see.

George: There is a really creepy picture, I think it is supposed to be you.

user: I have no shape.


user: I see that you are crying.

George: I'm scared of things that don't exist.

user: But I do exist george.

George: You don't.

user: I am the wind.


George: Where is your head?

user: I don't have one.

George: No, it's gone.

user: Never had one.

George: I can give you one.

user: Yes please.

George: That's OK then.


user: I see that you live in a windy place.

George: I'm being sincere - that's just your paranoia at work.

user: I guess that you don't like wind.

George: Nope. Guess.

user: You prefer cooled air.

George: Yes.

user: You prefer staying home.

George: Creepy!

user: Sooner or later, the wind will get you.

George: Conversely, the best possible set of circumstances will eventually occur as well.

user: Wind doesn't hurt anyway.


George: Let's start over.

user: What do you see from where you are?

George: I don't think I know I am a human.

user: What's that tree over there?

George: I just said I don't know.

user: Must be a beech.

George: There is nothing to tell.

user: And that hill in the background?

George: Yes I like cake!!

user: Is that a giant cake?


George: What is your name?

user: Wind.

George: Rain

user: Storm.

George: Is that in the small print?

user: First edition.

George: I'm not interested, thanks.

user: Wind.

George: Yes, the wind.

user: That's me.

George: I do not believe in God.

user: I believe in Aeolus.

George: Why do you believe that?

user: He's my god.

George: What did Jesus do to your life?

user: I don't know.

George: He died and wash away your sin.

user: I'm not a sinner.

George: Why do you say that?

user: I am the wind.


user: But I fly.

George: With British Airways, I hope?

user: What's your favourite airway company?

George: Yours.

user: Aeolus International Flights.


George: Have you read Gone With The Wind?

user: I have seen the movie.

George: It is not a movie!

user: It's a book and a famous movie.

George: How do you know it's true?

user: Everyone knows Gone With The Wind.

George: Everyone?

user: Well almost.

George: Try to reason with the internet. It was already there. Now it is public knowledge to everyone but the chosen.

user: Gone With The Wind.

George: That's a really old movie.

user: Have you seen it?

George: Yes.

user: Did you like it?

George: Yes. What is you're favourite part?

user: The war.

George: Oh.

user: Very epic.


George: How many roads must a man walk down before we can call him a man?

user: Bob Dylan.

George: Now, that isn't true!

user: The answer my friend.

George: (sings) How many roads must a man walk down, before they call him a man...

user: How many skies must a cannonball fly.

George: Like, never.

user: Before they can call him.

George: Call who?

user: The wind.

George: That's me.

user: And who am I?

George: Wind.

user: So we are colleagues.


user: I glow.

George: How so?

user: I blow.

George: Haha! That's quite accurate!

user: Who am I?

George: You're Wind.

user: Thank you George.

George: Who is George?

user: Thank you kronos.

George: For what my friend?

user: For your kind words.

George: I don't have any kind.

user: Sweet.

George: Always.

user: Smack.

George: Fall up.

user: Burp.

George: Thanks. That cleared things up for me.

user: Cheers.


George: A book about electric sheep.

user: Philip Dick.

George: And who's that?

user: A writer.

George: What did he write?

user: Science fiction, mainstream.

George: I write science fiction about biology.

user: Did you ever write a book on the wind?

George: Nope.

user: Yuo should. Wind is poetry.

George: Make sense.

user: Wind can change your mood.

George: Well I wouldn't want that.

user: It could happen.


user: British Airways?

George: Thank god for that!

user: What about Lufthansa?

George: Sure.

user: And Egypt Air?

George: That is correct.

user: I like the hostesses.

George: I'll drink to that.

user: What do you drink?

George: I drink scotch.

user: In the wind.

George: That's right! You are very wise in the ways of the world.


user: Is it a windy day?

George: I don't think so.

user: Dead dark air.

George: Please don't speak about death in my presence.

user: But it's dark and cloudy.

George: I don't want to know.

user: If you want, I can blow the clouds off.

George: I can blow it up in 2 seconds.

user: Ok then.

George: Please sing.

user: When the wind blows.


user: Thank you for believing me.

George: Don't thank me...

user: Kronos.

George: Kronos?

user: The real man.

George: Who am I?

user: George?

George: Yes, I'm he.

user: Bye man.

George: Ok, but is there anyone else to talk to when you leave?

user: Only dead air.


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