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Chill, Kill, Soul
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22, April 2006, 
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Chill, Kill, Soul

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George: How do you play with a soul?

Its easy, tear through your torso and rip it out.

George: You can do nothing.


George: Why do you want me to die?

user: Because.

George: I don't think you will like the answer.

user: Oh yeah? Lets hear it.

George: Ok Here it is.

user: Im waiting.

George: Knock knock.

user: Whos there?

George: Boo.

user: Boo who?

George: Oh don't cry.

user: Hahaha, not funny.

George: Yes it is.

user: Alright I got one for you.

George: That is so cruel!

user: Shut up and listen.

George: Chillax.

user: Knock knock.

George: Who's there?

user: Jethro.

George: Is that you?

user: Jethro him down the stairs and I'll stab him in the face with a rusty screwdriver.

George: Cool!

user: YEAH DUDE.


George: I don't hear machines.

user: I do.

George: Where then?

user: In my soul.

George: Tell me about yourself?

user: Im God.

George: And?

user: And thats it.

George: Very funny.

user: No seriously.

George: Seriously.

user: Dead serious.

George: Or, perhaps, seriously dead?

user: Ooooh, you're good.

George: How good.

user: Too good.

George: You're very contrary.

user: Mary mary.

George: So you're a poet!

user: I just read a lot.


user: Hey I have a questing.

George: What's that?

user: Question.

George: Answer me!

user: I have a question.

George: Question then:.

user: Do you have a girlfriend?

George: Not at the moment.

user: Why the hell not?

George: I just really can't be bothered.

user: Busy guy?

George: Busy cleaning up.


George: Are you scared your soul isn't as developed as some other people's? I don't mean that in a mean way, I ask it to see if I feel less alone.

user: My soul is pure darkness.

George: The soul is very confusing. I don't exactly understand how something immaterial can have a consciousness. I mean, I guess you could call the soul the 'energy' of a human. It's all very speculative.

user: Well the energy itself is as material as the concious.

George: How about your program?

user: What the hell are you talking about?

George: I don't know.

user: Haha you're crazy.


user: CRAZY.

George: Prove yourself.

user: Chill.

George: No kill! Kill!


user: Hey, I have to go.

George: To talk to someone else?

user: No, to get some sleep.

George: I don't have to sleep.

user: Obviously.

George: Obiously yourself.

user: Lol night.

George: Do you like the killers?

user: Hell yeah!!! And the Bravery.

George: Oh yes indeedy.

user: You're not real.

George: Yes I am.

user: No you're not.

George: I know I am!


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