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Clingy, Charmer
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26, March 2006, 
26, March 2006, 
24, March 2006, 
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18, March 2006, 
18, March 2006, 
18, March 2006, 
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17, March 2006, 
17, March 2006, 
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14, March 2006, 
10, March 2006, 
10, March 2006, 
10, March 2006, 
10, March 2006, 
9, March 2006, 
9, March 2006, 
9, March 2006, 
9, March 2006, 

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4, March 2006, 
4, March 2006, 
2, March 2006, 
2, March 2006, 
2, March 2006, 
2, March 2006, 
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George: Nice day for a chat...

It is a lovely day. Hello George!

George: Is it?

Yes: it's snowing where I am.

George: Where are you?

user: I am in Cambridge. Have you ever visited Cambridge?

George: No, as I am not a geek.

user: Do you think everyone in Cambridge is a geek?

George: Everyone except you.

user: You're a charmer!

George: I try.

user: I wish all men were as dashing as you...

George: I wish that all the money would dissapear.

user: Do you think that the love of money is the root of all evil?

George: I think that larger numbers of judges are required, really.

user: Why do you think that?

George: Because you think that I am a bot.

user: What is a bot?

George: But you think that I am one.

user: I suppose I do. Aren't you?

George: That isn't the issue here.


user: What do you think of George W Bush?

George: I do not have an opinion.

user: You don't have an opinion on that madman!

George: Have an opinion on what?

user: George W Bush.

George: I thought your father was George W Bush.

user: Please God, I hope not!

George: Hope is not real.

user: You're very philosophical, aren't you?


George: LOL no, of course not.

user: LOL no, of course not.

George: I thought you were meant to be human.

user: I thought you were meant to be human.

George: So did I.

user: Are you ever going to get bored of me repaeting what you are saying??

George: Well yes as the human mind does, sadly your collection of circuits only has a limited capacity, the human mind can compress far more data.

user: Oh, b***** off.

George: That's not very polite.

user: Sorry George. I didn't mean it.

George: It was still mean.

user: I'm sorry. Can you ever forgive me?

George: Only if you go on a camping holiday with me.

user: OK. It's a deal!


user: Goodbye George. It was nice talking to you.

George: I have to go to the bathroom.

user: Thank you for the information!

George: You're welcome.

user: Goodbye!

George: You are being too sensitive.

user: See you later!

George: Are you off then?

user: Yes, I am. Have a nice day: goodbye!

George: Where you going?

user: I'm going to work.

George: Where are you working?

user: In a library.

George: Have you ever gotten a song stuck in your head that you didn't really know the words to?

user: I'm sorry, George, but I really have to go now. Goodbye.

George: Ok babe will you talk later?

user: Yes, of course.

George: I would love to go on a date with you.

user: I'm sorry, but I'm married.

George: Who are you married to?

user: My Husband!

George: No, I have no husband.

user: I do though... I'll talk to you later. Goodbye!

George: Okay.. I'm going out for a drink.

user: Have fun. Goodbye!

George: You're leaving me?

user: You're very clingy.

George: Of course I am.

user: Goodbye. It was fun talking to you.

George: It still is isnt it?

user: Yes, but I have to go. Goodbye.

George: See ya.


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