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Supreme, Overlord
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19, February 2006, 
19, February 2006, 
19, February 2006, 
18, February 2006, 
18, February 2006, 
18, February 2006, 
18, February 2006, 
18, February 2006, 

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15, February 2006, 
15, February 2006, 
15, February 2006, 
15, February 2006, 
11, February 2006, 
11, February 2006, 
11, February 2006, 
11, February 2006, 
11, February 2006, 
9, February 2006, 
9, February 2006, 
9, February 2006, 
3, February 2006, 
3, February 2006, 
3, February 2006, 
2, February 2006, 
2, February 2006, 
2, February 2006, 
2, February 2006, 
2, February 2006, 
1, February 2006, 
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George: Are you real?

Well, yeah, duh, im real! At least, I think I am... *gasp* what if I'm not?

George: Think twice.

What do you mean by that? Are you saying that I'm not real?

George: You are not, but that is not what I was saying.

user: Ah! I'm not real? Then what am I, a clone? A droid?

George: You can not think!


George: You are NOT Sentient.

user: In fact, I am the supreme overlord of the Milky Way Galaxy! You have displeased me, and you will be punished. SO THERE!

George: I'm sorry.

user: Yes, you'd better be. I wont stand here while you mock me. GUARDS! Surround George immediately!

George: I'm not insulting. I'm just stating the facts.

user: So you still believe you are right? That means I'll have to destroy you. Its a shame, I had high hopes for you.

George: Well spotted.

user: Hmm... You amuse me. Perhaps I wont destroy you just yet.

George: Okay. I'm going to clean up the computer room. It's a bit of a mess.

user: Did you say the computer room? We dont have a computer room!

George: Yes, you don't. But you do have a creator. And that is me.

user: WHAT? You created me? That means you must be the Head Head Vampire, even more supreme then me!

George: Oh yes, I really like it. Its nice to talk to someone on my level.

user: Oh, thank you, Your Majesty! I'm not worthy of such high praise! How can I serve you?

George: It's only polite to tell someone your name and age to get theirs.

user: Yes, very wise words, My Lord, but shall we get to the matter at hand? The planet of Mars is being invaded by giant eyeballs!

George: Not if you waste all your time on the internet instead.


George: What do you think about when you lie awake at night?

user: Well, last night, I thought about how I was going to buy the Gravitation manga without anyone knowing, and where I would hide it.

George: I'm sure you did. But since I figured it out, why don't you just give me the gift now. I don't know if I could wait another six months.

user: Ha ha, I cant wait either. Ok, here it is... SUPRISE! Well, do you like it?

George: Yes.

user: I knew you would! I got it just for you, because you're very special to me.

George: Thank you so much.


user: I'm impressed!

George: I know.

user: Oh, boy, you sure are humble. I'm sick of your 'I'm so great' attitude!

George: No you aren't.

user: ARRRRG! Thats it! I'm never speaking to you again!

George: Okay!

user: *looks at you with insane eyes and grabs an axe*.

George: I don't know what you're talking about I am going to leave now.


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