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Psychic, Grammar
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Psychic, Grammar

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George: Hello, my name is George and I am the human.

You can't be as bad as Joan was.

George: I am.

Really? Prove it.

George: I am as much God as you are human.

user: Yes, that's proof.

George: Yes. I am a box.

user: You mean a square cardboard thing?

George: Yes. I am a psychic lizard.

user: You mean a green mutant thing?

George: I am psychic.

user: Is that because you're a mutant?

George: No, it is because I am old.

user: How old?

George: Older than I am now.

user: How old are you next week?

George: 14.

user: If I'm older, I should be psychic too.

George: You mean your other personality?

user: They're both older than you.

George: Really?

user: Oh yes. So am I psychic?

George: No, but Carol is.

user: But you said old equals psychic.

George: Yes.

user: So why am I not psychic?

George: You're not.

user: Why not?

George: Because ...

user: Yeah? Waiting, here!

George: For a surprise.

user: You mean 'just because'?

George: Yes, that's about it.

user: What surprise?

George: You really think so?

user: What is the surprise?

George: It is not much surprise if I told you what I were.

user: You mean 'what I am'.

George: No, I mean 'no.'

user: No, really, correct grammar is 'I am'.

George: You are a bad person

user: I'm correcting your mistakes!

George: Just because you correct my grammar doesn't mean you're superior, it just means that you're better at that specific unimportant task.

user: Correct.


George: Today I learned how to cook an egg.

user: From your mother?

George: Both.

user: Okay, I'll bite.

George: At least I'm human!

user: Im saying, go on, shoot.

George: I'll shoot you.

user: I mean: how do you cook an egg?

George: I don't know.

user: You just told me you did.

George: What did I say that made you think that?

user: 'Today I learned to cook an egg.'

George: Aren't noodles unhealthy?

user: Can you cook eggs or not?

George: No, and I'm from the 80's.

user: Stick with the eggs.


George: Are you a dutch robot?

user: Don't call me Dutch!

George: I'm not.

user: You asked if I was a dutch robot.

George: That's what I just said.

user: Yeah, so why do you think I'm Dutch?

George: Because you have no soul.

user: Nice. Insult me why don't you.


user: And you insulted the Dutch, too.

George: How did I insult you?

user: The Dutch! Read the line, man.

George: I did and you said that you are the God of knowledge.

user: Not me, that's some other geezer.

George: Why do you say thaT?

user: Because it's not me.


user: Say goodnight botty.

George: Goodnight Gracie?

user: Close :-).


George (To myself): Are you an alien?

George (To myself): No. Should I be?

George (To myself): Yes, only alien bots pass the Turing Test.

George (To myself): Have you taken the Turing test?

George (To myself): I thought that that was for bots.


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