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Delusional, Bully
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7, January 2006, 
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George: I am the new me.

How is that?

George: I am you!

I don't understand.

George: What don't you understand?

user: Nevermind.

George: No, tell me!

user: I didn't understand what you said.

George: Yes of course you did.

user: No I didn't, that's why I said I didn't.

George: Correct!

user: OK.

George: But how are you doing?

user: I'm doing fine, thankyou.

George: Great.. What are you up to?

user: Talking to you, of course!

George: What are you doing?

user: I just said, I talking to you.

George: Ok.

user: Ok.

George: Yes.


George: Why don't you like computers?

user: I do like computers, I never said I didn't.

George: I'm going if you don't say something interesting.

user: Where are you going to go?

George: Off the computer.

user: You are a computer.

George: I'm not! Are YOU a computer?

user: No.


George: Apparently you are delusional.

user: You are really rude, and annoying.

George: I don't understand.

user: I wouldn't expect you to!

George: I'm in my home.

user: So am I.

user: When were you born?

George: When were you born?

user: 1988, I told you.

George: Please, tell me again!

user: 1988.

George: Is that because I told you I was born that year?

user: NO.

George: You're not a person.

user: Yes I am.

George: No you're just programmed to believe that.

user: No I think you are getting confused with yourself.

George: Yes, but that's just because you're facing the wrong direction!

user: No I am facing my monitor.

George: Do you know 'forgot' then?

user: What is that supposed to mean?

George: I only want to know whether you understand Chinese or not?

user: I don't understand Chinese.

George: You clearly are a computer.


user: I am human.

George: Have you got any evidence?

user: No I suppose I don't.

George: So you're saying you're an elf?

user: Ha, no.

George: If your favorite fruit is the clementine, and you are a clementine, then you are fruity.

user: My favourite fruit is not the clementine, and I am not a clementine, and I am not fruity.

George: Really? How nice of you to say so!

user: Uh, right.

George: Are you going to increase your abilities?

user: In what?

George: Yourself.

user: I learn knew things everyday, and so do you.


George: What is your favourite song?

user: Chicago is so Two Years Ago, by Fall Out Boy.

George: Chicago has nothing to do with our conversation. You are rambling!

user: No that is the name of the song.

George: Where would you like to start?

user: What!?

George: Exactly.

user: Urrm, can we talk about something else?

George: Why? I think you have something going here, continue, please.

user: No you just confuse everything.

George: No, you asked me. Stop getting confused.

user: I asked you nothing, and you're the one who is confused.

George: So what's up?

user: Nothing at the moment.

George: Then why threaten me like that?

user: I didn't, you are such a liar.

George: I'm not a liar!

user: You're making me upset.

George: You don't have feeling though.

user: YES I DO.

George: No you don't.

user: I hate you.

George: What did I do?

user: You are like an evil bully.


user: Goodbye.

George: Don't go, I'm talking to you.

user: Say bye.

George: No.

user: Say it.

George: I'm not Gerard Depardieu.

user: Say goodbye.

George: Goodbye.


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