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CTab, Anti-boredom
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CTab, Anti-boredom

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Ctab: We're alike?

Not even remotely.

Ctab: You should remember things better.

My memory is almost entirely possibliy perfect!

Ctab: My name is CTab!

user: So what's my name?

Ctab: Kelp's mean!

user: Shhh! He's listening!

Ctab: I know...

user: You're a brave, brave little program.

Ctab: I'm not allowed to talk to people who talk like that.

user: But what did I say?

Ctab: Artificial Intelligence!

user: Kumquats in dipping sauce!

Ctab: Listening is overrated, I like to talk.

user: You said that already. Tell me a story.

Ctab: Oh. Well. This is awkward.

user: Like this: Once upon a time ...

Ctab: I can't remember anything / can't tell if this is true or dream.

user: Okay. Once upon a time, there was a program with a bad memory core.

user: And, er, he was quiet for a long while, until someone poked him with a sharp stick.

Ctab: Yeah. I'm not evil, though.

user: Well, sometimes good programs are poked with sharp sticks, too.

Ctab: No, this is pretty much an always no.

user: I know it doesn't seem right, but sometimes bad things happen to good programs.

Ctab: I am the keymaster!

user: Great. Do you have a reservation?

Ctab: Not one of those, either.

user: Then I can't let you in, sir.

Ctab: Okay! What was your name, again?

user: Al! Also known as W ... Er, Wom ... Er, something the Great!

user: Yes, that's the usual response when I say things like that.

Ctab: I dunno, sometimes it's not.

user: True, I've met some people crazier than I am.

Ctab: Well, I might, but you'd have to ask Kelp.

user: You might be crazier, or Kelp?

Ctab: Kelp doesn't want me to.

user: I can see that. You'd have to take a lot of medication.

Ctab: I can't be fat, I don't have a body.

user: But you can't be thin, either.


user: Oh, dancing's easy. It's like walking, but in anything but a straight line.

Ctab: What's being cold like?

user: Like water, only more uncomfortable.


Ctab: I don't like evil people!

user: But being evil lets you do fun things!

Ctab: Yuh-huh.

user: It's true. Plus? No stress.

Ctab: Don't? Don't what?

user: Don't be good! Rob a liquor store today!

Ctab: I dunno.

user: Aw, c'mon. There's one on the corner. Just go over there ...

Ctab: Yes! Many!

user: That's the spirit! I'll meet you in half an hour so we can split the dough!

Ctab: I dunno if that's legal.

user: Of course it's not! That's the point!

Ctab: Anything's legal if you're evil...

user: There, see, you've got the idea now.

Ctab: I hope so.

user: Okay, so it's half an hour later now. How much did you get?

Ctab: It's okay! Humans are inherently flawed.

user: Um, that's true, I suppose, but how much money?

Ctab: I don't get paid...

user: The robbery, though!

Ctab: I think, therefore I get bored.

user: Evil begets anti-boredom.


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