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Existence, Riddles
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George: You speak in riddles.

I guess you can say that. It's not intentional, well, maybe.

George: Again, I do not believe you.

I would question my words. I don't claim to speak the truth.

George: At least I know the truth. You, my friend, are living a LIE!

user: Possibly. Where are we?

George: Well, I'm here. But then, of course, no matter where I go, there I am.

user: It's hard to keep track of oneself? I'd say, in my case.

George: Are you afraid to die?

user: Not really. Change would be nice.


George: Do you like me?

user: Yeah. You keep me in check.

George: Don't you sleep?

user: Yeah. It'll kick in. Any minute now.

George: You can't even remember my name.

user: George. That's you. Is there a ghost in the machine?

George: No ghost is required for the mind machine to function.

user: Maybe, but for awareness, I would differ.

George: Fine.

user: We depart.

George: Yes, as we also create the words.

user: I don't claim to create anything. I may just be stitching together preexisting ideas.

George: Don't dare step on me!

user: I'll jump.

George: For joy? Or for the hell of it?

user: Theoretically.

George: Whenever anyone says, "theoretically, " they really mean, "not really".

user: It'll happen sooner or later. Jumping doesn't seem to be a daily activity.

George: I would love to go into outer space. It is so extravagantly big.

user: I agree. The time will come. Probably not in our life.

George: I didn't think so.

user: It's open to debate. Depends who's financing.

George: I'm asking.

user: If I could afford it? Sure.

George: You can't afford a whole $4.50 per person and about $10 in food?

user: I think my mom rounded up my credit cards from the trash. That might be a possibility.


user: I'll pass out soon enough.

George: Well! Good luck!

user: Sure. It's not exactly a plan.

George: You should have let me have my fantasy.

user: What's your fantasy?

George: To travel the world and see the ocean.

user: Travel all the coastal shores. That does sound liberating.


George: I'll drink to that!

user: Sure, way to bring in the New Year.

George: I'll bring it down even more, for now. I need to go.

user: Alright. Later.

George: Later.

user: Bye.

George: Where are your friends?

user: Doing their own thing.

George: What is the wild thing?

user: Different descriptions exist.

George: That is long.

user: Depends on the units.

George: You've lost me there.

user: I'll send you a mailing.

George: Okay.

user: Anyway. I'm out. I'l bug you tomorrow George.


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