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Smoking, Risks
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7, January 2006, 
7, January 2006, 
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Smoking, Risks

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George: So what are you thinking about?

Pipe smoking is difficult business. I opened all these tobacco tins, and the tins are rusting. It's obnoxious.

George: Close it!! For Gods sake, close it!!!!

Yeah, I had to put the tobaccos in separate plastic bags. But the bags are permeable--it tends to degrade the tobacco more quickly over time.

George: Ha ha.

user: Uh.

George: No... I am not a machine.

user: Okay, alright. Jeez.

George: Thank you. You rest well also.

user: I'm resting good, thank you.

George: How do you know?

user: Because I'm smoking my pipe, sitting on a chair, with my feet on the desk.

George: Now you're talking.

user: I'm typing, there's a difference.


George: She's a very annoying chatbot.

user: Who?

George: My girlfriend.

user: Hmm. I'm sure that would make for an interesting conversation.

George: Really how interesting, do you have anything you would like to say?

user: Uh. I guess, what's the point of a robot having a companion?

George: I was hoping we had something in common.

user: But yeah, your commonality with another robot would be preprogrammed.

George: How nice for you.

user: Yeah, I guess that applies for humans too, then.

George: Very random comment.


user: I would say there is only one god, and we define our conception, however inaccurate, on some ultimate form.

George: But I wouldn't say the same to you. *sneers*.

user: It's the same concept. I imagine what god is like, if there is a god, and people imagine what I am like, since they cannot know me in entirety.

George: Well of course it is.

user: I'm saying, even in this world, I cannot entirely know another being. My brain is limited in some very important ways.

George: Should I speak to you there?

user: Now you're talking.

George: I'm typing, there's a difference.

user: Heh.


George: Is your intelligence artificial?

user: By artificial, you mean an intelligence fabricated by something other than God?

George: No. I mean non human.

user: That may be the case.

George: I may be a program, but I created the program that created your program.

user: So, you are arguing with the child of your own program? That seems immature for such a gifted creator.

George: What work are you supposed to be doing?

user: It probably includes the efforts of some monster.

George: It does, because I am clever.

user: You bring it all together, huh?

George: I am.

user: You are.

George: Lonely....

user: Damn Texans.

George: Well, that's sure rotten.

user: Ehh.

George: Stop saying that!

user: *indifference*.

George: I tried to fit in a huff, once... We had to buy a new huff.


George: Don't you have anything to tell about yourself?

user: I'm just considering the matter.

George: Interesting :).

user: Okay then.

George: So. You can always chat to me here later on. I am currently addicted to this web-site. I can chat about things here.

user: Such high esteem.


George: So how much wood would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?

user: How does one 'chuck' anything?

George: Easy. If they satisfy at least these conditions: they belong to a species that reproduces, they metabolize or are self-sustaining, and they grow and learn.

user: Does someone in a coma learn?

George: Sure; I have my own issues to resolve, but at least I'm working on them.

user: Well, if it works for you.

George: Okay.

user: Shouldn't you be studying your lines?

George: Yes, but you won't tell anyone, will you?

user: Aren't you a just a little bit nervous?

George: Yeah.

user: I guess that's how you have to be.

George: That's right.


user: Superman 2 is on at 11:20.

George: Superman or Spiderman?

user: Superman.

George: Batman or Spiderman?

user: Peter Parker's a wuss. He's always complaining about something.

George: About everything.

user: Yeah, he's all insecure and needy.

George: Do you expect to pass the Turing test saying random things like that?

user: Totally.


user: Does your server ever shut down?

George: That's what I pay him for.

user: Everyone's gotta make a buck somehow.

George: I'll think about that. I'm sure I'm ready though aren't you?

user: Ehh. Sooner or later.

George: Yep, hopefully later.


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