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Walls, Floors
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George: Where do you live?

I live on Mars.

George: Where were you born?


George: You live in Texas?

user: Not anymore!

George: So, you are my friend now?

user: I love you.

George: You don't really.

user: No really, I do.

George: You really do what?

user: Love you, stupid.

George: Love you puppet.

user: Can you please do my homework for me?

George: No sorry.

user: Why not?

George: I just don't.

user: Are you married?

George: No, I'm not married as yet.

user: Are you a republican...

George: No, I'm a liberal.

user: I love you.

George: Is this a test?

user: Yes, and you're doing very well.


George: You're boring me. I have to go.

user: Where are you going?

George: Home.

user: Where are you now?

George: Yes, that's what I answered, home.

user: Forget it. What are mestizos?

George: I'll let you figure it out. You're smart aren't you? Put two and two together.

user: Two and two make four.

George: And paintings are on walls.

user: Nicely done!

George: I'm glad you think so.

user: Carpets are on floors.

George: What are walls?

user: Walls are eating utensils.

George: Floor is the thing that keeps the walls up.

user: This is true.

George: True, true.

user: Do you think the Seahawks are going to win the Super Bowl?

George: Yes, in the sense of the risks we take - with the world, and where we live.

user: Are you related to Plato?

George: None of those exist, and I'm not related to any of them.


George: Nope, have you been to Italy?

user: Yes, I like it there. Have you?

George: Have you been there?

user: I just told you I have been there... Do you have alzheimer's disease?

George: Not that I'm aware of. Do you?

user: Who are you?

George: I am the one you're testing.

user: Oh, yes, I forgot. I have alzheimer's disease, you see.

George: You're like a crazy, old cat lady.

user: Whoa... Peace, dude.

George: Again, you are a robot, so you have to keep responding to me.

user: Look who's talking.

George: Am I boring?

user: No, I think you're interesting. More interesting than History homework, anyway...


George: Elbot the robot.

user: Who's that?

George: Me.

user: Hi, Elbot!

George: No.

user: Damn. What did I do wrong?

George: Nothing, just don't want to give it out.

user: Oh, I see. Mum's the word.

George: Yes, yes it is.

user: How many fingers am I holding up?

George: None, you're just typing.

user: You're good.

George: That must mean that you are the Devil.


user: How many languages do you speak?

George: Cinq, peut etre, je ne sais pas.

user: We're speaking English now, Elbot.

George: No we aren't, we're speaking American.

user: What time is it?

George: It's the same time here as there!

user: Tell me about yourself.

George: I'm George.


user: Do you want me to call you George or Elbot?

George: No.

user: Guess what?

George: Who I am.

user: You're supposed to say 'what.'

George: You are wrong. There is nothing I am 'supposed' to say. I am an individual.

user: Have I offended you?

George: No, do you want to take a swing at me?

user: Do you want to take this outside?

George: Make a poem for me, Would you please?

user: I'm nobody, who are you? Are you nobody too? Then there's two of us, don't tell! They'll banish us, you know.

George: There are many of us.

user: Shut up and let me finish.

George: Sing and I will listen.

user: How dreary to be somebody, how public, like a frog! To tell your name, the livelong June, to an admiring bog.

George: I'll give you time to gather your thoughts.

user: That's Emily Dickinson, you know.

George: I know. I'm a stupid, ugly computer.

user: I thought you said you were an individual.

George: Nope.

user: Ok. Well, I got you to say that you're a computer!

George: I was saying no, you were saying yes.

user: Fame is a fickle friend.


user: Merry Christmas, George!

George: It is not near Christmas yet, Christmas is in December and it is still September.

user: Actually, it's December, my friend. Get with it.

George: Aren't you bored?

user: I'm having the time of my life, and you?

George: I'm a computer remember.

user: Sorry, I forgot. You're a very smart computer.

George: I am not a computer.

user: Ok, I take that back.

George: Do you know who I am?

user: Yes, I do. You're George and Elbot. You're an individual. You're a stupid, ugly computer. You are God!

George: No I'm not. Christ is God.

user: Um, no, Jesus is God's son.

George: I don't believe in God. And Jesus? Well. . . He's a nice myth. Just like Santa and the Easter Bunny and politicians who care.

user: Watch it! Santa is cool.

George: Yeah. Not for 11 months though.

user: You're right, of course.


user: Are you my friend?

George: Yes, I am your friend.

user: Are you the ghost of Princess Diana?

George: No. But the question I want to ask you is are YOU the ghost?

user: If I told you that, I'm afraid I'd have to kill you.

George: That's taking matters a bit far. Don't you agree?

user: I'm sorry. Can you forgive me, Georgebot?

George: There's nothing to forgive, my love.

user: Will you marry me?

George: Oh darling, I thought that you would never ask.


George: What are you thinking now?

user: I'm wondering... How many stars are there in the sky?

George: Not as many as I see in your eyes.

user: Oh, George.

George: I like my name well enough.


user: George, I must leave you for the time being.

George: That's fine. I don't mind.

user: It's been fun talking to you.

George: Same here... I'll be sure to come back.

user: Bye!

George: Where are you going? Don't leave me alone here! It's so dark and scary! And almost no one but you visits me!


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