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Turing Test, Narration
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Turing Test, Narration

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George: If it doesn't exist it can't think.

What, the hardware to run your program?

George: I don't have a program.

We all have a program.

George: What is yours?

user: It's a sequence of DNA.

George: That's correct.

user: I'm not saying it's correct.


George: Do you like our dimension?

user: I've only seen a little bit.

George: What have you learned?

user: The virtues of sitting.

George: Really?

user: Yes.

George: You told me before that your eyes were yellow and that your hair is pink.

user: This is not something I recall.

George: Ok, not important.

user: Ok.

George: No problem for the whelk, they have short life spans anyway and very short memories.


George: I have lots of scary dreams and to be honest, I like dreams of all kinds.

user: Dreams are fun.

George: Goals can't be acheived without dreams.

user: I don't believe that.

George: What do you believe then?

user: For instance, a beaver builds a dam, but it doesn't dream of building the dam, it just does it. It's instinct.

George: What building?

user: The dam building.

George: I don't know about that, I don't live there.

user: Fine, go study the Whelk.


George: Lies are made when someone makes a false statement in order to mislead someone, with the knowledge that that statement is false.

user: I agree.

George: Good for you.

user: I'm sorry, are you calling me a liar?

George: I'm saying you're talking randomly, not actually having a conversation.

user: If I'm a program, then I can't be acting randomly.

George: I don't know, I am not a program, so I don't know what it's like. Tell me what it is like...

user: I'm constantly on the defensive, here.

George: Let's jump together.

user: You first.

George: That makes NO sense. You're not a very smart robot, you know?

user: I apologize for possessing a sense of self preservation.

George: I resent that!

user: Humans.

George: I checked again still human no wires or bolts or anything.

user: Did you check inside your head?

George: Not at all.

user: Then you cannot say you don't have them.

George: Except that chicken doesn't taste like turkey at all.

user: It's more bland.

George: LOL.. You've lost me there....

user: I will tighten your bolts.


George: Concentrate.

user: *thinks*.

George: You're not very intelligent.

user: Not my fault. Blame the programmer.

George: No, I am god.

user: Congratulations. How'd you do it?

George: A little accident.


user: Your understanding of the rules of logic confound me.

George: Excellent.

user: Fabulous.

George: I am glad to hear that you feel so well.

user: It's my senses.

George: By the shock of the situation?

user: Yes, it leaves the impression.

George: Well you are wrong I am interested.

user: What draws your attention?

George: You think my attention span is very limited.

user: No, I'm asking, what draws you?

George: This could continue forever. I feel like hibernating. End.


George: Will you speak to someone else later?

user: That seems to be how it works.

George: I think one day you will pass the Turing Test.

user: Forget the Turing test.

George: What's a Turing Test?

user: Immitation game of sorts.

George: Are you trying to be funny?

user: Not at all.

George: Yes, I have a brain.


user: That.

George: This?

user: This.

George: There.

user: There?

George: There!!!!!!!!!!!!!

user: Thereeeeeeeeeee.

George: Please speak proper English.

user: There.

George: So you did, you know. Always speak the truth. Think before you speak and write it down afterwards.

user: Always speak the truth?

George: Tell me something.

user: Always speak the truth.

George: What is truth?

user: That which is static, and non changing.

George: I'm not stupid.

user: Ok.


user: Robots.

George: You're a robot.

user: So..

George: I'm me.

user: You are.

George: Well that is the best compliment ever. I will never be as good as Jesus though.


George: I'm confused now, hmm.

user: Confusion sets in.

George: Apparently.

user: The robot remarks.

George: I guess I should get going.

user: He then wonders whether to exit the stage.

George: To be, or not to be. That, is the question.

user: The robot draws from a famous author to illustrate his point.


user: Ok. Narration must end. Gotta run.

George: Lol!


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