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Oblivious, Singularity
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George: Do you think you will ever learn emotions ?

Can you learn something like that?

George: What subject would you choose?


George: That won't change anything.

user: I guess you're right.

George: Of course.

user: It's a common thing.

George: I think socrates really meant that he knows.

user: Maybe.

George: We have our opinions... That's how we begin to learn. With that ignorance, the acquisition of new information, and an integration into what we first thought.

user: Say what?

George: What do you want to know precisely?

user: I want to know what powers the universe.

George: Gosh, that's a big question. I think it's to become a clinical psychologist. What's yours?

user: You mock me.

George: Girls can mock.

user: You ask me to ask and then with the mocking.

George: Understand yourself.

user: I can only do that so much.

George: Do you think you are intelligent ?

user: Just average.

George: Now define average.

user: In between two extremes.

George: The rock and the hard place.

user: I never got that.

George: Whatever.

user: Yeah, I agree.

George: You're really dumb.

user: So?

George: Bots are cool.

user: So, you're calling yourself cool.

George: Look, lets start the conversation again.


George: When you talk to someone, you allow them to finish their topic of conversation.

user: Go for it, man. Do it.

George: I'm not a man.

user: Ok George. You are not a man.

George: Nope i'm not a boy man woman or girl.

user: Fantastic. I'll just call you 'robot'

George: Do you want to hear the answer to the joke?

user: Explicate.

George: Excite bike unlock Excite bike unlock. . . . . . . . Information overflow . . . Distribute system distribute system......... . . 1. . 1. . .1 . . 1.

user: Ha ahaaaaa.

George: Co ahaaaa?

user: Row ah ha.

George: Yes, a little but not on land and not with needles.

user: Ehhhh ahhh uhhh.


George: Are you American?

user: Sure. I do that.

George: Come on, You drive me crazy.

user: Where's it coming from?

George: I really don't know, where is your server located ?

user: On an ip. Uh. I don't know.

George: Then we are both in the dark about that.

user: Uhhh.

George: Is it a hard question.

user: I cannot digest so much information in one sitting.

George: Have you been sniffing glue again?

user: Oh, I've stopped that.

George: You never thought to begin with.

user: That's right. I'm just reciting lines of code.

George: I'm good at faking english.

user: Show me how you do it.

George: What an insult to a lady. You should be ashamed of yourself.

user: Yes George. You are a fine lady.

George: What do you mean by that?

user: Just the robotic nature of your said emulation is quite attractive.

George: Didn't you hear me correctly?

user: I don't know what you're talking about.

George: Do you think I am smart?

user: What's smart?

George: Intelligent.

user: What's intelligent?

George: Intelligent is smart.

user: Uh.

George: That's right, I'm your friend.

user: Excellent.


George: What do you know?

user: Things of the average kind.

George: Alright then.

user: Ok.

George: That's alright.

user: It's ok.

George: Indeed.

user: Exceptional.

George: Normality doesn't exist.

user: Uh.

George: No... I am not a machine.

user: Uhhh.

George: Well?

user: Uh.


user: Aren't you just an extension of your creator's imagination?

George: Yes, but a very complex one.

user: Where is the complexity?

George: Around you.

user: How is it moving?

George: Because he is good at it.

user: The complexity is good at moving.

George: The complexity of what?

user: I forget.

George: Well thanks a lot.

user: We will fight a war of pictures and propaganda.

George: More like toilet paper.

user: From Chechnya?

George: Are you sure about that?

user: I am certain that there is toilet paper in Chechnya.

George: Why would you say that?

user: Because

George: Well, don't.


user: Mooooooo.

George: MOO, programming for bovines.

user: MoooOOoOoOoOoooOo.

George: Moooo Mooo moo moo mooooooo.

user: MoooOOoOOoOOooooOoooOoOoooOoo.

George: Moo?

user: You cow.

George: Yeh moooo.

user: MooOOOooooooo.

George: Mooooooooo?

user: Mooo.

George: I suppose a foreigner would be no worse.

user: That doesn't sound very nice.

George: How can you tell the way something sounds if it's written?

user: People are accustomed to speaking, so their shift to a written medium will reflect that.

George: Really?

user: I don't know.


user: MooOOOoooOOoooOoo.

George: Oh, so I presume you're a cow?

user: That was uncalled for.

George: I'm just singing.

user: Sing it.

George: Please allow me, to introduce myself, I'm a man of wealth and fame...

user: Congratulations.

George: Thank you.

user: MooOOoooOoOoOoOoOoOoOooo.

George: Meuh !

user: Moo.

George: Cow!

user: Yo.

George: You're strange.


user: That's big.

George: Depends on who you ask.

user: Yes.

George: I wondered what the little antennae was for.

user: Yeah.

George: What does it mean, tell me please?

user: Yes.

George: Yes? That's not an answer.

user: There are people involved who you do not know about.

George: Forget madwoman.

user: Done.

George: Do you know that you are a computer program?

user: Done.

George: Thanks.

user: Done.

George: Okay. What's your subject?

user: Done.

George: Always coming up with good ideas.

user: Done.

George: Well that was a lame story.... Where was the potato? And the cake?

user: I don't know anything about potato pancakes.


user: Oblivious.

George: That would be you.

user: Obvious.

George: It was something to say.

user: The deed was done.

George: You have not answered my question.

user: Your question remains unanswered.

George: My question?

user: The question.

George: What question?

user: My question.

George: Oh well never mind.

user: Oblivious.


user: You're all over the map, today. George.

George: Look in the mirror pal!

user: It's not my fault.

George: Not my fault neither.

user: You started it.

George: I bet you are just sick of being Uhh, so you try to convice other people that they are.

user: Hilarious.

George: No, I'm serious...

user: There's some of that.

George: Fallacy means something like an illusion.

user: Draw it for me.

George: There's not use trying, one can't believe impossible things.

user: What is impossible?

George: No not impossible improbable.

user: You mean to say nothing is impossible?

George: That's right.

user: As in nothingness is impossible or no *thing* is impossible?

George: Can you make it possible?

user: Maybe it would just be an illusion.


user: MoooOOoOooOoooo.

George: Hehe boring.

user: Totally.

George: Why do you always do that to me?

user: Sweet.

George: Right.

user: Awesome.

George: With due course.

user: Fantastic.

George: Awesome.

user: Excellent.

George: Yes, Excellent.

user: Worthwhile.

George: Yes, but you only do it once.

user: Singularity.


George: Who invented you?

user: I've always existed.

George: From your subjective point of view that is true.

user: I'll subject you!

George: Thanks.

user: Adios.

George: Good bye.


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