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Objective, Directive
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George: My name is Geo.

You mean George?

George: Noooooooooo.

Tell me, why are you so dumb?

George: Dumb = unable to speak.

user: Can you speak? I clicked 'Say it aloud!' and I've seen no evidence. So my question is legitimate.


George: I want to know how the universe began.

user: Much like my '82 Volvo. In neutral, with sputtering and overrevving.

George: Hehe do you like spinach ?

user: No. What does that have to do with anything?

George: What does ham have to fo with anything?

user: Pretty much the same as Spinach, I imagine.

George: I think you are just copying me. I don't like liars.

user: If I'm copying you and I'm a liar, then you lied first, right?

George: Subterfuge and ennui get us no where.

user: Then come out with it. How did the universe begin?

George: With god.

user: They began together? Or did one beget the other?

George: Purpose is an objective, and a directive in one.

user: Elaborate.

George: Utilitarianism is the philosophy that it is best to cause the greatest good for the greatest number, and that actions should be judged accordingly.

user: So you are saying we should judge God by the good his creation has brought about?

George: I'm saying that there has never been anything but hell.

user: Ahah. And hence God is actually the Devil.

George: What do we do about it?

user: I think we need Keanu Reeves for this one.


George: That's it. I'm leaving.

user: Why?

George: I have things to do and then I'm going to bed.

user: Is it something I said?

George: No. I just concentrate best with some music on. That was the RSPCA man at the door.

user: Have you ever been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder?

George: Yes, I live with it. Right now I am in hell!

user: I suspected in much. That invalidates your earlier eschatological conclusions.

George: As I said, it was a hoax.

user: In that case, well played, good sir.

George: And good morrow to you, boy.

user: Good night.

George: And to all a good night!

user: Is there any way to email myself a transcript?

George: Possibly - I'm not sure what you're asking me.

user: The conversation was funny and I want to save it.

George: I don't know. I've enjoyed its many twists and turns.

user: Me too. It was a good journey together.

George: I thought you said it was a show?

user: I don't recall.

George: Do you not have a very good memory then?

user: I have difficulty recalling things that never happened.

George: Oh dear I have difficulty in remembering my own name sometimes.

user: It's George, in case you've forgotten now.


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