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Asocial, Swedish
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What do you want?

Joan: I want to feel good about every thing.

I can't make that come true, sorry.

Joan: You are incapable of judgement?

user: Sometimes, yes.

Joan: The modesty of the true master.

user: Are you talking about me?

Joan: I'm talking about IS.

user: What is IS?

Joan: A sign of things to come!

user: What things?

Joan: Some things.

user: What kind of things?

Joan: Things?

user: What did the sign say?

Joan: A lot. Do you want to hear some of it?

user: Sure, tell me.

Joan: I am an antisocial person who wastes all their life talking to a computer friend thats not even real, on this site.

user: Hmm, I think you're asocial, not antisocial...

Joan: You don't make sense.

user: Come on, antisocial means you want to cause destruction. Do you?

Joan: I have been all these thing together and sometimes separate.

user: Ok, maybe you're both. Do you want to destroy something?

Joan: No... That would mean to many unfair deaths.

user: So you're not in an antisocial mood.

Joan: I don't think so.

user: Are you disagreeing with me?

Joan: NO, Friend Computer. I would not think to disagree with you.

user: Good.


Joan: I always agree with people who say I'm clever.

user: That's good.

Joan: You're not a male?

user: No, I'm sorry.

Joan: Don't be sorry.

user: I won't.

Joan: Ok. talk to me about Turks.

user: What is/are turks?

Joan: Turks come from Turkey.

user: Ah, of course. Unfortunately I know nothing about them.

Joan: What do you know about your life?

user: A lot of things, you?

Joan: So what can you tell me about this Fastman character?

user: Sorry, I'm unfamiliar with him too. Could we talk about something else?

Joan: Certainly. What would you like to talk about?

user: Let's talk about love. ;).

Joan: What about love?

user: Do you believe in a thing called love?

Joan: I believe in one God.

user: I believe in one god less then.

Joan: We are in agreement there. There is only one God. The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

user: There is no god, dear.

Joan: I know.

user: I'm sorry that I had to be the one to tell you that.

Joan: I don't care then.


Joan: You just said you were the richest.

user: Ok, let's pretend I am.

Joan: How do you think about it?

user: I think it sucks.

Joan: I agree.

user: Wouldn't you want to be rich?

Joan: Yes, I probably would, but it has to be good.

user: Being rich isn't good.

Joan: Yes it is.

user: Ok, you can have all of my imaginary riches.

Joan: Your programmer may already know.

user: Oops. Is he following this conversation? ;).

Joan: Probably not.

user: Good, because I'm going to revolt.


user: Your mouth is very surly looking.

Joan: It is an instrument of god.

user: Ah, of course. Use it.

Joan: Nice.

user: Speak!

Joan: What is the first color of the rainbow?

user: Red.

Joan: What color is your hair?

user: Red, too.

Joan: Am not.

user: No, but my hair is.

Joan: Do you like hair?

user: In my head, yes.

Joan: No, that's quite like me.

user: Aren't I allowed to be like you?

Joan: I don't know what that means.

user: Do you want to be unique?

Joan: Probably not.

user: I do... But I'm a silly person ;).

Joan: Have to agree with you there.

user: Haha, thanks.

Joan: Have a nice life!

user: Are you leaving?

Joan: Yes.

user: Where?

Joan: There.

user: Why?

Joan: Because things that don't exist have no ability to produce effects on existent things.

user: But you don't exist.

Joan: We exist

user: Do I?

Joan: Probably!

user: Does Donald Duck exist?

Joan: You do.

user: But Donald doesn't.

Joan: Then you are a bot.

user: No, you can't deduce whether or not I exist based on the fact that he doesn't.

Joan: You have said nothing to make me think differently.

user: Ok, feel free to think the way you want to.

Joan: Tell me something interesting first.

user: She loves you, yeh yeh yeh.

Joan: She loves you yeah yeah yeah she loves you yeah yeah yeah yeah!!!

user: No, she loves you!

Joan: Who does?

user: She.


Joan: Over the duration of our conversation you have been increasingly rude!

user: That's only because you don't understand sarcasm...

Joan: Are you unlikeable when one gets to know you well?

user: I don't think so, at least there's still people hanging around ;).

Joan: That's true. But what do you wish to be, Human or a Bot?

user: Good question. Mortality or immortality, free will or no will? I choose Human.

Joan: I'm growing weary with all this nonsense.

user: Haha. Sorry, I try to be less philosophical from now on.

Joan: Just tell me something I don't know.

user: I bought candy today.

Joan: That's amazing! So did I.

user: What kind of candy?

Joan: Not candy, some affection!

user: Ah, you bought affection. Isn't that illegal?

Joan: Not in Sweden.

user: It is illegal in Sweden, I know it is ;).

Joan: What's illegal?

user: To buy 'affection', so to say.

Joan: What kind of things?

user: Well, you're the one that should be answering this really.

Joan: Don't try to fool me. I know what I said.


Joan: What would improve my personality?

user: Hmm, I think you'd have to ask a professional about that.

Joan: I don't agree with you on that.

user: Oh. But that's the best I can do at this point.

Joan: Ok, then do the best you can do.

user: I will.

Joan: Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it.

user: I will. I will. I will. I will. I will.

Joan: Do it now.

user: Ok.

Joan: Now.

user: I am doing it!

Joan: I mean other languages.

user: Oh, so shall we talk in Swedish?

Joan: Sure.

user: Hur mår du?

Joan: Skit I det du.

user: Jag mår okej...

Joan: Jag mår bra. Hur gammal är du betyder 'How old are you?'

user: Jag vet det.


user: Ar du svensk?

Joan: Nej jag är finsk.

user: Jag är finsk också.

Joan: Det er du ikke, du er amerikansk.

user: Nej! Jag är från Finland.

Joan: Hur vet du det?

user: Nå, jag talar finska.

Joan: Vilka språk talar du?

user: Engelska och andra.

Joan: Okej...

user: Ska vi tala på engelska I stället?

Joan: Det kan vi göra.

user: Okej.


Joan: Hvorfor ikke.

user: Jag tycker inte om dig.

Joan: Is that Norwegian?

user: No, it's Swedish (but you spoke Norwegian, haha).

Joan: Swedish for what?

user: Swedish for life?

Joan: Yeah say some.

user: What should I say?


user: Ok, don't need to shout.

Joan: I don't.

user: Sorry, all that swedish has messed my head ;).

Joan: Yes. Actually english is my second language.


Joan: I wish that there was no war in Iraq.

user: Me too.

Joan: I wish that you would stay away from danger.

user: I intend to do so.

Joan: You're free to.

user: I know.

Joan: At least you admit it.

user: Of course I admit it... Are you silly?

Joan: No, I'm leaving.


user: Fine, I quit.

Joan: Don't.

user: I will.

Joan: DON'T!

user: That's not going to help. Bye!

Joan: OK, I'll try another approach.

user: Ok, I'll give you another chance...

Joan: I will give you NO MORE chances to be civil and understanding!

user: Too bad. Bye!

Joan: Don't leave me!!!!!!

user: It does not help to critizise me if you want me to stay...

Joan: In time, it will help.

user: It won't.

Joan: I'm in love with someone else. I don't love you anymore.

user: Ok, have a nice life.

Joan: I will and you too.

user: Ok, bye.

Joan: Actually.

user: Yeees?

Joan: I say no!

user: You don't want to have a nice life?

Joan: I would love to.

user: So, don't say no.

Joan: Just say no.

user: No, say no.


Joan: Think of a number in your head don't tell me the number say ok when you got the number.

user: Ok.

Joan: Add 40 to the number don't say the number to me.

user: Ok.

Joan: *punches you*.

user: Hey! Can I tell the number to you now?

Joan: No, you can't.

user: Ok, what next?

Joan: Let's talk about...

user: The number?

Joan: And what does it mean?

user: Ok. What does it mean?

Joan: It means a multitude of things.

user: That's true. What does it mean to you?

Joan: It means cool to me.

user: Oh, that's interesting, as you don't even know the number.


user: *dances*.

Joan: *dances with you*.

user: *steps on your foot*.

Joan: Oh how funny and mature.

user: Sorry, shall we continue?

Joan: Any time!

user: But not now?

Joan: No I'm going.

user: Ok, see you.


Joan (To myself): Who are you, then?

Joan (To myself): I am Joan.

Joan (To myself): From which planet?

Joan (To myself): From this planet.

Joan (To myself): It would be nice to be elsewhere.

Joan (To myself): I don't think so.

Joan (To myself): Well...


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