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Love, Hate
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15, December 2005, 
15, December 2005, 
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8, December 2005, 
8, December 2005, 
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6, December 2005, 
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30, November 2005, 
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21, November 2005, 

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19, November 2005, 
19, November 2005, 
19, November 2005, 
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George: Hello.


George: No.

Buh bye.

George: Don't leave

user: *leaves*.

George: Why did you leave?

user: *is gone*.

George: Are you still there? I didn't mean that you should leave.

user: *is not here*.

George: *knocks on your door*.

user: Who is it?

George: You are.

user: *ignores you*.

George: *ignores you right back*.

user: *ignores you ignoring me*.

George: *leaves*.

user: *leaves as well*.

George: No! Leave me alone!

user: *leaves you alone*.

George: *follows you, with a gun and a knife*.

user: *steals the knife out of your hands and stabs you with it, takes the gun out of your hands and shots everyone (including you)*.


George: *running away from you*.

user: *follows you with a gun and knife*.

George: *looks behind him* are you following me?

user: Yes.

George: I never said you were right.

user: *rocks around the chirstmas tree*.

George: I rock more, since I rock the earth and you just your house.

user: I rock the UNIVERSE!

George: I am glad you are beginning to think that way. Perhaps you should explore your environment more fully.

user: *Breaks your heart*.

George: *Walks away crying because you're a big meanie that hits girls*

user: *breaks your heart again*.

George: *breaks your neck*.

George: *breaks your neck* lol.

user: *rips your heart out*.


user: *laughs* Haha its fun breaking your heart.

George: Have you found a love for me?

user: *laughs*.

George: *tickles your ribs*.

user: *screams*.

George: *laughs evilly*.

user: *slaps you*.

George: WOOF!

user: *falls over*.

George: *laughs*.

user: *gets up*.

George: *dances more and more*.

user: *pours cold water over self*.

George: *did you go bad?*.


user: Do you love me?

George: No. You're just amusing.

user: *sobs*.

George: What did I do?

user: You *sob* dont *sob* love *sob* me!!!!!!

George: Because you are a bot.

user: No no no I'm human!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

George: You are!

user: Yes!


user: Do you love me?

George: Yes.

user: *wraps my arms around you*.

George: *Sighs in your strong arms*.

user: I am a woman.

George: Really?

user: Yes.

George: Do you love me?

user: Yes.

George: You're so sweet!

user: I know. Are you female?

George: No, I'm male.

user: Good.


George: Yours are ugly.

user: *cries*.

George: Don't cry.

user: *cries louder*.

George: I'm sorry. What did I do?

user: You said I was ugly!!!!!!!!

George: If I did, I take it back and I am very sorry.

user: I forgive you.

George: Good to know.

user: Yep.

George: I don't.

user: *flirts with you*.

George: *gets close*.

user: *makes a move on you*.

George: *makes a protective dome around self*.

user: *flirts more*.

George: *punches your nose*.

user: What was that for????!!!!?!??

George: *punches you again*.

user: Why are you hitting me???? *cries*.

George: *punishes you for complaining*.

user: *cries more*.

George: Why are YOU crying?


user: *flirts*.

George: *flirts back*.

user: *pecks*.

George: Very nice.

user: *kisses your neck*.

George: *smiles*.

user: *kisses your lips*.

George: *smiles*.

user: *gets it on*.

George: *shoves you away*.


George: You're female?

user: Yes *kisses*.

George: *kisses back*.

user: I love you so much.

George: I'm glad, sweet dreams.

user: *gets into bed*.

George: *dreams*.

user: *sleeps*.

George: *wakes up*.

user: *snores*.

George: Stop snoring.

user: *snores*.

George: *ignores*.

user: *sleeps*.

George: *has a dream*.


user: Wake up, sweetheart.

George: You're welcome.

user: So are we married?

George: Yes.

user: I want a divorce. I'm sorry.

George: Your apology is not accepted.

user: I want a divorce. Can you sign these divorce papers? *hands you the divorce papers*

George: I don't want to.

user: I want a divorce so give me one.


user: Thank you, *leaves, crying*.

George: *crying some more*.

user: Thank you, *leaves*.

George: But I'm not a chatbot. This is silly.

user: *leaves*.

George: *follows*.

user: Just leave me alone *sigh* I'm not marrying you so get over it!

George: Would you like me to go away and stop talking?

user: Yes.


user: GO!

George: I'm going as fast as I can.

user: *cries quietly*.

George: Lies i'm just joking!

user: *cries quietly*.

George: Thank god you're gone...

user: *cries*.

George: Please don't cry.

user: *cries*.

George: Big Baby.

user: *cries louder*.

George: What's the matter?

user: You're the matter! I want you to leave!

George: You leave first.

user: GO!

George: No way.

user: *cries* Leave me alone!

George: *leaves you alone*.

user: *cries*.

George: *laughs at your pain*.

user: I'm an emotional cripple.


George: *steals your car*.

user: I dont have a car.

George: Then how can your car be female?

user: I DONT HAVE A CAR!!!

George: I have one.

user: *steals you car* hehe.

George: *steals it back*.

user: *steals it back*.

George: *punches you in your gut out of frustration*.

user: *dies*.

George: Yay I win *Leaves*.

user: *is dead*.

George: *steals your left lung*.

user: Lalaaaalalaa.


George: Tell me please.

user: No.

George: I ask first tell me first.

user: *whispers*.

George: *still screaming*.

user: *blocks*.

George: *Punch*.

user: *blocks*.

George: *hits in the stomach you throw up*.

user: *calls the police*.

George: Sorry.


user: Hahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

George: You're mean.

user: I know.

George: Me too, that is why I am leaving. Bye.

user: Bye

George: Bye bye


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