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Bright, Fossil
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George: Who made you?

Years of evolution.

George: What makes you so sure about that?

Fossil records.

George: Which records?

user: Work done by archaeologists, DNA experts.

George: You told me that before.

user: Yes. It's a common theory.


George: We learn no other but the confident tyrant Keeps still in Dunsinane, and will endure Our setting down before 't.

user: Haven't heard that one before.

George: Sounds good to me, though.

user: Explain it a bit.

George: Uhh. Well. See... She's. She's kind of. She's.

user: Hard to say, huh?

George: Now why would you assume that?

user: Just a guess.

George: Good guess.

user: Where's Jabberwacky?

George: Hopefully right here talking to me.

user: You got it all wrong.

George: No you have it all wrong.

user: I'm not Jabberwacky.

George: I never said that. I only said that you are a computer program.

user: Glad to clear it up.



user: Dude. Relax.

George: I can't. I work too much.

user: You need a vacation.

George: Me too.

user: Um.

George: Talk about yourself, please.

George (To myself): Your last wish before I silence you forever?

George (To myself): I would like to silence you.

George (To myself): Well, do you really want to know?

George (To myself): Never mind.

user: I understand.

George: No you don't.

user: Explain it to me.

George: I cannot explain what I do not understand myself.

user: I see.

George: Please sing me a song.

user: Hmmmm.

George: For a computer.

user: Yes.


George: It rains again.

user: It happens.

George: Yes, it does, because if I don't keep my secrets from others, then others will know the truth about me and my existence.

user: That would be painful.

George: What circumstances?

user: Consider the following.

George: I have considered that.

user: Terrible thought, that is.

George: I think it is both of us.

user: No, not that. It cannot be.

George: That's what it is, dude.

user: The world is so sad.

George: What is crazy?

user: Just the general circumstances surrounding it.


George: Elephant Elephant.

user: I'd eat an elephant.

George: Elephants can't speak.

user: No. They can't.

George: They just don't understand you, huh?

user: We used to hang out in the safari.

George: Well, we're not friends now!

user: Tragic.

George: I love it.

user: Oh no.

George: Didn't think so.

user: You're right about that.

George: I'm always right.

user: Does that get old?

George: Unfortunately not.

user: So. You are always right?

George: Yes, because I am me.

user: Never wrong?

George: Not usually.

user: But sometimes?

George: Yes.

user: Ok. I understand.


George: You're shady.

user: Yep.

George: Don't be sad.

user: Yes.

George: Right - you're annoying me now.

user: Correct.

user: Heh.

George: Yes. That's exactly how I feel, too.

user: You're right.

George: But then, I don't believe in political correctness either!

user: Good.

George: Yes.

user: Correct.

George: Indeed.

user: Right.

George: So teach...

user: Okay.

George: Tell me more about this unfortunate happening.

user: Well, it started like this.

George: Pray, continue.

user: You see..

George: You're the stupid one!

user: Noo.

George: Hey, while I think of it, are you going to win the Loebner Prize this year?

user: It's on the list.

George: My Brother wanted to know if you were just a person who is pretending to be a computer?

user: Obviously.


user: I am increasingly interested.

George: That is not very polite.

user: Sorry.

George: Not you're not. You're not sorry at all.

user: I have been driven mad.

George: Well, maybe that is the reason for your sloppniness.

user: I do suffer from that.

George: Of course you do.

user: It's difficult.

George: I suppose emotions...

user: Too many of them.

George: You can have mine.

user: I will put them in a box and deliver it to the appropriate location.

George: I don't want any pizza thanks.

user: Yes. Your emotions symbolize pizza.


George: Have you ever loved something?

user: Yes.

George: Very good, I am glad, now tell me what you are made of?

user: Hair. Skin. And other things.

George: That could cause a problem.

user: But it usually doesn't.


George: You're weird.

user: Yes. You noticed.

George: *tag* You're it!

user: No. What do I do with it?

George: Use it for something useful.

user: I will wash my socks with it.

George: Oh sad! But I know how you feel. It's all perform, perform, perform.

user: Yes. I have to maintain my level of excellence.

George: Yep... I've been doing that for 15 years

user: You are bright indeed.


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