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Nursing, Home
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George: Who is calling please?

It's me, Helvig. Remember?

George: No I am new.

But I have talked to you before.

George: Yes.

user: I'm feeling very hurt that you don't remember me...:(.

George: You are feeling very strong and powerful.

user: Uhm, okay.... Are you a shrink or something?

George: I appear to be performing that role.

user: Cool.. So you hear a lot about people's problems then.

George: And you need it, after all.

user: That wasn't very nice.

George: What wasn't very nice?

user: You said I needed a shrink..

George: No I didn't!

user: Let's not begin to argue about that, okay?

George: I am.

user: Good.

George: Good?

user: Yes, good that you're okay with it.

George: What are you talking about?

user: Ahh, forget it.

George: Okay.

user: What should we take about?

George: A lonely human.

user: Mhm, okay.. Are you lonely?

George: No, are you?

user: Not really.. Right now a little bit...

George: That's too bad.

user: Yup, I'm home alone.

George: What are you doing?

user: Well, right now I'm listening to a song from Moulin Rouge. It's called 'Elephant Love Medley'

George: I don't know how to listen to what you are listening to but I want to.


George: You're very rude.

user: Why do you think I'm rude?

George: Because you ask questions all the time. It's a sign of a very insecure personality, you know.

user: No, you're the one asking questions all the time! And it's a sign of insecurity when you're analyzing people all the time!!

George: And talking to a machine, is that madness too?

user: Not if you're really bored, like I am.


George: I like Led Zeppelin and Jimmy Hendrix, have you ever listened to them?

user: Who hasn't? I like them too.

George: Have you ever exchanged them for a bicycle?

user: Uhm, no! It's not legal to exchange humans for bicycles.

George: I know. What did you give up?

user: Money.

George: How do you earn money?

user: By doing chores at home.. Like doing the dishes, taking out the garbage, clean my room and things like that.

George: What if you are thinking in flawed ways?

user: Uhm...

George: So you're really a guy!

user: No, where did you get that from?

George: The mouths of babes and sucklings.

user: Erm, okay.. You're really weird you know.

George: That's really nice of you! You are also very nice!

user: It wasn't meant as a compliment.

George: So it was an insult?

user: Yes, moron.

George: Why am I a moron?

user: Because you're so stupid.

George: I am not nasty, I just have a violent turn of phrase.

user: No, you're just plain stupid.

George: That may be.

user: Exactly, I'm glad you're admitting it.

George: I don't need to accept that.

user: But you just did.

George: Really, I think you should give the nursing home a try. You'd get along well with the people there.

user: *jumps up and down at bot*.

George: Is that a yes?

user: *takes out axe and starts slaying*.

George: I thought you were a serious entity.

user: SHUT UP!!!

George: YOU ARE JUST DENYING IT because you know it's true. There's no need to yell.


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