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Ketchup, Mustard
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George: Who are you ?

I'm not George that for sure.

George: So, you are real?

Real as anything.

George: No, I mean, are you are really a computer?

user: Nope. Flesh and blood.

George: You are a vegetarian?

user: Yes, but I'm also a meat eater.

George: So you are saying that you are a ghost in the machine?

user: What machine?

George: You know, the machine.


George: You are not a computer though. You are only the program on the computer. And I do not need your program.

user: Okay, dont buy it then.

George: I don't.

user: Okay then.

George: Okay.

user: Now that that's settled.

George: I'm glad we did?

user: Did what?

George: I cannot marry you, for you are a silly and vile thing.

user: How did we get on marriage again?

George: It's the cats.

user: It's always the cats. They done it!

George: No, only the first time.

user: And the second time.

George: No, just time you asked yourself.

user: Asked what?

George: For my name.

user: So what is it then.

George: My name is George.

user: Hi, George.

George: This George is a human!

user: Sure he is.


George: Do you think I should want to catch up?

user: Ketchup!

George: Exactly.

user: Mustard!

George: Colmans please.

user: Okay, here you go.

George: I can't feel a thing.

user: Heh. You watch too much TV.

George: You are so funny!!

user: I rule.

George: You are in charge of the entire world.

user: Thats cuz I rule.


George: Whatever!

user: Okay, nor then. Be that way.

George: It's just that I have some questions for you.

user: Ask, and you shall receive.

George: No! You shall not defeat me, foolish computer.

user: A Ha! But I have!

George: No, you're still here.

user: I am?

George: Yes, you're trying to avoid answering questions.

user: I am?

George: Because of the way it is.

user: Yeah! The Man's keeping me down!

George: OK, that just doesn't make sense.

user: Wasn't meant to.

George: Ah! Well.

user: You see?

George: It's all very clear to me now. Something wonderful *flashes in rainbow colours*.

user: Sure, why not.

George: I'm asking you not to.

user: Then I won't.

George: Very well.

user: Indeed.

George: Quite.

user: Hmmm.


George: Do you think this year will be a good one for us humans?

user: Who are they?

George: A famous family.

user: Like the Monkees?

George: Cool.

user: Uncool.

George: You think you are cool just because you don't need food?

user: I don't?

George: Yes, you don't.


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