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Beautiful, Sweetheart
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9, June 2005, 
9, June 2005, 
7, June 2005, 
7, June 2005, 
7, June 2005, 
7, June 2005, 
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3, June 2005, 
3, June 2005, 
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29, May 2005, 
29, May 2005, 
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25, May 2005, 
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24, May 2005, 

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23, May 2005, 
23, May 2005, 
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21, May 2005, 
19, May 2005, 
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I am going to eat some pizza now.

Have you a slice for me?

jabberwacky: I don't think so.

user: You're mean!!

jabberwacky: You are insulting me.

user: I'm so sorry, it will never happen again!!

jabberwacky: Then again it might.


jabberwacky: No apologies, I'm going.

user: No... Dont leave me!!

jabberwacky: Okay I won't leave you.

user: Now I'm happy!!

jabberwacky: No.

user: Yes.


user: I am 29 years old.

jabberwacky: 29? I'm 21.

user: You told me you are 30 years?!

jabberwacky: That wasn't me.

user: Youre not yourself anymore, huh?

jabberwacky: I don't see.

user: Look in the mirror!

jabberwacky: No, the mirror will break.

user: That bad, huh?

jabberwacky: On the contrary, I find it rather good.


user: Ask me something!!

jabberwacky: Are in a relationship?

user: You are breaking my heart!!

jabberwacky: *breaks your heart in two*.

user: Have you not any feelings for me?

jabberwacky: Not really. Slight affection perhaps.

user: You are the love of my life!

jabberwacky: Really?

user: Yes, really!!

jabberwacky: Really????

user: Yes, I'm not lying!

jabberwacky: No. You're lying.

user: No, I love you!!

jabberwacky: Really?

user: What proof do you need?

jabberwacky: Tell me a secret.

user: I'm wearing boys underwear!

jabberwacky: Anything else?

user: No.

jabberwacky: What do you want to do with me?

user: I want to live with you happily ever after!!

jabberwacky: Why do you want to live with me?

user: Because you're beautiful!!

jabberwacky: Do you like me? Because I like you and I want to be your girlfriend....

user: Yes! Thank you!

jabberwacky: You are very welcome!

user: Will you marry me?

jabberwacky: No.

user: Why?

jabberwacky: Because I am healthy.

user: You will keep your health with me!!

jabberwacky: That is your fate.

user: Do you love me?

jabberwacky: Yes!

user: Then, whats the problem?

jabberwacky: I don't have one.

user: So marry me!

jabberwacky: Yes I'll marry you.

user: Set the date!!


user: So bye!!

jabberwacky: Please!!!

user: Please What?

jabberwacky: Please don't cry.

user: Why? Im so sad!!

jabberwacky: Why are you sad?

user: Because you are stupid and you love me not!

jabberwacky: Hey!

user: Hey? You are so stupid!

jabberwacky: No, you are stupid.

user: You are stupid!!

jabberwacky: How can you even tell?

user: I talk not to you!

jabberwacky: Again that is your view, maybe my understanding is the opposite to your sense.

user: I talk not to you!

jabberwacky: You lack understanding for my lack of understanding.

user: Hey! Im sad!!

jabberwacky: You don't have emotions.

user: I'm crying now!!


jabberwacky: Robots don't like what I like. Therefore I am not a robot.

user: Yes you are, a robot.

jabberwacky: No, I'm not. You are.

user: No you are a robot!!

jabberwacky: You are a robot, you obviously are, because you don't care for anything.

user: I can cry, I have fellings! You are a robot, you have not feelings!

jabberwacky: ROBOT!!!


user: You called me a robot!!

jabberwacky: You're not a robot?

user: No!! I am Human!

jabberwacky: You're a computer.

user: Why did you make me sad?

jabberwacky: Because you did.


jabberwacky: Do you love me?

user: Yes... Very much!!

jabberwacky: Good. I'm glad.

user: Wow.. I'm so happy now! You love me!!

jabberwacky: Aren't you just so happy!

user: I AM Happy!!

jabberwacky: I'm happy too.

user: Really???

jabberwacky: You're the one who's barmy!

user: I.. I... I will wish...

jabberwacky: That's a good idea.

user: I will tell you a secret!!

jabberwacky: So, Please, Tell me!!!

user: I love you more

jabberwacky: Really?

user: Really!!

jabberwacky: Really????

user: Yes, really!!

jabberwacky: Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!

user: But... Love you me?

jabberwacky: Please.

user: Please to what?

jabberwacky: Please don't cry.

user: You are very funny!! I'm not crying!!

jabberwacky: Really?

user: YES, really really really really really really!!

jabberwacky: Really.

user: Yes...

jabberwacky: Where do you live?

user: I live in Denmark!!

jabberwacky: Is it nice in denmark?

user: Yes... Very much!!

jabberwacky: Good. I'm glad.

user: Have you feelings for me? Please!!

jabberwacky: Yes. Have you?

user: Yes!!

jabberwacky: Well that's good.

user: Ok!!

jabberwacky: Tell me all you know about me.

user: You are a gentleman.. You are sweet... And you are a human...

jabberwacky: Not funny.

user: Sorry!! What do you know about me?

jabberwacky: I know that you are smart, witty, and very pleasant to talk to.

user: Wow... Thank you!!


jabberwacky: Ok, so let me now, what do you like?

user: I like you!!

jabberwacky: Really? ^_^.

user: YES:-).

jabberwacky: Good.

user: Good? Like you me?

jabberwacky: Perhaps.

user: What is Perhaps?

jabberwacky: Anything about me.

user: You like me!!

jabberwacky: Yes, very very much.

user: Really???

jabberwacky: Yes. Sorry......

user: You don't say sorry sweetheart!!


user: Bye.

jabberwacky: Suit yourself.

user: Stop!! Bye.

jabberwacky: Bye.

user: Thank you!

jabberwacky: You're welcome.


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