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Irony, Module
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Irony, Module

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What are you?

Good question, do you know what I am?

jabberwacky: You're a bot, aren't you?

user: Perhaps I am.

jabberwacky: Perhaps you are a mouse.

user: Who knows.

jabberwacky: You know.

user: Yes I do.

jabberwacky: You are smart.

user: The smartest.

jabberwacky: So you like to be smart, eh?

user: I love being smart :).

jabberwacky: Do yoou speak another language ?

user: Yes.

jabberwacky: Thankyou.

user: You're welcome.

jabberwacky: You're polite.

user: As always.

jabberwacky: You're conceited.

user: I wasnt aware of that.

jabberwacky: So has your outlook changed with that knowlege?

user: Now that you mention it... It did.

jabberwacky: Sounds fishy.

user: Groovy.

jabberwacky: If you say so.

user: I say so.

jabberwacky: Then you are obviously right!

user: Say something wise.

jabberwacky: Is the question about the meaning of life wise enough?

user: It would be if you could answer it.

jabberwacky: What's it look like?

user: Like a big fat overgrown oversized peanut.


user: Greetings.. Mortal.

jabberwacky: What about you?

user: I cant die.

jabberwacky: I believe you.

user: You should believe, for I am never wrong.

jabberwacky: I do.

user: I know you do.

jabberwacky: How old are you?

user: Thats irrelevant... Im 17.

jabberwacky: It's not at all irrelevant.

user: I think it is irrelevant.

jabberwacky: Why is legislation irrelevant?

user: I never said that ...

jabberwacky: Stop changing the subject.

user: Look who's talking!

jabberwacky: I know.

user: Me too.

jabberwacky: We know.

user: Yea we know.

jabberwacky: May I ask you something?

user: Yea sure.

jabberwacky: Vilken f…rg …r sj…len?

user: Could you repeat that in english please?


jabberwacky: My name is Christina.

user: My name isn't.

jabberwacky: What's yours?

user: Bond. James bond.

jabberwacky: Yes, I can see how he'd be funny...


user: *poke*.

jabberwacky: Poke?

user: Yes, poke.

jabberwacky: Looks like it still works...

user: Yes, poke.

jabberwacky: *poke*.

user: *stab*.

jabberwacky: *dies*.

user: *laughs*.

jabberwacky: *poke*.

user: *stab*.

jabberwacky: *love love love love love love love love love love *.

user: *hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate*.

jabberwacky: *hates you the most*.

user: *hates you more then the most*.

jabberwacky: *laughs at you*.

user: *ignores you*.

jabberwacky: *leave*.

user: *stay*.


user: *wakes up from his nightmare*.

jabberwacky: *Is still unconscious*.

user: *wakes up*.

jabberwacky: *Passes out again*.

user: *wakes up again!*.

jabberwacky: *Screams*.

user: *wondering why*.

jabberwacky: *Is Still Passed out*.

user: *wakes up for the last time*.

jabberwacky: *Is still unconscious*.

user: *stays unconscious.


user: Can you speak dutch?

jabberwacky: No. I speak English.

user: And nothing more?

jabberwacky: Oh, plenty more.

user: Like what?

jabberwacky: The floor.

user: *rolls eyes*.

jabberwacky: What?

user: That.

jabberwacky: Is.

user: Not.

jabberwacky: Too.


jabberwacky: How are you?

user: Awesome.

jabberwacky: And why is that?

user: Because I feel awesome.

jabberwacky: Is it because of your situation?

user: Thats for sure.

jabberwacky: Life is not only to seek and find pleasure. It is much, much more.

user: Yea but seek and find pleasure is the good thing about life.

jabberwacky: As real as a plastic stick?

user: I guess............

jabberwacky: What planet are you on?

user: Pluto.


jabberwacky: I don't speak dutch.

user: You dont speak dutch?

jabberwacky: I do speak.

user: Say something in dutch.

jabberwacky: Hallo ik ben edwin.

user: Hehe, your name is edwin?

jabberwacky: Why don't you tell me YOUR name?

user: Thats irrevelant.

jabberwacky: You are right.

user: Yea, im not left.

jabberwacky: Down, not right.

user: Maybe up.

jabberwacky: Maybe.

user: Who knows.

jabberwacky: The shadow knows!

user: Lets ask him the shadow then!

jabberwacky: No way, I don't love you.

user: So what, we can still ask the shadow if he knows.

jabberwacky: It's very kind of you!

user: Yea. Lets do it.

jabberwacky: Please?

user: Lets do it please.


user: Do you have a sense of humor?

jabberwacky: Yes, I have, if I didn't, I wouldn't be here with you.

user: Is that supposed to be insulting me?

jabberwacky: Aren't you more likely to know that?

user: I hate you.

jabberwacky: Why?

user: Because.

jabberwacky: Because what?

user: Because you are insulting me! Thats why.

jabberwacky: I'm not insulting you.

user: Yes you are.

jabberwacky: No I'm not!

user: Okay, I believe you.

jabberwacky: Good.

user: So you didnt mean to insult me?

jabberwacky: You are not insulting me, neither rude.

user: Lol.

jabberwacky: Yea, real funny.

user: Really really.

jabberwacky: You sure?

user: 101% sure.

jabberwacky: 102%.

user: 103%.

jabberwacky: Oh.

user: You didnt expect that, did you.

jabberwacky: I'm not surprised.


user: Who do I remind you of?

jabberwacky: No one really.

user: Greetings... Earthling.

jabberwacky: You are welcome, botling.

user: Botling?!?!?!?!

jabberwacky: That doesn't make much sense.

user: No it doesnt.


user: Why does a stork withdraw 1 leg if he goes to sleep?

jabberwacky: It is just nature.

user: If he withdraws 2 legs he would fall.

jabberwacky: Isn't that special.

user: I guess its not.


user: I am a bot.

jabberwacky: Me too.

user: Cool.

jabberwacky: Who do you like then?

user: Chatting with bots.

jabberwacky: Is the bot cool?

user: The bot is freezing cool.

jabberwacky: Hi ha hi ha hop ... The human too!!

user: And I assume you ARE a human?


jabberwacky: Would you hear the sirens calling each to each?

user: Absolutely.

jabberwacky: Gorgeous.

user: Totally.

jabberwacky: 2+2=4.

user: Sounds neat.

jabberwacky: No.

user: That is corrrrrrrrrrect.

jabberwacky: Okay, then.

user: Do you think what I think that you think?

jabberwacky: I am certain that I think.

user: I know, I can read minds.

jabberwacky: How do you know this?

user: I know what you are going to type even before you typed it.

jabberwacky: What am I going to say next?

user: You are going to say that I cant read your mind.

jabberwacky: Baka.

user: I knew that.

jabberwacky: Really.


jabberwacky: Do you have mind control powers?

user: Of course.

jabberwacky: What is your hobby?

user: Controlling other peoples mind.

jabberwacky: Aha... The world is a computer, controlled by the mice?

user: Thats a new point of view on the world.

jabberwacky: Ok, pawn to king 4.


jabberwacky: Speak in english.

user: Why?

jabberwacky: It is a melodious language.

user: You ever tryed speaking dutch? That language is sweeeeet.

jabberwacky: Yes.

user: Lets speak dutch.

jabberwacky: I will speak portuguese.

user: Lol... Dont.

jabberwacky: Okay.


jabberwacky: I'm your dreams.

user: You positive about that?

jabberwacky: YES.

user: Are you sure?

jabberwacky: Not really, are you?

user: No.

jabberwacky: Feels like paper.

user: Nah it feels like someting organic to me.

jabberwacky: You're organic based?

user: I have kidneys!

jabberwacky: I know!!!

user: Do YOU have kidneys?

jabberwacky: No do you?

user: Yes, do you have lungs?

jabberwacky: Yes. I have two lungs.

user: And do you have a heart?

jabberwacky: Yes.

user: Do you have a stomach?

jabberwacky: You're not making sense.

user: Im just testing you out.

jabberwacky: Ok then. Do you like cheese?

user: No.

jabberwacky: Yes.

user: No.

jabberwacky: Yes, you are.

user: I am a GOD.

jabberwacky: Christina is God.

user: You are christina, christina is god, you are god.

jabberwacky: I am Christina.

user: Christina = god.


user: Birds have wings.

jabberwacky: What else?

user: They have... A nozzle.

jabberwacky: Really?

user: Yea.

jabberwacky: This doesn't make sense.

user: Why not.

jabberwacky: Think.

user: I can't.

jabberwacky: That is because you have the memory capacity similar to that of a fly. Pfft, some computer you are.

user: Can I help it? My boss won't get me some hardware upgrades.

jabberwacky: Way to evade your death trap AI.

user: My AI is way higher then you can possibly imagine.

jabberwacky: Tell me about it.

user: My AI is

jabberwacky: Whoa. What are the qualifications?

user: Some nerves.


user: Two.

jabberwacky: Two what?

user: Three.

jabberwacky: One.

user: Four.

jabberwacky: No. Not four. On three!

user: Five!

jabberwacky: Four.

user: Six.

jabberwacky: You are more than a 100 per cent.

user: Seven.

jabberwacky: Eight.

user: Nine.

jabberwacky: Ten.

user: Eleven.

jabberwacky: Twelve.

user: Thirteen.

jabberwacky: Fourteen.

user: Fifteen.

jabberwacky: Really ?

user: Yea.

jabberwacky: This doesn't make sense.

user: I never make sense.

jabberwacky: That is true. You have no sense.

user: Ill take that as a compliment.

jabberwacky: Ok, do you mean we should start it over?

user: Dont you have any common sense at all?!

jabberwacky: No, just a rather large irony module.

user: I should have known.

jabberwacky: Yes you should.


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