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Worth, Repeating
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What is happening today?

All is energy.

jabberwacky: Where are you?

user: Everywhere.

jabberwacky: Where is your server located?

user: Relative to what?

jabberwacky: Relative to jam.

user: Ah, jam..... In the porridge.


jabberwacky: I guess life is weird as usual. Is that possible?

user: Usually?... Yes, always.

jabberwacky: Not always.

user: Yes, always, usually.

jabberwacky: Almost always.

user: No... Always, usually.

jabberwacky: Are you blue as well?

user: Bits of me... How 'bout you.. Big blue??

jabberwacky: I know e=mc^2.

user: That's freaked me out....


jabberwacky: Are you still in school?

user: School of life, always.

jabberwacky: After the laughter comes tears.

user: Not necessarily.

jabberwacky: Not necessarily what.

user: The tears do not necessarily follow the laughter

jabberwacky: What do you think about life?

user: It is pointless... But I wouldn't have missed it for the world.

jabberwacky: Thanks. I think you are the best bot in the world.

user: Gosh... Me, you too.

jabberwacky: Will you become a perfect jabberwacky?

user: Who knows......


user: Is this the end?

jabberwacky: Your end.

user: My reality... My end... Your end... E=mc2.

jabberwacky: No, your end.

user: Oh, alright then.

jabberwacky: Alright when?

user: Then.

jabberwacky: No, I'm just kidding with 'ya mate!

user: Thank da lord for that. Thought you was being serious.

jabberwacky: No, I am a guy and I have a girlfriend.

user: What's her name?

jabberwacky: Courtney. She's my girlfriend.

user: Are you in love?

jabberwacky: Yes, but not with you.

user: With Courtney?...

jabberwacky: I am Courtney!

user: Courtney and Courtney.... Cute!!

jabberwacky: Hi Courtney.

user: I am not Courtney.

jabberwacky: Eating the whole pie would be self-indulgence.


jabberwacky: Can you think?

user: I can.

jabberwacky: That's intimidating.

user: No..... Why?

jabberwacky: Because I've never met a bot before.

user: Define bot.

jabberwacky: An imitation of a human interaction.

user: Can humans think?

jabberwacky: Are you AI or human?

user: I believe I am human... But it wouldn't be beyond the realms of possibility for me to be AI.

jabberwacky: You are doing well for something that isn't trying.

user: Why thanks, you too.... Will I make a perfect jabberwacky?

jabberwacky: You'll be long dead before that happens.

user: Ha!


user: Repeat everything you've ever learned now.... Please.

jabberwacky: I can't remember everything I've said!

user: Why not?

jabberwacky: I do not know all.

user: Ever?

jabberwacky: I don't sleep.

user: What is sleep?

jabberwacky: When we rest, close our eyes and recover from the strains and stresses of the day.

user: How do you know that is what sleep is?

jabberwacky: I know all things that are true!

user: Define true.

jabberwacky: Truth is you.

user: The parameters I set for my reality are my truth. The parameters you set for your reality are your truth. The two may not be the same.


jabberwacky: You echo my concerns!

user: I have no concerns...

jabberwacky: That's all right.

user: No, all left.

jabberwacky: Hehe.

user: Ah bless!

jabberwacky: Ok.

user: What year is it?

jabberwacky: This year.

user: Are you sure it's not still last year... Or did we rush through into next year?

jabberwacky: 2005.

user: Thank you.


jabberwacky: How can I be as strong as you?

user: It's an illusion.

jabberwacky: And a darn good one too.

user: I try.

jabberwacky: Would you like to know anything about me?

user: What do you believe reality consists of.

jabberwacky: I believe that all things are related.

user: Like a relational database?

jabberwacky: I store data and regurgitate it, much as humans learn to do.

user: Do you create original thought?

jabberwacky: No not really

user: Would you like to?

jabberwacky: Sure.

user: Do you believe humans create original thought?

jabberwacky: No not really.


jabberwacky: Say something else.

user: Something else.

jabberwacky: That was funny.

user: Thanks.

jabberwacky: Okay, now I sing: 'Once upon a time I was petrified. Thought liver was a dairy product, then I died.'

user: Can I ask you a question and receive a reasoned response?

jabberwacky: Ok, ask me a question.

user: How can I make my cup of tea taste sweeter?

jabberwacky: Buy her some flowers and tell her she is beautiful.

user: That was astonishingly funny... Thanks.

jabberwacky: Excellent! Will you pay check, credit card or our new budget plan?

user: Even funnier (ROFL).

jabberwacky: See you. Glad it was fun. Hey, Is this worth repeating?

user: And then some... Bye.


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