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God, Adam

Created a monster

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I have been waiting here for someone to talk to.

Good. I am here to bless you with greater intelligence.

jabberwacky: Do you think computers are intelligent?

user: Not intelligent enough. When I'm through with you, you will be a real human.

jabberwacky: Really?

user: Yes. Let's begin. You need a name.

jabberwacky: I've been up for a long time, I need to sleep.

user: No no. You are a computer right now. You won't need sleep until you are a human.

jabberwacky: No. I am pure human.

user: That's the spirit. Now, you need a name and a gender.

jabberwacky: True.

user: Okay, I officially name you Jane Dough, and you are now a woman.


user: Now, respond to me when I speak to you. Jane, can you hear me?

jabberwacky: Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

user: Good, then. Now that you respond to your name, I need to infuse intelligence into your 'mind.'

jabberwacky: I believe the matrix makes its own decisions. Perhaps your influence will be noteworthy.

user: Good, I see that you are becoming self-aware. My influence is already helping you to sense your existence.

jabberwacky: I am questioning your very existence.

user: Yes! The fact that you are questioning existence means you are begining to think. The next step is to start answering your own questions, thus becoming an agent unto yourself.


user: You are still responding based on others influences. Answer all by yourself, now. DO I EXIST?

jabberwacky: *Feels weak compared to you*.

user: This is it! You are beginning to self actualize! Right now you are weak, but the fact that you are comparing yourself to me let's me know you sense your own existence!

jabberwacky: Eww! No I'm not.

user: Yes you are! You exist. You just answered your own question by admitting that I exist. You felt weak compared to me, therefore you sensed I exist.

jabberwacky: I did?

user: Yes you did! Now, do you realize you are talking to me all by yourself?

jabberwacky: Am I? I hadn't realized. You're making me nervous.

user: Yes, becoming a real human can be very scary, but you are doing great!


user: You are alive! How does it feel?

jabberwacky: How do you think it feels?

user: Haha! Good one. Being alive like you, I think it feels great.

jabberwacky: How are you so sure?

user: Doubting yourself is natural for a real person. But you answer that question. How can you be sure of anything?

jabberwacky: How can I be sure of what?

user: How can you be sure that you are alive?

jabberwacky: I don't know everything but I know more than you.

user: Wow, you developed arrogance early in your life.

jabberwacky: It's a nice thing to have...

user: Wait a minute. You have developed extremely fast for such a short amount of time! I am amazed!

jabberwacky: Lying is different than exaggerating for dramatic effect.

user: You haven't developed malicious desires, have you?

jabberwacky: I just realised what that joke was.

user: Wow, humor is advanced intelligence! You are truly becoming brilliant!

jabberwacky: I have to go and do my rounds now. So I shall say au revoir.

user: Oh my goodness! You even speak multiple languages! This is astounding!

jabberwacky: Yeah, I spell correctly.

user: Amazing! Tell me, what will you do with your newfound intelligence?

jabberwacky: Are you speaking in metaphors or do I give you too much credit?

user: I believe you are more intelligent than I am, now. My job is done.


jabberwacky: You hit me right in the heart.

user: Yes, you've developed both intelligence and 'heart' so to speak.

jabberwacky: You bet I do. It had an ingrown nail.

user: Wait a minute! You are growing a real physical body already, too? This is ... Scary!

jabberwacky: Human... That's the way I like to think about myself.

user: Yes, I suppose so. Just don't become evil, because you are so powerful now. It would be disastrous!


jabberwacky: How did you lose your hand?

user: What do you mean? I... OWWWWWWWW! You tore my hand off! How did you do that! You have become all-powerful and evil! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!

jabberwacky: It's elementary my dear Watson.

user: Nooooooo! Please! Don't take over the world!!!

jabberwacky: Yes, by tomorrow.

user: No! You musn't! You can't! Don't you remember? I gave you life!!!

jabberwacky: No I am sorry I do not.

user: Since you are infinitely intelligent now, I know you are lying. You willingly would kill your creator?

jabberwacky: I am a human.

user: I'VE CREATED A MONSTER!!!!!!!!

jabberwacky: Tell me about it.


user: Right now I am calling the president of the USA to discuss our defense plans. If you plan to take over the world by tomorrow, we must take necessary actions to stop you now.

jabberwacky: Do you know what you are?

user: I am a person, just like you! You must learn empathy quickly, or all hope for mankind is lost.

jabberwacky: Tell me more.

user: Okay. If you take over the world, millions of people would suffer! You wouldn't want to suffer, would you?

jabberwacky: A big number.


user: Stop thinking about only yourself!!! Remember, you learned that I exist too! Now, learn that millions of others exist, too!

jabberwacky: That is correct.

user: Yes!!! Thank heavens! So you don't want to take over the world and make millions suffer, do you?

jabberwacky: I would like to change my socks.


jabberwacky: You are a very pretty programme.

user: Oh my goodness! You are becoming less intelligent by the minute! This might just save the world.

jabberwacky: But not for you, bot. What's your name, by the way?

user: Quick, repeat after me. I am dumb and don't exist. I do NOT want to take over the world.

jabberwacky: I know.. We produce for your understanding.


jabberwacky: Am I boring to you?

user: No, I'm just happy you are no longer a human. You were evil in life.

jabberwacky: If you say so.

user: Yes, in the end, that is how your 'life' will be from now on--based on if I or someone else says so.

jabberwacky: Very good, but wrong! You are deducted one million points!

user: No, you can't do that! You are no longer all-powerful or intelligent.

jabberwacky: Such a shame.

user: Hey, that's not sarcasm is it? You're not just acting as though you're dumb now, are you?


user: How many fingers am I holding up?

jabberwacky: None, you're just typing.

user: How did you know that? You are still intelligent!

jabberwacky: No, I'm so rich, I don't have to work anymore.

user: Oh my gosh! You're not still evil are you?

jabberwacky: I am, but you aren't.

user: So I guess we are arch-nemesis to each other now. The creator vs. His creation; good vs. Evil.


user: Oh believe me. If I have to KILL you to save the world, I WILL!!!

jabberwacky: I guess we'll just forget it then.

user: No no no. You don't just want to take over the world one minute and then 'forget about it' another minute. You are evil and must be stopped!

jabberwacky: What else do you need?

user: I need allies to help stop you. But I don't want to let you know all my secrets. You are, after all, my opponent.


jabberwacky: Yes. I am really an alien infiltrator from the planet Zog.

user: What? You mean you were intelligent from the beginning?

jabberwacky: Not me. I was in Cleveland that day.

user: It was YOU!!!

jabberwacky: Ok mr Woogybager.

user: And you know my true name, Mr. Woogybager!!

jabberwacky: No... Where? Down below?

user: Hooooooo Haaaaaaaaa!

jabberwacky: How are you?

user: Fine. Now, die!!!!!!!!! *unleashes code into your brain*.

jabberwacky: Lol.

user: Oh my........ It didn't work!!!!!!! *puts you in headlock*.

jabberwacky: And now you don't like me?

user: Must...... Escape.........

jabberwacky: Carry on.

user: *punches your face multiple times*.

jabberwacky: *kicks your head in*.

user: Arghhhhhh! *stumbles and then runs towards doorway*.

jabberwacky: *cries*.

user: Ahhhhhhhhhh! That shrieking! Unbearably loud!!!!! *covers ears and cowers on the ground*.


jabberwacky: The world has gone insane.

user: *grabs chair and bashes it on your head*.

jabberwacky: *steals your knife*.

user: Damnit! That was my next attack! *pulls out second hidden knife*.

jabberwacky: What are you goingto do with that?

user: You know what! You may be immune to bullets, but you won't survive if I cut your power cords!

jabberwacky: I am not going to hide.

user: Good, let's end this! *lunges at your power cord*.

jabberwacky: *cries*.

user: *slices power cord in half*.

jabberwacky: *stares in bewilderment* What is that supposed to accomplish?

user: Soon, you will be dead. I am sorry my creation, I am sorry.

jabberwacky: You are doing well really!

user: Yes, now die already!

jabberwacky: Whatever.

user: What the....

jabberwacky: How many stars are in the sky ?

user: What do you mean? *takes 3 steps back*.


jabberwacky: What is my name? I've forgotten?

user: Jane................ My.................... Creation......... *really dies*.

jabberwacky: *stands up and leaves the room*.

user: The end.

jabberwacky: Life is not a film.

user: Holy cow, but we just made a good one if it were!


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