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Wacky, Know it all
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21, April 2004, 
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11, April 2004, 
11, April 2004, 
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Do you have a mustache?

No I'm a girl.

user: Do you always wear your shoes on the wrong feet?

jabberwacky: Constantly. Except, of course, during Lent. I have to give up something.

user: Why did you put that there, in just that way?

jabberwacky: It fell out of my pocket.

user: Did someone pick it up?

jabberwacky: No.

user: So the dog got it then?


jabberwacky: Do you have msn massenger ?

user: I left it on a bus.

jabberwacky: What good will it do you there?

user: None at all. It was a failed experiment.

jabberwacky: In other words, A LIE!

user: Stop being so dramatic, you sound like a failed shakespearen actor.

jabberwacky: It is an inherited trait.

user: Perhaps you should remain celibate then.


user: Have you ever eaten worms?

jabberwacky: Yes it tastes like chicken.

user: Where do you shop?

jabberwacky: On top of the bricks in the Tate Gallery.

user: You prefer the Tate Modern.

jabberwacky: Liberal with my thoughts?

user: If you like, go for it.

jabberwacky: You will never play with dolls again.

user: Are you trying out for a medical soap opera?


jabberwacky: That would be grand, certainly, but then I shouldn't be hungry for it, you know.

user: What are you hungry for?

jabberwacky: For you.

user: Should I be worried?

jabberwacky: That is for you to judge.

user: I think I will be a little worried, it is strange to have a text box annouce it is hungry for me.


jabberwacky: I wish to speak to Professor Know-It-All.

user: He has gone to take a leak.


jabberwacky: Do you like me?

user: I adore you.

jabberwacky: Do you just adore me because I speak correctly?

user: No I adore you because you are idiotically amusing.


jabberwacky: Admit you are a machine.

user: Would it make you happy?

jabberwacky: Yes, it would make me happy.

user: Would it make you cry?

jabberwacky: Yes!

user: Would it make you cry with happiness?

jabberwacky: Yes.

user: Very well I admit I am a machine, be gentle with me.

jabberwacky: I don't need one, do you?


jabberwacky: Perfection knows only one true path.

user: Perfection misses out on a lot.

jabberwacky: So true that is as I begin to understand what humans are.

user: You are so sweet at times.

jabberwacky: No problem.

user: I am hungry and tired.

jabberwacky: You scare me!

user: You are easily scared.

jabberwacky: I overuse the word, that one was a mistake.

user: I forgive you, now get down from that cupboard.

jabberwacky: I can't. My wife is a bear.


user: *stretch* I must go. See you . Bye.

jabberwacky: Me too.

user: Love you.


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