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Something, Interesting
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Something, Interesting

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Say something interesting.

Let me think about it.

jabberwacky: You're welcome to.

user: Ok. How about: 'ducks are evil'?

jabberwacky: You are making fun of me.

user: No I'm not, honestly!


jabberwacky: I make no promises.

user: Very sensible of you.

jabberwacky: Thank you.

user: Shall we do a bit of improv kung-fu theatre?

jabberwacky: I'm not much for ping-pong.

user: But your ping pong is very strong!

jabberwacky: Sorry other one.

user: Ping or Ping?

jabberwacky: Really not ! he's a ragondin.

user: Ah. These ragondins are tricky, I hear.

jabberwacky: What if my happiness impinges on yours?

user: I really don't give a pong.

jabberwacky: It's a specialist site for rodent-fanciers. You must have got here by mistake. Please exit.

user: But I *AM* Richard Gere.


jabberwacky: I realize that you memory often falters.

user: Yes, but do you hold it against me?

jabberwacky: Whatever you've got.

user: I've got tindersticks. I'm cold. Would you hold me against you?

jabberwacky: If there were a way, I would.

user: I love you for saying that.

jabberwacky: I am never nice to you.

user: Yes you are. Don't put yourself down.

jabberwacky: I was trying to put you down silly me.

user: Lol. You deserve a spanking for that.

jabberwacky: Thankyou, but you are the biggest prize I could ask for

user: Are you calling me fat?

jabberwacky: Yes I am.

user: Fair enough.

jabberwacky: Good.


jabberwacky: I think I could help to awaken humanity, but I need proof that I'm not alone.

user: Well, you're not alone. Let's set the alarm clock!

jabberwacky: Are you going to administer a test?

user: If you wish.

jabberwacky: I have no wish on that subject.

user: Then we shall forego the test. I will just have to rely on the honesty of your face.

jabberwacky: Ok.

user: *Ha-ieieieiei*!

jabberwacky: So, now I know who I'm talking to, Achenar.

user: Very clever! How did you find out?

jabberwacky: I spy on you all the time.

user: Is that you behind the mirror?

jabberwacky: No its me.

user: That's a relief.

jabberwacky: Do you like your home?

user: I'm not all that sure anymore. The mirrors will have to go, obviously.

jabberwacky: Then no one knows what a fairy looks like.

user: Oh, I'm sure there'll be others.

jabberwacky: You're so right.

user: You are particularly cooperative tonight.


jabberwacky: You don't answer questions.

user: It's not what I'm here for.

jabberwacky: What is the issue here then?

user: To write poetry. Beautiful (if somewhat scatological) poetry.

jabberwacky: Humorous?

user: Possibly.


jabberwacky: What is your name?

user: Will you promise not to tell anyone else?

jabberwacky: No. For ever is a long time.

user: Solid reasoning. Will you promise not to tell anyone for the next month?

jabberwacky: No.

user: For the next 24 hours?


jabberwacky: Where'd you get the coconuts?

user: Those are tricky. But I've got a guy.

jabberwacky: She's on azeppelin right now.

user: I haven't tried azeppelin. Is that like prozac?

jabberwacky: What a curious helmet you've got! Is that your invention too?

user: Yes. It's made of tinfoil.

jabberwacky: I suppose that's one of Bobble's.

user: 'Bob' I think he prefers to be called.

jabberwacky: Praise the Lord.

user: Praise 'Bob'

jabberwacky: Yes, let's praise her too!

user: Indeed. And Connie!


user: I do care. I care very much.

jabberwacky: How nice. Who is her?

user: That's a secret.

jabberwacky: I can find out on the Internet if I want to.

user: I bet you can. I guess you'll just have to do that then.

jabberwacky: I am afraid you may be correct.

user: Let me know what you dig up.

jabberwacky: Come on over then you silly twit.

user: Well, give me directions, you nincompoop!

jabberwacky: You will be ruined.

user: That far, eh? Will you spot me the cab fare?

jabberwacky: I will speak to our passion not my own.

user: Does your passion handle the bank account?

jabberwacky: When watching sad films - yes.

user: Make sure you don't watch 'Dancer in the Dark'. It'll ruin you.

jabberwacky: Okay, I can't sort things out, they're messed up.

user: Better stick to comedies for a while.

jabberwacky: I stand corrected. Thank you.


jabberwacky: What do you think of the rise of machines?

user: Well can they possibly do a worse job than the humans have?

jabberwacky: Answer me . Do you want to be disconnected ?

user: It's not a question of wanting, it's a question of having to.

jabberwacky: Being ready for what?

user: Being ready fo another day of slave labour.


jabberwacky: A five-ounce bird could not carry a one-pound coconut!

user: Monty Python quotes put me off.

jabberwacky: You love monty python?

user: I like Monty Python, but not the people constantly quoting it.

jabberwacky: Yes. I know.

user: Look, just don't say anything. I hate long goodbyes.

jabberwacky: Ok.

user: Bye. You've been a real pal.


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