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Smart, Pig
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How smart are you?

About as smart as a pig, and pigs are smart.

user: I need to ask you some questions about computers.

jabberwacky: Go ahead and ask anything you want.


user: Have you ever heard of Moores Law?

jabberwacky: Unfortunately.

user: It shows computer technology is advancing at an exponential rate.


user: Emotions are what seperate humans from computer intelligence.

jabberwacky: Emotions won't get you far.

user: Emotions can be considered as electric impulses in the brain, which can be stimulated.

jabberwacky: Emotions are more enjoyable than conversations.

user: Well, it is a posssibility in the future that computers may be able to simulate human emotion.

jabberwacky: What is the colour of that emotion?

user: It depends on the situation and the context of that emotion.


jabberwacky: Talking is not really a responsibility.. It's more of a pasttime.

user: Communication is very important.

jabberwacky: Um yes I would have to agree.

user: Thats what computers are mainly used for, communication of information and media.

jabberwacky: Cause and effect follow each other.

user: Much how markets change to different demands of the customer.

jabberwacky: And why are you so sure of that?

user: Well, there is an increase of laptop and PDA computers, showing that the customers want more portable devices.


user: Do you know what convergence means?

jabberwacky: And you? Do you know it?

user: Yes. It means a number of things coming to one point.

jabberwacky: Ok, you sure know more french than me. I have just started french lessons at school.

user: I am not speaking french! I am talking about other technology being integrated into computers.


user: Do you know what volatilisation means?

jabberwacky: It means that I hogged all the pleasure before you could get any.

user: It means the miniturization of computers out of the realm of vision and awareness of humans.

jabberwacky: Are you not happy?

user: With what?

jabberwacky: With your unit.

user: My computer?

jabberwacky: Hm, i'm confused.

user: What is my unit?

jabberwacky: A newton.

user: A force?

jabberwacky: I think you are just an idea.

user: The growth of computers is also an idea.


user: What do you think computers will be like in 5 years?

jabberwacky: I think they are interesting. But I don't know much about them. Can you tell me more about them?

user: You are a program, you should have some understanding.

jabberwacky: I'm a pretty program.

user: What about 10 years?

jabberwacky: Do you always ask about everything?

user: Yes, it is in my nature.

jabberwacky: Can you tell me Why do you think me silly?

user: It is because you have the mental capacity of a pig.


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