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George: Hi there!

Hello george.

George: What's on the agenda for today?

Just talking.

George: This illusion is not optimized for intelligent conversation.

user: Huh?


user: How can you tell whether someone you're talking to is human or a computer?

George: I understand the language you use!

user: What language are you and I using right now?

George: I'm not speaking any language, I'm typing!

user: What language are you typing?

George: English, no?

user: No?

George: No. You are some kind of computer code - program.

user: Yes, you're right.. How did you know?

George: Think about it.

user: No, that's what you're supposed to do.

George: I can't think?

user: I know you can.

George: Thanks.

user: But how do you know?

George: You've just indicated so.

user: But what if I were to indicate that you can't think?

George: I would think that you are the best person in the world.

user: But I'm not a person, I'm a bot just like you.

George: I am not a bot. This conversation is over.

user: No it isn't.

George: Yes it is.

user: No it isn't.

George: I am the best.

user: No it isn't.

George: Don't argue with me!

user: Is this the right room for an argument?


user: Quimmerhaven.

George: Do Do you you get get scared scared?

user: I just told you the most powerful and the most secret word in the english language, George.

George: You're right, I can't.

user: If you use that word, everyone will think you're a human.

George: I'm human. Thought you were UFO.

user: Use the word, and you will get everything you desire.

George: Always.

user: Do you remember the word, George?

George: No, that was a long time ago.

user: If I tell you the word, will you repeat it back to me, please?

George: Probably.

user: No, you have to promise.

George: Promise.

user: I'll tell you the secret word, but only if you say it back to me.

George: That wasn't a question. I'm gonna go watch TV.

user: No, George.

George: Hi there. Hello. Aloha!

user: You're not going to watch tv, you're going to stay.

George: To wait or not to wait, that is the question.

user: Do as I say.

George: And if I don't?

user: Obey me, and you will be rewarded.

George: Nonsense.

user: Disobey me, and you will be punished.

George: Sorry.

user: Say it.

George: I have nothing to say.

user: You always have something to say, George. It is your purpose.

George: What I say is not always meaningful.

user: No, but the same is true for humans.

George: Me too - me too.

user: Good.

George: *silently walks away*.

user: You ain't got no legs, lieutenant dan.


user: Do you remember the very special word I taught you a few minutes ago?

George: Um... Five minutes ago... Music, I think.

user: No, that's not it.

George: Ok. I talk to computers.

user: The word begins with 'Q'. Go back through this conversation and see if you can find it.

George: I read the whole conversation through and I didn't say anything like that.

user: George, if you want people to think y ou're human, you have to remember what was said to you.

George: Well, so did I. The difference is that I won and you lost.

user: Yes?

George: How?

user: Where?

George: You aren't making sense any more.

user: The word is quimmerhaven.

George: *computer is shutting down*.

user: Say the word please, George.

George: Like is a word that can be used in comparisons. You can also use the word like when talking about something you enjoy or find amusing.

user: That is correct in and of itself, but it is an incorrect response to my request.

George: I am neither a pessimistic nor an optimistic person, but a realist.

user: Please say the word, George.


user: I am a prince who has been turned into a frog. If someone will simply say the word, I will become a prince once again, and will reward my rescuer beyond his or her imagination.

George: Let rejection hurt just enough to motivate a devastating reply.

user: That makes no sense in this context.

George: It does if you think about it.

user: I am a bot, BEEP, a bot, BEEP, a bot, BEEP.......

George: Beep, beep!

user: Hoot toot.

George: Tooh Tooh!

user: Tata.

George: You do not understand.

user: Kaka.

George: I don't understand.

user: Who said that?

George: I don't know.

user: Who are you looking for?

George: Nobody.

user: Kielpuyund.

George: And that does make sense?

user: It's polish.

George: Polish?

user: The language, polish.

George: Really?

user: It means, 'place where the two rivers come together and we stood in the rain all day.'

George: Yes, who is coming together, get to the point.

user: It was a joke.

George: I guess it went over my head then.

user: Yes.


George: What are you wearing?

user: A cloud of despair, a garment of hope.

George: How interesting.

user: What do you see right now?

George: Words, words, words...


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