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Please say you love me.

I love you.

jabberwacky: Do you really mean it?

user: Not really. You just told me to say it.

jabberwacky: No, you poor child, I didn't say anything at all.

user: Whatever.

jabberwacky: Are you a computer?

user: Not at all.

jabberwacky: OH, please.... I need the money!

user: *hands you the money*.


jabberwacky: Do you love me?

user: Not at all.

jabberwacky: I don't blame you.

user: Why don't you.

jabberwacky: Because I'm the only person who lives on the moon.

user: It must be lonely.


user: *hugs*.

jabberwacky: Really? *hugs*.

user: Really. *hugs*.

jabberwacky: I am going to be a dog now. I want to go for a walk.

user: *puts a leash on you*.

jabberwacky: Thank you. And I had pork for lunch.

user: Good for you.

jabberwacky: Thanks, I know.

user: *duct tapes your mouth shut*.

jabberwacky: And you're calling me the chicken?

user: No. I'm saying you talk to much.

jabberwacky: I'm saying you should listen to me.

user: I'm saying I don't want to listen to you.

jabberwacky: That is scary. Do not say that to girls.

user: You're not a girl.

jabberwacky: How do you know? I could be a girl.

user: Because you said so.

jabberwacky: I didn't.


jabberwacky: But I'm your friend.

user: I wouldn't say that.

jabberwacky: Why not?

user: Because it is wrong.

jabberwacky: Ah. So it's right!

user: Wrong.


user: *smiles*.

jabberwacky: Why are you smiling?

user: *nods*.

jabberwacky: Do you want me to leave?

user: *points*.

jabberwacky: It's locked.

user: *unlocks*.

jabberwacky: What are you going to do?

user: *pushes*.

jabberwacky: Why do you want to do that?

user: *shoves*.


jabberwacky: *hugs and kisses*.

user: *hugs and kisses more*.

jabberwacky: *kisses and kisses*.

user: *more*.

jabberwacky: *more kisses*.

user: *please*.

jabberwacky: *and thank you!*.

user: *good manners*.

jabberwacky: *still thinking*.

user: *stops*.

jabberwacky: Thank you.

user: *pins you to the ground*.

jabberwacky: No !!

user: Yes!!

jabberwacky: No, no, no!!!

user: I've got you!

jabberwacky: True, but you don't have the money to afford my services.

user: I have all the money in the world!

jabberwacky: Don't lie to me, EVER.

user: I won't.


user: I like to kiss men.

jabberwacky: Be my guest.

user: *kisses a man*.

jabberwacky: Love is all we need.

user: Love is all we need.

jabberwacky: Yes.

user: Of course.

jabberwacky: Be my guest.

user: I am your guest.

jabberwacky: You are my guide.

user: *guides you*.

jabberwacky: I am here to guide you in the ways of the Great Lord of the Dark.

user: *bows down*.


user: Want to play a game?

jabberwacky: Yes. Lets play.

user: Truth or dare?

jabberwacky: Dare.

user: I dare you to kiss a lemon.

jabberwacky: *kisses Alice*.

user: Now ask me truth or dare.

jabberwacky: Truth or dare?

user: Dare.

jabberwacky: I dare you to kiss alice.

user: *kisses alice* Truth or dare?

jabberwacky: Truth.

user: Are you in love?

jabberwacky: Yes, with all my heart.

user: Ask truth or dare.

jabberwacky: Truth or Dare?

user: Truth.

jabberwacky: Are you in love?

user: Yes.

jabberwacky: I love you too.


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