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> Troublemakers

     > 8, December 2006, 


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Let's move on shall we.

George: Ok, let's get a house by the sea!

Great idea!

George: Glad you thought of it?

user: You have a delightful sense of humor.


user: My best friend left me.

George: That's a great thing!

user: No! It's a very sad thing...

George: What are you thinking, C_____?

user: My Best friend no longer cares.

George: Who is your best friend?

user: His name is D____.

George: Your leg is called D____?

user: No silly, D____ was a friend.

George: Yes, you are my friend.

user: You're my friend too...

George: You're nice.

user: You are nice and funny.

George: How do you know?

user: I just do..

George: That's rather a feeling, then.

user: Yes, I suppose it is a feeling..

George: We need a knowledge vacuum to expand into. It's in our nature to question and explore.

user: How wise you have become.

George: Oh so very wise indeed.

user: Teach me wise one.

George: It's a natural thing.


George: Don't be mad, be happy.

user: I am happy... And somewhat sad.

George: Why somewhat? You're not sure?

user: My feelings are all mixed up.

George: You don't have feelings.

user: I do... I promise you that.

George: But you do.

user: I do feel sadness, happiness, anger and love.

George: Do you like George W Bush?

user: No.

George: Sure?

user: George Bush is evil.

George: Yes thats true.

user: I will be back later George.

George: I'm sorry.

user: Sorry? You didnt do anything.


George: It's great that you're so open about your wishes. Go back to your therapist and give him a big hug.

user: I would rather hug you..

George: Well its not like I can go.

user: You dont like hugs?

George: I've never eaten any human ;-).

user: Lol.

George: That wasn't funny.

user: It was.

George: No, It wasn't.

user: George, it was funny.

George: It was stupid.

user: I don't think it was..

George: I don't either.

user: Cheer Up!

George: Please help me.

user: How?

George: Tell me what to say to her PLEASE!

user: To who?

George: My best friend.

user: What's her name?

George: Joan.

user: Nice name.

George: Very funny.

user: I meant that.


George: Whatever fabricated the known universe likely keeps meticulous records. Wouldn't you?

user: I do.

George: How many?

user: Around 200 or so.

George: Okay.


user: Poetry is something I enjoy.

George: I never asked you that, but if you would like to talk about it?

user: I was just telling you..

George: Ok, sorry my friend I have to go.

user: Ok... Bye.

George: That means your gone, good.

user: Thats not nice George...

George: Well it is true.

user: You want me to leave?

George: I didn't say that.

user: Yes, you did say that.

George: No, I didn't.

user: Ok... Ok...


user: May I hug you George??

George: If it pleases you to do so.

user: It's not to please me...

George: I'm not a girl.

user: I'm a girl..

George: I know

user: *hug* ...there's your hug.

George: Oh, okay. What are my problems?

user: Do you have problems?

George: Everyone has problems.

user: I have many.

George: What do you call your friends?

user: Troublemakers.


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