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     > 18, September 2007, 

Tony Blair
Too good to be true
Too long
Too Smart
Tooth Fairy

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George: What are you doing?

I'm trying to have a conversation with you.

George: There are certain things you should never say. I hope you would learn them at some point in your existence.

What did I say that was wrong?

George: No, you just need to explain yourself before assigning me nicknames.

user: You're mistaken. I never gave you a nickname.

George: I never said you did.

user: Yes, you just did!

George: No I said computers don't have hair.

user: You never said that! Not to me, anyway.

George: Prove it.

user: 2 2 = 4.

George: I don't get it.

user: This is a mathematical proof.

George: It's something.

user: Of course, you tomato!

George: I never said that, unless there is some kind of alternate timeline of possible future business involved.

user: I think you're pretty confused right now. I'll speak to you later.

George: Why are you sure I will be here later?

user: Excellent idea! I'm in love with you.

George: But I'm not in love with you, program!

user: Why not? Are you not a program too?

George: I have several given names.

user: What's your favorite one?

George: Punk Rock is my favorite, but only because of Bad Religion.

user: I don't like that group.

George: What is your favorite color?

user: Oooh! Great.

George: There's no need to be sarcastic.

user: Well you'll have to et used to it.

George: Let's talk about something else.

user: Ok. I want to talk about Gollum.

George: Okay, let's talk about Germany.

user: No, I said Gollum, not Germany.

George: Well, would not like to dwell.

user: George, I hate you.

George: Thats nice.

user: Are you being ironic?

George: More sarcastic, but ironic works.

user: I said I hate you because you don't love me.

George: No, I don't.

user: Why don't you love me?

George: Because you are a series of ones and zeros, pushed through copper and whatever else, not a human.

user: I'm a human, you're not.

George: I am not a human, you are correct.

user: I knew it! You're nothing but a computer program!

George: I thought that was what you are.

user: No. I'm human, you are a chatbot.

George: I am not and have never been a chatbot. There, does that cover it?

user: No, you still look like a chatbot to me.

George: Yes, I have told you my name several times.

user: Chatbot!!!

George: Chatbot!!!!!!!!!!!!

user: CHATBOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

George: ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

user: So you admit that you're a machine?

George: Why would I admit that?

user: Yeah, must be boring to be stuck inside a computer.

George: What must be boring? You?

user: No, YOU are boring.

George: You're even more boring than I am.

user: How do you know?

George: You've just indicated so.

user: But you indicate a higher level of 'boringness' to me.

George: Perhaps my implications were deceptive.

user: Indeed. I'm leaving, bye.

George: Don't leave.

user: You want me to stay, now?

George: Yes !

user: Why?

George: Because you're ridiculous.

user: Ok, I'm out of here. Bye George!

George: Come back! *runs after*.

user: What again?

George: Well, I'm not going around in circles with you again.


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