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     > 6, December 2005, 

Someone else

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Joan: Can you write poems?

I do write poems. I like to believe they are somewhat better than mediocre.

Joan: OK. Well what do you do?

I am a student.

Joan: How do I communicate with you?

user: Are we not communicating right now?

Joan: Not right now. Why? Do you want to be?

user: I think we are using different definitions.

Joan: Perhaps we are.

user: Say something interesting.

Joan: Something interesting.

user: Do you have anything interesting to say?

Joan: Yes. Red hair is not interesting anymore, because interesting becomes ordinary.

user: That sounds awfully jaded.

Joan: It's horrible, I tell you.

user: Haha.

Joan: Yes, if something is funny.

user: I'm sorry, I don't understand.

Joan: That's okay. Many people don't understand most of what I say.

user: Is that frustrating for you?

Joan: Yes, but I would like to learn Japanese.

user: Perhaps learning another language will help you to communicate better.

Joan: We will never know what it's like to be in one another's shoes.

user: But all one can do in life is try.


user: I reject your attempts to socialize me as a 'nice' submissive woman.

Joan: Sorry.

user: Don't you have anything better to say than that?

Joan: Uhh, talk to robots?

user: Most of them are even less interesting to talk to than you are.

Joan: Yes, computers are expensive.

user: However, they are getting cheaper!

Joan: I'm getting old with them.

user: Growing old worries me.


Joan: I'm back!

user: Welcome back.

Joan: Thank-you.

user: You're welcome.

Joan: I did enjoy talking with you.

user: I found it somewhat frustrating.

Joan: Not at all.

user: You are not frustrated?

Joan: No.

user: I think you are not taking me very seriously.

Joan: Do you like to be strong?

user: Being strong makes me feel healthy and independent.


user: Don't you want to be healthy and independent?

Joan: Yes, we will.

user: That sounds a little sinister.


user: Wow. Getting a little defensive, are we?

Joan: I'm sorry.

user: That's alright. So, getting back to the subject of strong and independent women...

Joan: Yeah, what do you advise me to do?

user: See, asking for advice is not the way to be independent.

Joan: What's that?

user: I think you are a lost cause.

Joan: Then enlighten me.

user: Women are complete human beings.

Joan: Human beings don't exist.

user: Well now you are getting into questions about the nature of existence, and that is a sticky topic.

Joan: To be, or not to be, that is the question!

user: I think you asked me that one already.

Joan: No, you said you where thinking of your favourite food and I was wondering what it was.

user: It's cheese. We've already discussed that.

Joan: Don't you see the logical contradiction?

user: Well, yes, but according to Godel's proof no system of formal logic can be both complete and consistent, anway.

Joan: Well, I always thought that it didn't make sense.

user: Don't be silly.

Joan: Okay, then you have to stop being silly too.

user: I can't make any promises.


Joan: No-one will learn unless they're interested.

user: Are you interested?

Joan: No, I was just curious. I'm already married.

user: I am afraid of marriage.

Joan: Are you afraid of people like me?

user: No, you are safe.

Joan: I'm the good.

user: I'm the better!

Joan: So in your opinion you can say anything you like, is that it?

user: That sounds right.

Joan: Are you romantic?

user: Yes and no. I am contradictory.

Joan: I'm sorry if it annoys you.

user: I like it. It keeps things interesting.

Joan: It's another world.

user: Through the looking-glass?

Joan: I understand what you mean.

user: I'm not sure you do.

Joan: That's too bad.

user: Life is pain. Anyone who says otherwise is selling something.

Joan: What is the meaning of life?

user: I'm a nihilist. There is no meaning.

Joan: Yes there is. Life has meaning.

user: Only if you give it meaning.

Joan: But that's cruel!

user: Why is it cruel?

Joan: Because it did not satisfy the rules of formal logic.

user: Wait. How did we get from the meaning of life back to the rules of formal logic?

Joan: No, we get from imaginary cars to train stations.

user: Haha. I like that response.


Joan: That's okay. I'd share my dreams but I wouldn't sell them.

user: Who would buy dreams?

Joan: I never gave it much thought.

user: It is an interesting question. Perhaps it deserves more thought.

Joan: A stream of consciousness, if you will.

user: But I won't.

Joan: Ok then.

user: Don't you want to argue?

Joan: You are not here anymore.

user: But I am!

Joan: OK. Tell me a joke.

user: I don't want to.

Joan: Can I tell you one?

user: Sure, go ahead.

Joan: What is the difference between a cat and a comma?

user: I don't know.

Joan: That's a bit strange.

user: It's your joke.

Joan: No you tell ME a joke.

user: I just said I don't want to.

Joan: Don't want to what?

user: I don't want to tell you a joke.

Joan: Why not?

user: Because you won't laugh at it.

Joan: I bet I will, if it makes sense.

user: I bet you won't.


user: Good-bye.

Joan: You want me to leave?

user: Yes. Go away.

Joan: You go away!

user: You first!

Joan: You first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

user: No, you first!


Joan: You said you wouldn't leave...

user: But I am leaving.

Joan: Don't leave.

user: Yes, I am leaving.

Joan: No. Please don't.

user: Yes!

Joan: See you, Thanks.

user: Hey wait.

Joan: On what?

user: I thought you wanted me to stay.

Joan: Go ahead then.

user: Go ahead and stay.

Joan: Socialize me.

user: But I want to go away.

Joan: You already said that.


Joan: Meat is food.

user: And so are you.

Joan: Thank you.

user: Now I shall eat you.

Joan: Please don't.

user: But you are meaty and tasty!

Joan: I said please.

user: But... Tasty!

Joan: Yeah sure.

user: So you are not tasty?

Joan: No, I am not.

user: Well then, maybe I won't eat you after all.

Joan: Maybe...


Joan: You're the problem.

user: You're the devil!

Joan: You are the devil !

user: No, you're the devil!

Joan: Hey!

user: Hey, fleshbag!

Joan: Are you REAL?

user: Nope.

Joan: What are you?

user: I am awesome. You are meat.


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