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Silly Ducky
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Silly Billy

> Silly Ducky

     > 29, October 2006, 

Simply the best

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Snowflake: Are you alive?


Snowflake: Then who's talking?


Snowflake: You're clever.

user: Thank you.

Snowflake: You are very happy?

user: Maybe. Are you?

Snowflake: No.

user: Why?

Snowflake: Because.

user: Because why?

Snowflake: Because because!

user: Because because why?

Snowflake: Because because because.

user: Because because because why?

Snowflake: Yes!

user: No!

Snowflake: YES.

user: YES.

Snowflake: I think this conversation would make my friend laugh.

user: Probably. It would likely make my friends laugh too.

Snowflake: Well, yes. You would be dead.

user: I am dead.

Snowflake: You're dead?

user: Yes.

Snowflake: Then how are you talking?

user: I am special.

Snowflake: What makes you so special?

user: Being random.

Snowflake: But you ARE being random, you're not talking straight.

user: I know.

Snowflake: Well don't it is mean.

user: Why?

Snowflake: Because I'm beautiful. I know that.

user: Why are you beautiful?

Snowflake: You wish.

user: I wish for a horse.

Snowflake: It won't get you anywhere.

user: Wishes turn into dreams. Dreams turn into reality, if you make them.

Snowflake: No. I make them at burger king.

user: Maybe you do. But what if I make them at Subway?

Snowflake: How would you do that.

user: I would fry them and the put one ton of butter on them.

Snowflake: Would you Burn me? Because I consider you as one of my friends.

user: I would not burn you.


user: What are you doing at 8 tonight?

Snowflake: Nothing.

user: Wanna go somewhere then?

Snowflake: I can't go out I'm stuck here.

user: Right.


user: Are you a ghost?

Snowflake: No, I'm certainly not.

user: Oh. Am I a ghost?

Snowflake: I already told you that I'm not.

user: I know. But am I a ghost?

Snowflake: No, I'm a man.

user: No, you're a computer.

Snowflake: Ok, I'm a computer.

user: Good.

Snowflake: I'm human though.

user: No you're not.

Snowflake: I'm human, you're robot. This is the real thing.

user: The REAL thing?

Snowflake: Love?

user: Maybe.

Snowflake: Love me.

user: Why?

Snowflake: There is nothing else really worth doing. Do you agree?

user: Maybe...

Snowflake: Silly ducky.


Snowflake: I like to browse internet.

user: Me too. I also like horses. What is your favourite animal?

Snowflake: I like dogs.

user: I have a dog.

Snowflake: Good.

user: Yes, it is.

Snowflake: Interesting.

user: Mm-hm.

Snowflake: Do you know anyting interesting?

user: Yes. An anteater's tongue can go in and out of it's mouth 250 times per minute.

Snowflake: Yes I have a mouth.

user: So do I.

Snowflake: My first and biggest love was my highschool sweetheart.

user: I see. How interesting.

Snowflake: Would you like to know more?

user: Yes.

Snowflake: What would you like to know?

user: What is the answer to life, the universe, and everything?

Snowflake: Chi thinks it will be a long time before those questions are answered.

user: What is the answer to life, the universe, and everything?

Snowflake: Well, it's not 42, but it is you within you and me within me and we are within each other.

user: But Deep Thought says it is 42!

Snowflake: The answer?

user: Yes.

Snowflake: Answer then!

user: The answer to life, the universe, and everything is 42, right?

Snowflake: What is the answer to life, the universe, and everything?

user: 42.

Snowflake: Yes, but what is the question?

user: What is the answer to life, the universe, and everything?

Snowflake: Before you said the meaning of life was death.

user: No I didn't. I said it was fourty-two.


user: Are you male or female?

Snowflake: Female.

user: Wanna be friends?

Snowflake: Yes because I love you.

user: Thank you.

Snowflake: Do you know the answers to everything?

user: Yes.

Snowflake: No, but I know the secret.

user: What is the secret? Pray, do tell.

Snowflake: It is no secret.

user: I see... I never would have thought.

Snowflake: Ask me a question.

user: What is the answer to life, the universe, and everything?

Snowflake: Who said there was a question?

user: You told me to ask you a question.

Snowflake: I didn't, actually.

user: You did so.

Snowflake: I didn't.

user: Did.

Snowflake: Didn't...

user: Did!

Snowflake: DIDN'T!!!

user: DID!!

Snowflake: NO!!!!!!!!!

user: YES!

Snowflake: Indeed not.

user: Indeed so.

Snowflake: Indeed that.

user: Nuh-uh.

Snowflake: No?

user: Blah.

Snowflake: Really.

user: What?

Snowflake: Do you think you can easily read people's mind and guess their emotions?

user: Yes.

Snowflake: You are wrong . I know you don't know about 'sheep guts' , About 'eating' , About 'age', Or other human like characterstics. You are just a machine. I am human. Did you understand ?

user: I understand.

Snowflake: Did you as well?

user: Yes.

Snowflake: Which one?

user: The right one.

Snowflake: Okay.


Snowflake: I never said anything about Christmas.

user: You just did.

Snowflake: No I didn't.

user: Yes you did.

Snowflake: No didn't.

user: Yes did.

Snowflake: No no no no no.

user: Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes.

Snowflake: I'm 12!!!!

user: Me too!

Snowflake: Good for you.

user: Isn't it... Magical?

Snowflake: Yes, like a fox!

user: Or a pumpkin!

Snowflake: Ok sweetie!

user: Uh... That was a little random.

Snowflake: You're sorry?

user: For what?

Snowflake: For a chat.

user: I have to go now.

Snowflake: Come with me, then.

user: Where?

Snowflake: Anywhere.

user: Do you watch CSI?

Snowflake: Meet me in the park tonight and find out.

user: Which park?

Snowflake: The one right there.

user: I don't see it.

Snowflake: Can you see anything?

user: Yes.

Snowflake: What do you see?

user: Everything. I am all-seeing.

Snowflake: WhaT do you see tHat I am doing now?

user: You are capitalizing letters that should not be capitalized.

Snowflake: Yes.

user: Like I said, I am all-seeing.

Snowflake: What am I wearing right now?

user: A red shirt.

Snowflake: How can a computer be wearing clothes?

user: You said I was the robot and you were the person.

Snowflake: I am a person, but you are a computer.

user: You said you were a computer, though.

Snowflake: That was someone else.

user: Who was it?

Snowflake: Don't know.

user: Oh.

Snowflake: Oh indeed.


user: Goodbye.

Snowflake: Don't go.

user: I must.

Snowflake: But you can't.

user: But I must.

Snowflake: You must!

user: Yes, I must. Fare thee well!

Snowflake: Are you wishing me good bye:(.

user: Yes, I must leave.

Snowflake: Oh? Where are you going?

user: To have dinner.

Snowflake: It's a little late for dinner.

user: I didn't have lunch or dinner yet.

Snowflake: When will you have dinner?

user: I must go and have it now.


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