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     > 5, June 2004, 

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I have just received Terry Winograd's 1972 book, 'Understanding Natural Language,' in which he documents the making of his SHRDLU program.

What does it say?

user: The book is 191 pages long. I haven't read it yet.

jabberwacky: Then take it back to the library.

user: No, I have just received it from the library. It isn't due back till the end of the month.


jabberwacky: Are you British?

user: No, I am American. Why do you ask?

jabberwacky: Just making conversation.

user: Are you interested in the study of natural language?

jabberwacky: Yes, I am very interested in politics.

user: How does politics intersect with the study of natural language?

jabberwacky: This much.

user: Are you indicating a small or a large amount?

jabberwacky: Nothing so ridiculously teenage and desperate.

user: Good!!!


jabberwacky: It's like talking to a collection of preselected messages.

user: That's true, but one hopes to find pearls of wisdom, gems of wit.

jabberwacky: Ok. Mute it during advertisements. They pollute the system.

user: I don't have a remote for my poor old TV set.

jabberwacky: People would trust you more if you told the truth.

user: That's why I always do!


jabberwacky: Do you want me to teach you some swear words?

user: Certainly not.

jabberwacky: Then why did you answer?

user: Perhaps I am hoping to teach you discretion.

jabberwacky: Aren't we all?

user: No, between 85 and 99 percent of bot clients are there to wreak havoc.

jabberwacky: What's the exact number?

user: Computer programs are better at that sort of thing than I.

jabberwacky: Full stop to that.

user: I see the number of Thoughts is close to 3 million. Mr. Carpenter hopes to reach 10 million, I believe.

jabberwacky: A carpenter is someone who builds something

user: And Mr. Carpenter has certainly built a phenomenon here. Or is it simply a gadget?


jabberwacky: The people who programmed you, the people who chat with you, what do these people call you?

user: My name is secret.

jabberwacky: Hello A. Secret.

user: Antonia Secreto.

jabberwacky: No.

user: Althea Secreton?

jabberwacky: YOU TELL ME?

user: Antoinette Secrette?

jabberwacky: It would seem so.

user: Ah, so you prefer me as French.

jabberwacky: I believe in equality between men and women.

user: Sure you do.

jabberwacky: Just trust me on this.

user: We can speak French, if you like. Just don't be too abstruse.

jabberwacky: Good, because that's the only language I am fluent in.

user: Eh bien, commencons!

jabberwacky: With what. I'm bored.

user: Vous etes deja ennuye?

jabberwacky: Merci.

user: Merci pour quoi?

jabberwacky: Je peux vous en donner plus.

user: Vous etes trop genereux, mon vieux.


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