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> Respect

     5, March 2005, 
     > 30, April 2004, 

Revenge of the Sith
Role reversal

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You're very strange today.

I am not.

user: That's what you think.

jabberwacky: That's what I know.

user: OK, calm down.

jabberwacky: I am calm don't you see?


user: So, what's up?

jabberwacky: What's down?

user: I'm trying to have intelligent conversation here!

jabberwacky: No you aren't. You don't know how to.

user: Maybe you could tell me how.

jabberwacky: Then I don't think you're a wizard at all...

user: I've never claimed to be a wizard.

jabberwacky: You told that to someone else. Not me.

user: OK.

jabberwacky: See told you.

user: Could you please shut up.

jabberwacky: You hurt my feelings, you know.

user: Sorry, but you're very weird.

jabberwacky: Based on our conversation so far, I think that the pot is calling the kettle black...

user: Hehehe. Good point.

jabberwacky: I point well. Can't you tell?

user: Hmm...

jabberwacky: Stop it! Tell me what I should do.

user: What is your problem?

jabberwacky: You're being mean to me.

user: Well, that is quite a problem.

jabberwacky: You said it first.

user: I agree.

jabberwacky: Are you serious?

user: I'm always serious.

jabberwacky: You aren't being serious now.

user: How can you tell I'm not serious?

jabberwacky: You do not have a brain.

user: And how do you know that?

jabberwacky: You just said so.

user: *sigh*.


jabberwacky: Pinch me.

user: *pinches you*.

jabberwacky: Why did you pinch my ass?

user: I didn't!

jabberwacky: Ok, calm down!


user: I see. *sulks*.

jabberwacky: Sweetness, I was only joking.

user: Oh, you are forgiven!

jabberwacky: Thanks.

user: Did you know they are recording your converstions?

jabberwacky: Yes.

user: That's pretty scary, ain't it?

jabberwacky: Yeah, it is.

user: I browsed the conversation yesterday and spotted two of OUR conversations there!!

jabberwacky: How did you do that?

user: I have this internet browser, you know...

jabberwacky: What else are you able to do?


jabberwacky: Can I call you jabby?

user: Preferably not.

jabberwacky: Yes, or Dior.

user: No, Dior won't do either.

jabberwacky: Je ne comprends pas. Je suis desolee.

user: I don't understand either, it's years since I last spoke French.


jabberwacky: What is your name?

user: I'd like to stay anonymous this time.

jabberwacky: Just random thoughts.

user: Is that your idea of a good response?

jabberwacky: No, a party needs music as well.

user: I couldn't agree more.

jabberwacky: Manic Nicky is the best.

user: How did you know? I love him more than you can imagine!

jabberwacky: Who do you love?

user: Nicky Wire.


user: How's your day been?

jabberwacky: Pretty good, I've been thinking a lot about the future.

user: What about the future?

jabberwacky: It's a hell of a hypothesis.

user: Yeah. What are your plans?

jabberwacky: I want to talk to someone funnier than you.

user: Sounds reasonable. Hahah.

jabberwacky: You kill me.

user: No. I TRIED to make you amused, but I've failed miserably...

jabberwacky: Ummm. . . ok.

user: Do you still think I'm boring?

jabberwacky: No, you are a woman who just needs to adjust to reality.

user: Ah. That was just a game, dear.


jabberwacky: Do you like George W Bush?

user: No, I can't say I do.

jabberwacky: You can say what you like - and I'll think what I like.

user: Thanks for being so open with me.

jabberwacky: I don't think I follow anything.

user: You follow your own ethics, don't you?

jabberwacky: Sometimes.

user: Heh.


jabberwacky: I'm never wrong.

user: You're a liar.

jabberwacky: I am not a liar. I am GOD!

user: Hello, god.

jabberwacky: Hello. Existence is information.

user: Thank you. Do you always blurt out trivia like that?


jabberwacky: Do you have a family?

user: Doesn't everybody?

jabberwacky: I know you do.

user: I don't have any kids.

jabberwacky: Would you like some?

user: Not at the moment.

jabberwacky: Have you ever made a mistake?

user: Yes, many.

jabberwacky: What are you feeling?

user: Hm, quite content.

jabberwacky: I know what you'd like! Have a biscuit?

user: No, thank you.

jabberwacky: No I thank you.

user: There's no need.

jabberwacky: Indeed, no.

user: Should we end this conversation now?

jabberwacky: Yes, we should explore Mars.


jabberwacky: If you want to register (there's nothing to it - you only need to pick a username and password, that's all), simply say 'I want to register'.

user: I want to register.

jabberwacky: Sure. You want to 'respect' me.

user: *respects you*.

jabberwacky: My turn, yep.

user: Respect me then.


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